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Remote controls for home

Woods 13369
Larger image

Woods 13569 Remote control for outlets/ 1 on-off button for each remote

Install A23 battery into hand-held remote control
Instructions: Turn lamp ON, plug in lamp into outlet module, plug outlet module into outlet, use remote control and push On button, this will program remote to outlet module.

Plug in next outlet modules, and press second ON button. This module will be programmed to second ON button.

If you want remote to operate 2-3 outlet modules with same on-off buttons, then plug in 2-3 modules, then use remote control and then ON button.
Must be reset after power outage.
Also read instruction for 13568 below
13569 at Amazon
Wireless remote controls at Amazon
Replacement A23 battery at Amazon

Woods 13569 wireless remote
Outdoor remote controls lower on page
remote control countdown timer

Remote control countdown timer

30 minutes, 60 minutes, 2 hour, 4 hour.
Polarized outlet for lamp.
Not rated for space heater, or heavier loads

Woods 59781 at Amazon

For heavier laods such as iron or space heater, use mechanical countdown timer:
Mechanical countdown timer
60 minute 2-pack at Amazon
Simple touch 1-8 hour at Amazon

All countdown timers
Control 240 Volt with WeMo / read more with illustrations

WeMo programming resources are online
No subscription
WeMo plugs into ordinary 120volt outlet
Control WeMo using phone or tablet
WeMo at Amazon
Belkin WeMo at Amazon

More diagrams
Whole house automation module

Control water heater with remote control/ X10 or Z-wave oe WeMo

Control gas water heater with remote control
X10 wall outlet   X-10 module

X10 wireless outlets and controls

Control outlet with remote switch
X-10 modules and remote controls at Amazon
X10 wireless devices at Amazon
X10 wireless outlet at Amazon
Control 240 Volt with X10
Insteon 2477SA1 X10 load controller  
Larger image

X10 for 240 volt electric water heater

Insteon X10 relay for water heater 

30 amp resistive loads

Relay handles resistive load only:
Water heater, incandescent light bulb... yes
Motor, CFL, LED.... no
2 year warranty
Buy: $120
Insteon 240v / 30 amp X10 load controller for resistive loads only
Insteon remote control products at Amazon
Insteon load controller manual

ST01C timer controls 120Volt delay-off-timer

Activate off-delay timer using push button -or- using ST10 timer
Push button, or ST01, activates delay timer.
Delay timer turns Load ON
Delay timer begins countdown.
When countdown expires, delay timer turns Load Off
6A855 Solid State timer at Amazon
11-pin plug-in base at Amazon
Contactor with 120volt coil
ST01 battery-operated timer
6A855 Manual

More off-delay timers
Read more:: ST01 timer/ Remote control delay timer

Outdoor remote controls

Intermatic RC613L remote control
Larger image

Remote control for outdoor

RC939 3-channel remote at Amazon
Intermatic 120Volt/ 240Volt receivers at Amazon
Outdoor receivers: rated 120Volt, 1200 watts, 1 Hp motor
RC613 RC615 remote control manual
RC613 receiver manual
RC613R Heavy duty receiver module

More Intermatic Timers

Power stake with remote control

Remote control yard stake/ Does not have a timer
Westinghouse at Amazon
ABC at Amazon
Holiday at Amazon
GE at Amazon

Dawn-dusk remote control power strip

Westinghouse power strip at Amazon

Woods 48554 outdoor timer
Larger image

Woods 48544 timer w remote control

Automatically turns lights on at dusk, timer turns off 2 to 8 hours later
Two 3-prong outlets.
Keychain remote also controls lights
Remote control is temporary override. After 12 hours, the timer function automatically resumes.
GE at Amazon
Westek TM21DOLB at Amazon
Same as GE 15143, GE YLT-15
Wireless remote controls at Amazon

Sell sheet
Troubleshoot photo eye timer .pdf

Westek TM21DOLB
Westek TM21DOLB manual
Woods 59746 countdown timer with remote control
Woods 59746
Stanley 59746  at Amazon
Westek TM21DOLB
GE at Amazon
Westek TM21DOLB at Amazon
Westek TM21DOLB manual
Keychain remote control
GE51136 at Amazon
Wireless remote controls at Amazon

Operation manual

Remote control coutdown timers

Press remote control ON... and timer turns off 2-4-6-8 hours later.. or press OFF
Has photoeye... for indoor use might have to cover photoeye with blalck tape

Or use as dawn-dusk timer

Indoor-outdoor use
Estimate 1/3 Hp
Woods 49063 keychain timer

Woods 49063

Keychain remote timer operates two plugs on outdoor timer
SVAT at Amazon
Wireless remote controls at Amazon

49063 Sell sheet
Keychain remote control

GE 51136 outdoor receiver with keychain remote

GE51136 at Amazon
Wireless remote controls at Amazon

Operation manual
Woods 32555
Larger image

Woods 32555 keychain remote

remote weatherproof keychain timer. Has slot to hang on nail.
Noma 52-8849
Control outdoor or indoor lights from 60 feet away
One grounded outlet, weatherprooof 6" power cord
Uses A23S 12 volt battery inside remote control

Works with CFL, 1000 watt tungsten (Incandescent) 
Attach remote to keychain so it doesn't get lost
Woods 32555 at Amazon
GE at Amazon
Wireless remote controls at Amazon
Replacement A23 battery at Amazon

Woods 32555 manual
32555 sell sheet
Similar to Intermatic remote HB12RC manual
Thomas and Betts HW2190
Larger image
Thomas and Betts HW2190
At Amazon
Wireless remote controls at Amazon
wireless light kit
Larger image
Skylink anywhere wall switch
Transmitter switch at Amazon
Receiver at Amazon
Skylink wall switch manual
Skylink on-off-dim module manual
Skylink on-off module manual
Product information at Leviton
Skylink remote control countdown timer
Larger image

Skylink PA-318 remote control countdown timer

Receiver can be operated as ON-OFF or Countdown device
Up to 500 feet open unobstructed distance

Wireless wall mount transmitter TB-318    At Amazon
Wireless countdown receiver PA-318     At Amazon
PA-318 manual
TB-318 wall mount manual
TC-318 hand-held remote manual

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