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Timer with remote control

Intermatic CA3750

Intermatic CA3750
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Control water heater or pool pump with telephone or computer

How to wire Intermatic CA3750

Control water heater with Z-wave

Intermatic CA3750 contactor module

Intermatic CA3750 at Amazon
Vera3 at Amazon
Contactor controlled by remote Z wave
5-year warranty/ 30 amp

How to wire and set up CA3750
Mi casa verde installation sheet
Sell sheet
In touch brochure
In touch user guide
More contactors

How to wire Intermatic CA3750
Timer with remote control
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Timer with remote control
Plug 120 volt load into both timer and remote.
Read pdf with specific electrical how-to

Timer turns 120V loan on-and-off in typical fashion.
When the remote is activated, another 120Volt circuit is opened to same 120V load.
Timer ON + Remote ON => Load ON
Timer ON + Remote OFF => Load ON
Timer OFF + Remote ON => Load ON
Timer OFF + Remote OFF => Load OFF

Remote can turn Load ON-and-OFF when timer is OFF
Remote cannot turn Load OFF when timer is ON.
Any switch-or-timer that turns OFF power to outlet, will also cause timer to stop rotating, and timer schedule will be delayed.
If timer is plugged into remote control, the timer will stop rotating each time remote is OFF, and timer schedule will be delayed
Woods 32555 at Amazon
GE at Amazon
Wireless remote controls at Amazon
Replacement A23 battery at Amazon

Select recirculation pump
See analog plug-in timers
See remote controls
Water heater recirculation system
Remote controls motor
Larger image

Use WeMo or ordinary household remote control to control 120 or 240 volt motor

Buy from my associate links
Woods 32555 at Amazon
GE at Amazon
Wireless remote controls at Amazon
WeMo at Amazon
Belkin WeMo at Amazon
Contactor with 120 volt coil
Unlocked cell phone at Amazon
Unlocked smartphone

How to set up wemo on your wifi network
How to control 240 volt with WeMo
remote control countdown timer
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Remote control countdown timer

6A855 Solid State delay timer at Amazon
11-pin plug-in base at Amazon
General purpose relay
Woods 32555 at Amazon
GE at Amazon
Wireless remote controls at Amazon
Replacement A23 battery at Amazon

Select recirculation pump
See analog plug-in timers
See remote controls
Water heater recirculation system

ST01C timer controls 120Volt delay-off-timer

Activate off-delay timer using push button -or- using ST10 timer
Push button, or ST01, activates delay timer.
Push button gives momentary on-off to activate delay timer
When ST01 turns ON and then OFF, then delay timer activates
Delay timer turns Load ON
Delay timer begins countdown.
When countdown expires, delay timer turns Load Off
6A855 Solid State timer at Amazon
11-pin plug-in base at Amazon
Contactor with 120volt coil
ST01 battery-operated timer
6A855 Manual

More off-delay timers
Timer with remote controlAnd plug timer into remote control  Woods 49063 keychain timer Digital timer with battery-operated clock can plug into remote control without losing programming.
Example digital timer Woods 59337
 or Intermatic DT620
 or Intermatic PB series (with additional wiring)

Example remote control Woods 49063 or Woods 13568

Works opposite from Timer with remote control shown in first box above.
Remote can turn Load ON-and-OFF when timer is ON
Remote cannot turn Load ON when timer is OFF.
More remote controls for home
Do not exceed rating for each device. Read label on 120Volt Load for watt rating. Read spec sheet for timer and for remote to make sure they can each handle watt rating of 120Volt load.
For example if 120Volt load is 1 light bulb, the watt rating is 100 watts. If 120Volt load is typical recirculation pump, then watt rating can be 29 watts. Check labels on each appliance, or tool, or water heater etc to find watt rating.
See analog plug-in timers
See remote controls
Woods 48554 outdoor timer  Westek TM21DOLB
Larger image
Timer with remote control: For outdoors.
Woods 48544

Same as Utilitec 0358708 TM21DOLBL
Choose: works with photo eye or with remote control

GE at Amazon
Westek TM21DOLB at Amazon
Same as GE 15143, GE YLT-15
Wireless remote controls at Amazon
Automatically turns lights on at dusk, timer turns off 2 to 8 hours later
Two 3-prong outlets.
Keychain remote also controls lights
Remote control is temporary override. After 12 hours, the timer function automatically resumes.
Sell sheet
More remote controls for home
Skylink remote control countdown timer

Skylink remote control programmable or countdown timer

Skylink PA-318 remote control countdown timer
Receiver can be operated as ON-OFF or Countdown device
Up to 500 feet open unobstructed distance
Mim 10 watts
1500 watts, estimate 1/3 Hp

Wireless wall mount transmitter TB-318    At Amazon
Wireless countdown receiver PA-318     At Amazon

PA-318 manual
More remote controls for home
Intermatic RC939 controls timer    
Larger image             
        RC939 transmitter                               RC613 receiver                      WH40 or T104 timer

Override timer with remote control

Control 240Volt 3500 watt water heater using Intermatic RC 939 remote control and RC615 120Volt receiver
240Volt circuit can be turned off by turning off 1 hot wire
Do not exceed amp rating of RC615, otherwise install RC613RC relay or PT1203M

Up to 100 feet away
RC939 transmitter manual
Remote receiver manual
RC939 3-channel radio transmitter at Amazon

120 volt or 240 Volt

Wire GM40 timer to toggle water heater between 120Volt and 240Volt.

How to wire GM40 timer
How to wire DTU40 timer
GM40 timer
GM40 timer
Larger image
Use this technique for peak electric prices.
When prices are peak, set water heater to operate at 120 volts for slower heating. Tank stays hot, but hot water does not recover quickly.
When peak price ends, resume 240Volt operation for faster heat recovery inside tank.

Wiring inside water heater is not changed
Elements and thermostats will work with 120 or 240
Off-peak water heater options

This technique will not work for Whirlpool energy smart electric water heater since control panel requires continuous 240Volts for operation of electronic control. Regular on-off timer will work with energy-smart products.  See Whirlpool energy-smart
Timer and switch

Use switch to override timer

When the Hot wire to light is OFF, then light will not turn ON.
Timer programming will control light only when switch is ON.
Since switch does not turn timer on-off, then timer will continue to operate and keep correct time.
When timer programming is OFF, then light will not turn ON using switch.

GM40 timer wiring
GE 15207 wiring
Tork DTU40 wiring

More box timers and wiring

3-way switch and 3-way timer

Either switch or timer controls light

The timer program runs at all times.
When 3-way switch is clicked, or timer override is clicked, then timer programming is reversed.
Light turns on-or-off as timer programming is reversed.
How to wire Intermatic ST01C
How to wire GE 15312
How to wire timers
NO/NC contacts

Turn 1 load ON and other Load OFF at same moment
Example shows FM-1 analog timer used for 120Volt under-counter water heater.
Power is available for water heater or for dishwasher. But not both at same time.
Using this type of timer lets you have 2 appliances on same wire without tripping circuit breaker
Also lets you control precise hours when water heater is ON.

FM-1 timer
How to install under counter water heater
cycle timer

Turn Load ON once every 10 minutes for 8 hours each day.
Or choose any timing schedule:

Set 120Volt cycle timer for chosen time duration. For example once per each 10 minutes. Or once each 5 seconds. The cycle timer dial rotates continually, and turns load ON-OFF for each cycle.

To operate the cycle timer at different hours, install 2nd timer.
The second timer can be installed 2 ways: 1) on the Hot line before the cycle timer. And then the second timer turns the cycle timer ON-and-OFF.

Or 2) the second timer can be installed as illustrated. The cycle timer runs continually. This lets operator schedule 1 cycle load, and run other cycle load continuously.
CT2000 percent cycle timer
CT2000 cycle timer
Larger image
GM40 timer
GM40 timer
Larger image
Most timers operate on a continuous repeating 24-hour or 7-day cycle.
'Cycle timer' is name given to timers that typically operate in short time durations such as 10 minute repeating cycle, or 12 hour cycle instead of 24-hour cycle or 7-day cycle.
Cycle timers
Same as above except using FM1 timer module/
FM1 is available in 24-hour with 15 minute intervals, or 7-day with 2 hour intervals.
Also available in 12 hour time dial with 6-2/3 minute ON-OFF intervals.

Or use any digital timer with minimum 1 minute ON-OFF.
Or combine with ON delay or OFF delay timer.
FM1 timer sell sheet with model numbers
FM1 timer module
Delay timers
Use any hard-wire timer to control contactor.

Hard-wire means that timer does not plug into outlet. Instead timer is hard wired or permanently wired to electric cable.
Any timer that replaces light switch is hard-wired timer.
Box timers are hard-wired
Image shows PB series timer connected with terminals

Timer controls contactor.
Magnetic contacts open and close.
This lets small-amp timer like the PB series control large-amp load like a motor

PB series timers
Wall switch timer controls contactor
Box timers
Intermatic ET9000 series timer
Larger image
Intermatic 365 day timer: ET90000
4000 setpoints equals 5 ON and 5 OFF per each 24 hour day for each day of calendar year..
Each day of year can be different. Each week can be different. Each month can be different.
Choose Astronomic or 365 day timer / with holiday exceptions
Minimum 1 second on-off duration.
Up to 12 sets of timing relays, with option to add more relays.
ET9000 instruction Manual
ET 90000 Sell sheet with wiring and box dimensions
ET 90000 sell sheet with features

Intermatic timers and manuals
Basic household wiring
Basic water heater circuit

Figure volts amps watts for electric water heater
Test elements
Replace elements
How to wire tankless electric
How to change water heater temperature using timer
Change water heater from 240Volt to 120Volt
Replace thermostats
How to wire thermostats
How to wire water heater for off peak operation

How to twist wire
How to wire Cooper 277 pilot light switch
How to wire combo switch-outlet
How to replace 3-speed fan switch

How to wire dimmer
How to wire 3-way dimmer
How to wire occupancy switch
How to wire motion detector
How to wire TM811 and TM8111 switches
How to wire wall timers
How to wire box timers
How to wire off-delay timer
Wire off-delay timer
How to wire pin timers

How to wire and troubleshoot photo eyes
Reverse photoeye so it turns on in day
24 Volt photoeye
24 volt programmable timer

How to wire switches
How to add switch
How to add 3-way switch

Timer for 3-way switch
Timer for 4-way switch

How to add outlet 
How to wire 3-way switches
How to wire 4-way switches

Troubleshoot Malibu outdoor lights
Select and install wire connectors
Select wire size

Electrical formulas
Electricians forum

Electrical pages

How to wire arc fault breaker
How to wire GFCI
How to wire GFCI combo

Basic water heater circuit
How to wire water heater for 120Volt
Install old work box

How to drop wire from attic
Wire connector

How to wire 240volt outlets
How to install 3-phase timer
How to wire 3-phase outlets
How to wire 3-phase surge protector
What is 3-phase

How to wire whole house surge protector
How to wire under-counter water heater

See inside main breaker box
Replace breaker
Install subpanel

How to solder wires
Whole house surge protector
3-phase surge protection
Circuit breakers

Difference between 120 volt and 240 Volt
Difference between 50Hz and 60Hz
How to install electric meter on water heater
How to wire water heater thermostat
How to wire water heater with switches and timers

6x6x4 Enclosures
Intermatic timer enclosures

Convert AC water heater to DC
How to wire DC solar water heater
DC relays for solar water heater
How to add another thermostat to water heater

How many Kwh to heat water
Chart for figuring heating time for electric heater

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How to install gas water heater
How to install electric water heater
Troubleshoot gas water heater
Troubleshoot electric water heater
Point of use water heaters
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box timers Compare box timers

Control water heater w/ Z-wave
Intermatic control centers Control centers:
+ manuals and parts

All control centers and parts

Including Z-wave
programmable timer Compare programmable timers

Control water heater with programmable wall timer
Countdown timers Compare countdown timers

Control water heater with countdown timer
Low voltage power packs Low voltage transformers

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