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Hagar timers and manuals
Hagar din rail timers
General resources
Hagar time switches / pdf
Hagar catelog / pdf
Modular_Automation_devices / pdf
Hagar technical automation / pdf
How to set analog timers
How to wire Hagar timers

Hagar timers
Another image
Protect timer
Protect timer with fuse or inline circuit breaker.
Hagar timers are designed to control contactor or relay.
This protects timer from heat deterioration caused by amps flowing through timer contacts to load.
The contactor is designed to turn heavy amp load on-off.

For heavy-amp loads, prevent heat damage to timer: Install 1/2" thick LZ 060 heat dissipation insert between contactor and each adjacent device.

Hagar circuit protection
Hagar contactors and relays
Selecting contactor
Identify Hagar timer
Larger image
Identify product
Timers, relays, contactors, and circuit protection devices each have different model numbers.

Model can appear on face of device.

When searching for Hagar timer manual, look at identifying marks on timer such as buttons, and then scroll down page to find same-similar timer, and download possible manual.
Hagar timer wiring Example wiring
Fuse carrier wired in-line to protect timer
Timer controls lights directly or contactor - or both
Contactor controls 3-phase Load, or 4 separate loads each with same on-off schedule.

Timer manuals listed below
Hagar EH 010 wiring
Larger image
Another image
Hagar EH 010 connected to 3 phase 250V

Must have line fuse or fuse carrier installed to protect timer and wires to timer.
Install 3-pole contactor with 240-250V coil
Example Program Key
Hagar Program key sell sheet with model numbers

Some timers have battery

Larger image

Hagar EH 010 timer Vertical analog dial.
Larger EH 010 image
How to set analog timers

Max capacity 900 watts incandescent
Use contactor See wiring
Hagar vertical analog timers
Hagar 1" wide
Hagar EH 010 EH 011 manual
EH010-11 manual
See EH 10 image
How to set analog timers
by experimenting with features
Hagar 135 timer
Hagar analog timers
How to set analog timers
Hagar EH110             Hagar EH110 timer dial Hagar analog timers
Hagar 3" wide
EH110 EH111 EH171 manual

Hagar 5" wide
EH191 manual
How to set analog timers
Hagar EH710 timer        Hagar EH716 timer dial   
Surface mount analog timer
EH710 EH711 EH770 manual
EH710 EH711 EH770 EH771 manual
EH715 EH716 manual
How to set analog timers
Hagar analog timer modules
Hagar module    
 Larger image
Push segments down and outward to set ON-OFF times
How to set analog timers
Analog Modules
Sell sheet

How to set analog timers
Hagar module timer wiring
Hagar EG10 timer                        Hagar EG010 buttons Hagar 1" digital

Hagar-EG010 & E071 1-channel digital
24-hour EG010 manual
7-day EG071 manual
Hagar EG100 timer                   Hagar 2" digital
EG100 manual
1 channel 7-day, 24 programs, 1 minute minimum on-off, 24-hour program reserve
EG103E manual 230V
EG103V 12V-24V AC/DC
1 channel, 7 day, 56 programs, 1 minute minimum
1 second impulse
With key
Hagar EG110 timer               Hagar 3" digital
EG110 manual
EG170 manual
EG171 manual
EG172 manual
EG203 manual
EG210 manual
EG293 manual
EG270 manual
EG400 manual
EG470 manual
Hagar ee180 ee181 Astronomic switches/ Twlight switches
With key EG005
Sell sheet
Din rail mounted timer Din rail mounting
Misc Links

Digital programmable
EC372 3-phase kilowatt hour meter

Hagar monomat Larger image
Monomat vertical analog
Hagar monomat sell sheet
Monomat user manual 24 hour
15 minute times with
Monomat user manual 7day
1 hr 45 minute times

Same wiring as EH010 shown above
Hagar Micromat timer
Larger image
How to set analog timers
Hagar Micromat wiring
Larger image
Micromat Analog
Hagar Micromat sell Sheet with model numbers and ratings
120V 240V 24V
Hagar Micromat manual

Micromat timer at Amazon

Hagar monotron 100
Hagar Monotron 100
Larger image
Hagar EG010 buttons Hagar Montron 100 wiring
Larger image
Monotron 1"
Hagar Monotron 100 Sell sheet
Hagar Monotron 107
Hagar Monotron 107P
Hagar Monotron 124

Hagar Monotron 100 module
Larger image

Monotron 1" module
Monotron 100 module
Sell sheet

Possible manuals:
Hagar Monotron 107
Hagar Monotron 107P
Hagar Monotron 124
Hagar monotron 200 module
Larger image
Monotron module
Monotron module 200
Sell sheet

Possible manuals:
Hagar Monotron 200 single channel manual
Hagar Montron 200 2-channel manual

Ideal 200862 timer
Hagar monotron 200
Hagar Monotron 200
Larger image
Monotron 200
Hagar Montron 200 Sell sheet
Hagar Monotron 200 single channel manual
Hagar Montron 200 2-channel manual
Hagar monotron 300
Hagar Monotron 300
Larger image
Monotron 300
Hagar Monotron 300 1 channel
Hagar Monotron 300-2-channel
Hagar Monotron 300 CS
Hagar Monotron 300 CS-2-channel
Hagar monotron 400
Hagar Monotron 400
Larger image
Monotron 400
4-channel 7-day with impulse
Monotron 400 Sell sheet
Monotron 400 Manual with wiring and programming
Hagar mediatron 1 and 2
Hagar Meditiatron 1 & 2 radio synchronized
Larger image
2 or 4 channel
230Volt 50-60 Hz input terminals 4 and 5
Connect 22299 antenna terminals 12 and 13
With programming key
Medititatron Sell sheet
Hagar Meditiatron 1
Hagar Meditiatron 2
Hagar delay timer       Hagar EZ006 Hagar delay timer
Delay timer tech sheet
Delay sell sheet
Hagar EZN001 delay timer
Hagar EZN002 delay timer
Hagar EZN003 delay timer
Hagar EZN004 delay timer
Hagar EZN005 delay timer
Hagar EZN006 delay timer
Hagar In-wall timer

Each day is represented by a number inside an oval
Oval-1 is Monday
Oval-2 is Tuesday

The Oval is located at 12:00 noon for that day

How to wire Hagar in-wall timer
How to set analog timers
How to wire Hagar in-wall timer
Black wire connects to black L1 Hot wire
White wire connects to Neutral/ or L2 in case of 240V
Red wire connects to wire going to Load
How to wire Hagar in-wall timer

Slide switch:
0 or ON  is permanently ON
I or OFF is permanently OFF
Auto is for running programs
Dial rotates continuously no matter which switch setting
Hagar-31510 manual
Hagar-31514 manual
Hagar-31515 manual
Hagar-31570 manual
Hagar-31574 manual
Hagar-31575-7-day manual
Wall switch timer
Hagar 7 day timer        Set Current Day
Rotate timer dial until the Day and Hour line up with triangle at top of dial

Each day has 24 hours using international clock
4 is 4 am
16 is 4 pm
Push segments down and outward
Set On-Off times
Each day has 12 segments on dial
Segment-in for ON
Segment-out for OFF

Analog timers have segments located around timer dial.

Set timer functions by pushing segements down and out or up and inward.
How to set analog timers

To check function of timer, manually rotate timer dial clockwise and watch Load turn on-off. To set current time, rotate dial until current time lines up with arrowhead located on inner dial.
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