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Tork timers and Manuals
Tork parts

Tork P47 tripper
Replacement trippers 24 hour clock
Tork P47 trippers
P49 skip-a-day
All tork trippers

P69 tripper for 7 day clock
Flip tripper upside down for OFF
P69 tripper
All tork trippers
Tork timers
Tork 201T clock motor
Larger image 201 and 101
Tork 120v and 240V clock motor 
Look for model number printed on motor
#101 120Volt clock motor
#201 208-277Volt clock motor
 #36 120V with Power carryover
#46 208-277V with Power carryover
Tork TU universal timerTork TU Univeral timer/ 24-hour/ auto-detect voltage / 40 amp/ 120V 208-240V 277V/ 2 NO and 2 NC terminals/ 15 minute trippers
24-hour universal timer/ 15 minute settings/ 48 events per day
 Detects voltage automatically 120-208-240-277Volts / 30 Amp NC 40 Amp NO terminals
No dip switches. Permanent on or off override
 4-in-1 contacts: SPST, SPDT, DPST
LED indicators Load-on red, Power-green.
TU40-Y NEMA 1 indoor enclosure
TU40 NEMA 3 outdoor enclosure

Manual override switch located on timer dial
Permanent ON, Permanent OFF, or Tmer.
Control multiple loads and multiple voltages with separate clock terminals (H N) and dry relay contacts with NO and NC options
Buy TU series timer
Tork TU timer terminalsTork TU series DPDT/ 120-277V universal timer
Tork P1104-M 240Volt SPDT
Tork P1104FM 240V SPDT with fireman switch
Buy Tork DTU digital timer
Manuals/ Resources:
Sell Sheet
TU wiring manual
TU instruction manual
How to wire TU series/ same as Tork DTU timer
Tork 1100
Tork 1100 image
Tork 1101 for 240volt circuit
Tork 120Volt 1101 timer controlling 240Volt circuit
Larger image
Tork 1100 series 24 hour mechanical/ 40 Amp/ 120-277 volt models
24-hour repeat timer 40 Amp
Manual override resets at next tripper
Minimum ON 20 minutes; Max OFF 75 mins
Shipped with 1 pair P47 On-Off trippers/ Add up to 12 sets trippers to dial for 12 ON-OFF events per 24 hour day
SPST and DPST models
Buy 1100 series timer
Tork 1101 indoor box 120Volt SPST
GE 15163 outdoor box/ 120V SPST (identical 1101 except outdoor box)

Tork 1102 indoor box/ 208-277 SPST
Tork 1102 outdoor box
GE 15146 indoor box/ 208-277V SPDT (identical to Tork 1102)

Tork 1103 indoor box/ 120Volt motor DPST
Tork 1103N outdoor box 120V DPST

Tork 1104 indoor box/ 208-277Volt DPST
GE 15307 outdoor box/ 208-277V DPST (same at 1104 except outdoor box)

Manuals/ Resource:
Tork 1101 - 1102 - 1103 - 1104 wiring
See below Tork 1101M and 1104M for illustrated wiring diagrams
Tork 1101 120V SPST manual
Tork 1102 208-277V SPST manual
Tork 1103 120V DPST manual
Tork 1104 208-277V DPST manual
Tork 1100 Sell Sheet with models and wiring
Tork 1101 1102 1103 application guide/ SMC-3D momentary contact adapter
Tork 1101 1102 1103 application with photo control
Tork 1101M timer
Larger image

Tork 1104 wiring
Larger image
Tork 1104 controls two 240Volt Loads or two 277Volt loads
Back of GE 120Volt 15600 / larger image
Tork 1101M 120V mechanism-only / Same at GE 15600
Mechanism only to fit T1100 series
Buy 120 volt 1101M mechanism:

GE 15600
Tork 1101BM
Tork 1104 wiring
Larger image of wiring
Applies to all model numbers of Tork 1101 timer
Tork 1104M 208-240V mechanism only/ Same as GE 15601
Buy 240 volt 1104M mechanism:
15600-15601 sell sheet

Tork 1104 wiring
Larger image of wiring
Applies to all model numbers of Tork 1104 timer

Tork 1104 IAP
Larger image
Tork 1104M-IAP/ adapter snaps into Intermatic enclosure (box) 
Adapter so Tork fits into Intematic box

IAP adapter fits any Intermatic enclosure, fits Intermatic pool control panel enclosures

IAP adapter plate

See Intermatic enclosures
See Intermatic pool timers with fireman's switch
Tork 1800 series
Tork 1800 series image
Tork 1800 series/ 24-hour/ 120V 208-277V models/ 60 Hz/ 10 amp SPDT momentary contact for latching contactors/ skip-a-day/ Astronomic model available
Two high capacity dry contacts: one for ON coil on latching contactor and one for OFF coil on latching contactor/ contacts close for 5 seconds each time ON-OFF tripper passes Momentary contact timer to control latching contactors and bell ringing applications
2 NO contacts/ one NO terminal for ON and one NO terminal for OFF on latching contactor
Contacts close for 5 second period.
Choose: 24 hour, Astronomic, or 7-day
3 watt consumption
Day-skipper tripper included/ Spring wound reserve available
Solid state circuit board
120V and 208-277 volt models/ 10 Amp
Buy 1800 series timer:
Contact NSI to order 1800 series timers
Intermatic momentary programmable timers
Buy replacement parts
Skip-a-day requires 1 set Tork P49 skip-a-day trippers
Tork P47 ON-OFF trippers
#101 120Volt clock motor
#201 208-277Volt clock motor
L series with reserve power back up us clock motor #36
Manuals/ Resource:
Tork 1800 series sell sheet
Tork 1800 Sell Sheet with model numbers and wiring
Wiring illustration
SMC3D momentary contactor

4277 & 4278 wiring
Tork 7000 series
Larger image
Tork 7000 series image/ indoor box
TORK 7000Z astronomic
Tork 7000 series/ outdoor box
Door lifts off for easier wiring
Tork 7000 series/ 24 hour/ 120V and 208-277 Volt models/ 60 Hz/ 40 amp / Skip-a-day/ 
24 hour timer with skip-a-day
Day-skipper tripper included/ Spring wound reserve available
1, 2, and 3 Load capabilities
40 Amp
L models have power reserve
Buy 7000 series timer:
Tork 7100 120Volt / day-skipper/ SPST indoor box
7102 208-277Volt day-skipper/ SPST indoor box
7200 120V day-skipper/ DPST/ outdoor box/
7202 208-277 day skipper/ DPST/ indoor box/
7300 120V day-skipper/ 3PST for 3-phase / outdoor box/
7302 208-277V/ day-skipper/ 3PST for 3-phase / outdoor box/
7120 208-277V/ day-skipper/ SPDT / 1 NO and 1 NC terminals/ indoor box/
7220 120V/ day-skipper/ DPDT / 2 NO and 2 NC terminals/ indoor box/
Contact NSI to order more models
L series with power carryover/ reserve power
Alternate timer:
Intermatic T170 series

Buy conversion 24-hour to astronomic dawn-dusk:
Tork Z-kit astronomic conversion dial for 1100-7000 series

Resources/ Manuals:
Tork 7000 series wiring
7100 manual and operation
7100, 7200, 7300, 7120, 7220 wiring
7000 Sell Sheet with models and wiring
7000 series sell sheet
Tork 7000 with skip-a-day
7220 wiring illustration

7102 manual and operation
7120 manual and operation
7122 manual and operation
Tork 7300 3PST/ 3-phase 24-hour timer
7300 manual and operation
7302 manual and operation
More manuals/ Resource:
7200 install and operation
7200L install and operation
7202L manual and operation
7202 manual and operation
7220 manual and operation
7222 manual and operation
7000 series sell sheet
Tork 7300 3-phase 24-hour timer
24 hour time switch with skip-a-day\
7300 manual and operation
7302 manual and operation

Timer with astronomical dial
Outdoor box
7120Z 120V: Dry contacts, SPDT NO NC contacts 7122ZL 208-277V: Dry contacts, SPDT NO NC contacts 7200Z 120V SPDT 7300Z 120V 3PST 7302Z 208-277V 3PST 3-phase 4-wire
7000Z series / 24-hour/ day skipper/ astronomic/ 40 amp/ 120V models & 208-240-277V models/ all models Nema 3R plastic outdoor box
24 hour astronomic timer with skip-a-day
40 amp contact rating
Automatic ON at dusk/OFF at dawn control of outdoor lighting
L models have reserve power back up
Dry contacts, SPDT NO NC contacts
7200ZL 120Volt/ 24 hour/ DPST astonomic/ power reserve/
Contact NSI for more models
L models with reserve power: #36 120V; #46 208-277V

More astronomic timers:
Tork EWZ103 digital 7-day /astronomic/ 120-277V
Tork astronomic timers
Intermatic Astronomic timer
7000Z series install and wiring
Sell sheet
7000Z series wiring illustration
7200ZL 120Volt/ anstonomic/ power reserve/
Tork 8000 series
Tork 8000 series image

20 amp contact rating
Tork 8000 series cycle timer/ duty cycle: choose rotation 1/2-1-2-3-4-6-12 or 24-hour/ 96 trippers/ some models with skip a day/ 60 Hz/ 20 amp
Spring wound reserve power on L models
NO NC terminals
Click tab out = NC terminal is ON
Click tab toward center = NO terminal is ON
All models SPDT with 1 NO and 1 NC terminals
Contact NSI for 8000 series stimers
L models with reserve power: #36 120V; #46 208-277V
Alternate timers:
Intermatic Cycle timers
Intermatic T1905 heavy duty

8001 manual and operation
8004 manual and operation
8007 manual and operation
8007V manual and operation
8000 sell sheet with models and wiring
8000 series sell sheet

Tork 8000 variable cycle
Larger image

Tork 8600 Variable cycle/ 20 amp/ SPDT/ 1 NO and 1 NC contact/ 120Volt motor/ 6-12-30-60 minute models
Rotation periods:
60 minute, 30 minute, 12 minute. 6 minute
Time periods 1/60 of one dial rotation/ 96 permanent trippers
20 Amp/ 3/4 Hp
8601 / 60 minute cycle timer/ 1 minute tripper/
8301 / 30 minute cycle timer/ 30 second tripper/
8121 / 12 minute cycle timer/ 12-1/2 second tripper/
8061 / 6 minute cycle timer/ 6 second tripper/
Sell sheet with wiring
8601 60-minute 120V manual and operation
8602 60-minute 240V manual and operation
8301 30-minute 120V manual and operation
8121 12-minute 120V manual and operation
8061 6-minute 120V manual and operation
Tork ACT cycle timer
See larger
ACT-cycle-timer/ discontinued
Repeat cycle
Use for misting, irrigation, poultry feeding

ACT series wiring
ACT-sell-sheet with models and wiring
Wiring diagream

Tork EJWT series
Larger image
EJWT Percentage percentage cycle timer/ 120V or 240V
SPDT 1-NO and 1 NC contact
15 seconds to 24 hour
32 repeating cycles
Percentage ON 32 steps from 0% to 100%
Set any time interval up to 24 hours
Nema 4X harsh environment enclosure

Tork EJWT percent cycle timer
EJWT 120/240V percentage timer switch
EJWT 120/240 volt percentage timer

Sell sheet with wiring diagrams
Image of wiring 120V and 240V
Paragon E500 interval timer
Larger image
Larger image2
E500T OFF (or ON) delay timer/ 120v or 240V/ SPDT 1 NO and 1 NC terminal
Tork E500T ON delay timer
SPDT 1-NO and 1 NC contact
32 time delay durations 5 second to 3 hours
Activation starts with external switch
Turns OFF at preset time
Nema 4X harsh environment enclosure
7 terminals. Terminal 1 is start. NC, NO, COM, L1, L, N-L2
240 volt: Connect 1 hot leg to L2, connect other Hot leg to L1. Push button activation. Run wire from L1 to a terminal on push button, and run wire from other twrminal on push button to the Start terminal. Push button to start. Use on-off timer etc instead of push button.
Load terminals are dry: Connects load to Com and NO or COM and NC.
E502T / 5 seconds to 3 hours/
E500T 120-240Volt off-delay timer

Sell sheet with wiring diagrams
How to wire on-off delay timers
Tork E510T timer Tork E501T auto-off interval timer/ 120 or 240V/ SPDT 1 NO and 1 NC terminal/ 5 seconds to 3 hours and 10 seconds to 12 hour.
Stop-start button, auto-off after preset time.
Tork E501T ON delay timer
SPDT 1-NO and 1 NC contact
32 time delay durations 5 second to 3 hours
Activation starts with external switch
Nema 4X harsh environment enclosure


E501T 120-240Volt off-delay timer/ runs until external switch turns off/ 10 sec to 12 hr/ Amazon

Sell sheet with wiring diagrams

8150 manual
Tork W series
Tork W series image
Tork W series/ 7-day/ 40 amp/ SPST, SPDT, DPST, 3PST, 4PST, DPDT
7-day time clock/ 60 minute minimum ON, 120 Min OFF
3 watt consumption
Accepts 8 ga wire, 40Amp
Minimum ON 1 hour/ Minimum OFF 2 hour

W200 / 120Volt/ 40 amp/ DPST/ Indoor box/
Call NSI for more models
L models with  reserve power: Motor #36 120V; #46 208-277V
Sell sheet
Tork W series install and operqation
Tork W series sell sheet and wiring
Wiring diagrams
W series sell sheet with wiring and models
W100-manual  W120  W202  W220 W220L 
W222 W300 W302
W200-120Volt DPST
W220 - 120Volt DPDT
W222- 240Volt DPDT
Tork control knobs
Override switches have changed appearance
Tork TW series
See larger image
7-day timer
Tork TW series/ 20 amp/ 7-day/ different schedules each day/ manual by-pass switches/ reserve power/ DPDT or 3PST
7-day clock. with times within 1 hour ON and 2 hour off
10 ga wire; 20 Amps per pole
Spring reserve for power outage/ 3 watt clock motor
Nema 1 indoor box/ Minimum ON 1 hour; OFF 2 hour
3 separate loads with override for each/ Switch: Off, Manual, Auto

Reserve power Motor #36 120V; #46 208-277V
TW series wiring
TW series sell sheet with models and wiring
Sell sheet
Image of wiring
Tork TZ timer
See larger image
TZ series/ 20 amp/ astronomic time clock/ manual by-pass switches/ reserve power/ DPDT or 3PST
Astronomic time clock
ON at sunset, OFF at 8:30pm to 2:30am
20Amps per circuit
3-way manual switch for each circuit
Spring reserve, day skipper
5 watt consumption = 43.8 Kwh per year
NEMA 1 indoor box

L models: Motor #36 120V; #46 208-277V
TZ wiring diagram
TZ series sell sheet with models and wiring
Sell sheet
W222 features
W200 features

Tork T900 Series
Tork T900 Series Image

Tork T900 Series
7-day operation.
Timer controls contactor and not wired directly to lights. Load 20 amps 120V
920 has 2 different circuit options
930 has 3 different circuit options:
Circuit A: Sunset or Photocell ON > Tripper Time switch OFF
Circuit B: Sunset or Photocell ON > Sunrise or Photocell OFF
Circuit C: Tripper time switch ON > Tripper time switch OFF

Motor #36 120V; #46 208-277V
T-900 Sell Sheet with model numbers and wiring
Sell sheet
T900 manual
T990 manual #2
Large image T920 wiring
Large image T930 wiring
More Tork timers
Tork EWZ
Tork Digital timers and manuals

Plug in timers
Tork consumer timers and manuals

Pool timers
Tork Pool timers and manuals
Tork 201T clock motor
Replacement parts

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