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How to wire timers   

Twisted wire
1) Strip stranded wire longer.
2) Wrap stranded around the solid wire
3) Twist wire connector over both wires
4) Twist wire nut very tight
5) Pull stranded wire and make sure it will not come loose

Single pole timer

(With or without neutral wire available inside box)
Applies to most ordinary in-wall timers
How to replace ordinary wall switch with single pole timer

Your wall switch has 2 wires, plus green ground screw for bare-copper ground wire.
Timer has 3 wires, plus green ground wire.

Extra wire on timer is used to run clock inside timer.
Typical in-wall timer clock consumes .8 Kwh per year

Manual says:
Timer-Black-wire to Hot;
Timer-Red-wire to Load (lights)
Timer-White-wire to Neutral.
Timer-Green to ground.
Heres what to do
1) Timer-green-wire connects to bare ground wire.
2) Switch has 2 wires.
Take switch wires and connect them to timer-black-wire and timer-red-wire.
Choose either one for now.
Variations: (Leviton timers have blue wire instad of red) (and Some 3-way timers have both red and blue... use blue and cap red)
3) In back of electric box are white wires twisted together and covered with wire connector. Connect timer-white to these wires.
4) If electric box does not have white wires described above, then connect timer-white to bare ground. Timer will work until you have time to run additional White neutral wire from nearby outlet.
5) Turn on electricity, and push ON-OFF button. If lights come on, timer is wired correctly. If lights do not come on, then reverse timer-red and timer-black wires.
If lights blink after installing timer, then white wire is connected to red wire.
Single pole wiring above applies to
: Ei500, ET724, Ei200 series, ET616, E1010, E1020
: 15071, 15086, 15265, 15266, 15318, 15067, 15088, 15070
: 701, 711, SS720, D1060, D212
LST 100, 200, 300
6200 series, LBT60 series
: 31500 series
: 59018, 59028, 59000 series, 59017
: LW60419, 0192773, LW60418, 0141224, 156020
: SA150 , SA 155, SA160, SA170
DT1800, HET01, PT800
Pass and Seymour
MA-T series
RT50 etc
Westek in-wall timers
Single pole wiring above applies to
(Random photos)

 Swilight LST 700  
Intermatic EI500    
Tork 701A   Pass and seymour RT12
Hagar horizontal wall timer
Grasslin ET616 
GE 15313 incandescent-only 7-day timer
See GE 15313
Leviton LTT series coundown / incandescent only
See Leviton LTT

Digital Timers with NO white neutral wire

Follow same directions shown above, except ignore white wire connection.

Larger image

3-way Timers

Open following links

GE 15312 wiring
Applies to GE 15312 timer
Intermatic ST01C wiring
Intermatic Ej500 wiring
Applies to ST10C, Ei600, Ej500, Ej600, Ei400
Remember, the timer replaces 1 of the three-way switches. The other three-way switch is rewired to operate as ordinary on-off switch. The remaining switch functions to reverse the timer programming.
Larger image of wiring
Another image of wiring
Instruction manual and wiring

Single-pole spring wound timers

 12 hour shut off timer  Spring wound timers have connections for 2 wires, and some models have 4 wires
See all spring-wound timers
Spa timer wiring
Timer, spa and wires are GFCI-protected when Black Hot and White Neutral wires are connected to Line and Load screws as illustrated.
Most spa timers have maximum 20 amp rating, and will turn contactor on-off instead of directly controlling motor load, depending on motor rating, and spa design.
See contactor wiring
How to wire GFCI

Spa timers and modules

PB series digital

 Intermatic PB 800 series
PB series mechanical

 Diehl mechanical timers and manuals

FM1 series timers and manuals

CN101 series
CN101A timers and manuals
How to wire CN101A timer

Volkera timer
Legran 03700 timer
DTD 1400

Dayton off delay
Intermatic FM1 timer
TB 178 timer
TB118 TG117
How to program and wire TB118
How to program and wire TB178
Pet 009 timer
Pet 009 timer
How to wire PET 009 timer
Sell Sheet
PET-009 Timer manual
FM1 timer wiring
Example modular FM1 timer wiring
Modular timer wiring
Examples of modular timer wiring
Intermatic PB300
Larger image

PB series timers and manuals
Intermatic FM1D20
Larger image

FM1D timers and manuals
FM2D timers and manuals
DC-FMEU clear plastic cover for FMD timer
Intermatic FM1 timer
Larger image

FM1 timers and manuals

How to set timers

DC- FME AU clear plastic dust cover
FM-SU Surface/DIN Rail kit
FM-FU Flush mount housing kit
Intermatic trippers and parts
Intermatic MIL series
MIL series timers and manuals
Intermatic FM1D20A
FM1 A and E series manuals

Larger image

Digi 14 series manuals
Intermatic DIGI timer
FM1 Digi timers and manuals
TACO 265-3 timer

Grasslin series timers
Grasslin UK
Intermatic PB 800 series
Spa Module timers and manuals
Intermatic PB 800 series
Spa Modules
Larger image
Intermatic PB800-900 series
Intermatic timer modules
Box type timers, and other timers
See all boxtype
How to wire Intermatic T100 series and T170 series timers
How to wire Intermatic Sprinkler timers
How to wire WH40, EH40, EH10, WH21 timers
How to wire Intermatic ET series timers
How to wire Intermatic GM40 and WHQ timers
How to wire T1906, T1905, T1975, T1976 timers
How to wire Intermatic ST01C, Ei600, EJ500 timers
How to wire Intermatic/Malibu timers
How to wire Intermatic FM1 timer
How to wire Intermatic PB300 series timer
How to wire Intermatic whole house surge
How to wire remote control timer
How to wire 3 phase timer
How to wire GE 15312 timer
How to wire GE 15207 timer
How to wire GE Box timers
Tork DTU40 wiring

How to wire box timers

Intermatic GM seriesTork-DTU40
Greenbrook T80 timer wiring

How to wire DIN rail timers

In-wall water heater timers

How to wire timers for water heater timer
277 480 3-phase WYE

3-Phase timer

How to wire 3-phase timer

How to install 3-phase surge protector

Wire GE 15312 timer

How to wire switches

How to wire switches

240Volt outlets and plugs

How to wire 240Volt outlets and plugs


How to wire GFCI
Select correct wire size
Select and install wire connector

Household NM-B Wires are color-coded so inspectors/ electricians can easily identify which wire is used during construction

Electricity leaves power plant What is 3-phase electric: power plant to end user

Adjust temperature on gas water heater
Troubleshoot gas water heater
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