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Power packs/ manuals, tips, troubleshoot, brands


Malibu/ digital outdoor power pack
On at dusk, off 2-4-6-8 hours later
1 yr warranty
Choose 45 to 900 watt Amazon
600 watt steel case professional
Malibu wire connectors

8100 series manual
Malibu customer service
More info
Malibu 600 watt with 24 hour mechanical timer
8100-9600-01/ maybe duiscontinued
1 year warranty
8100-9600 Amazon

ML600 manual
Malibu 300 watt with 24 hour mechanical timer/ maybe discontinued
1 year warranty
8100-9600 Amazon

ML300 manual

malibu digital/ dawn-dusk
1 year warranty
ML100 at Amazon

More info




Paradise digital
On at dusk, off 2-4-6-8 hours later
Dawn-dusk 1 yr warranty
Paradise at Amazon
Paradise wire connector
Paradise universal wire connector
Paradise manual
More info

Moonrays digital
On at dusk, off 2-4-6-8 hours later
Dawn-dusk  1 yr warranty
Moonrays at Amazon
Moonrays at Amazon
Moonrays wire connector
Image of instructions
More info

Portfolio digital
On at dusk, off 2-4-6-8 hours later
1 yr warranty
120 watt at Amazon

Protfolio 200 watt manual
More info

Paradise/ Kichler/ Moonrays
1 yr warranty
Kichler 60 watt
Paradise 100 watt
Moonrays 120 watt

More info


Intermatic sold yard transformer business to Malibu 2015... contact malibu brinkman for warranty

Malibu customer service
PX series transformers
PX series transformers
Waterproof enclosure
12-13-14 volt for longer distance
300-600-900 watt
No timer, no photoeye included
For underwater pool and spa lights
1 year warranty
Intermatic PX transformer
More info: Intermatic PX transformer / manual
Malibu ML900TWSN
900 watt
Discontinued at Intermatic
1 yr warranty
ML900 at Amazon

900 series manual
600 series manual
100-200 watt ML series
Discontinued at Intermatic
1 yr warranty
ML200RT Amazon
ML200RTW with ground shield
ML121 Amazon

300 series manual
ML88 power pack
100/ 88/ 44 watt series
Discontinued at Intermatic
1 year warranty
ML88 at Amazon
ML44 at Amazon

ML88 manual


Kichler Pro Series: these are the big boys
12-13-14 volt outputs/ 100-1200 watts
Timer and photoeye plug-in options
1-15 yr warranty
Kichler transformers at Amazon
More info: Kichler timers and manuals
Kichler Pro Series
No timer or photoeye included
12-13-14 volt outputs
10204BK 300 watt /Amazon
10209BK 600 watt
More info: Kichler timers and manuals
Kichler 15565BK photoeye
Photocell for Kichler transformer
15565BK photocell Amazon
Kichler Photocell
Kichler photocell with long cord
15534BK remote photocell / 10' cord / at Amazon
15565BK manual/ pdf
15534BK remote photocell manual/ pdf

Malibu Power Pack stopped working

Dawn-dusk timers appear lower on page Digital power packs

Tips, Manuals, Troubleshoot-and-Instructions, Trippers, Warranty information
120 Volt AC input > 12 Volt AC output
Malibu power pack
How to set analog timer
Buy Malibu transformers at Amazon
ML power pack trippers
Larger image
Red = ON
Black = OFF

Intermatic tripper

Power Pack uses 107SB189 Red ON tripper, and 107SB192 Black OFF tripper
Red On tripper at Amazon
available at IntermaticStore.com

Black Off tripper
at Amazon
available at IntermaticStore.com

Tripper order form
Intermatic trippers and parts
See all Intermatic timers and manuals

Push trippers down
Intermatic plastic tripper

All Intermatic parts

Intermatic trippers and parts
OR Contact Intermatic

PB912M10 timer module
Not correct image for the power pack timing module...

Replacement module is not available
PB912M10 Timer module is NOT sold separately.
PB timer series pdf
Available timer modules
Not exact match: PB913N84    24 hour  120Volt wall mount 4 trippers At Amazon

Power pack resources at Intermatic
If power pack timer no longer functions: Set power pack to override and plug power pack into cheap plug-in timer.
Check if GFCI outlet has tripped
How to install, test and replace GFCI
Do not use dual GFCI protection

Not made to fit power pack... these timer modules are used for pool and spa timers/ 120-240 Volt

PB912M10 shown above does not have replacement timer module
Intermatic PB 800 series Buy
120Volt at Amazon
240Volt at Amazon
Replacement trippers
These trippers do not fit Malibu power pack
Spa Module timers and manuals
Intermatic PB 800 series Buy:
120V at Amazon
240V at Amazon
Intermatic PB800-900 series
Intermatic timer modules
Plug power pack into wall timer Woods 50001 timer 3-prong wall timer
Buy heavy duty:
24 hour wall timer at Amazon
7-day timer at Amazon

More wall timers
Woods 50012 timer 3-prong outdoor timer
Buy heavy duty:
24 hour outdoor timer at Amazon

More wall timers

C is used ONLY with Intermatic photo eye
Connect wires to Terminals A and B/ Terminal C is only used with ML series photo eye
C is only used with ML series photo eye
Tighten screws very tight against wire. For longest life of product, install first light 10' away from transformer. Read more tips section above.
600 and 900 watt transformers have 2 separate A-B-C terminals for 2 separate cables. Balance load so each cable carries half total wattage.
Terminal C. Not all ML series timers have terminal C. Terminal C is not used except for ML series photo eye.
Read about connecting photo eye, #6 below. Note for photo eye installation, wires to lights are moved from Terminals A and B, to terminals B and C. Read #6 below.
House along creek

Installation / maintenance tips so power pack lasts longer

Match bulb wattage to power pack wattage. Replace bulbs as soon as they burn out.
Unplug power pack when working on bulbs.
Unplug power pack after circuit breaker trips, or when power goes off, then wait until electricity is turned on. Surge can knock out transformer.
Do not use extension cord. Plug power pack directly into GFCI-protected outlet. Test outlet with circuit analyzer to check for polarity and wiring problems.
How to wire GFCI    Do not use double GFCI protection
Wire size is important: Use correct wire size and length:  See size chart
Keep minimum distance 10 feet of wire between first bulb and transformer.
Do not coil extra wire around power pack. This will cause eddy currents in transformer coil, causing overheat and damage to transformer.
Save purchase receipt for warranty.  Warranty claim at Intermatic
Power packs at Malibu: NON-Intermatic transformers from malibu have 1 year limited warranty


Mount power pack at least 10 feet (3 m) from pool or spa
Mount power pack vertically at least 12 inches (30 cm) above ground. Do not lay on the ground
Plug power pack directly into GFCI outlet
Do not use extension cord
Do not use indoors
When connecting wire at terminals, do not allow insulation to get under the clamping plate, and firmly tighten the terminal screw
Do not mix solid or stranded type wires under one screw. Solder end of stranded wire to make solid.
Do not submerge power pack
Do not connect two or more power packs in parallel
Do not use with a dimmer
Intermatic low voltage wire
Gauge is diameter of wire
Use chart on right

low voltage wire connector

Wire size/ connections

If cable is too small in diameter or too long, it will not carry enough electricity to power the lights.
600 watt and 900 watt power packs use 2 separate wires.
All other power packs use 1 wire
Buy wire:
Low voltage cable / different lengths and gauge at Amazon
Coleman cable 12-2 50 foot cable at Amazon
Coleman cable 12-2 100 foot cable at Amazon
Intermatic 12-2 100 foot cable at Amazon
Coleman 250 feet 12-2 at Amazon
Buy connectors:
Malibu Wire connector at Amazon
Malibu connector
Paradise connector
Moonrays connector at Amazon
Universal wire splice at Amazon
Malibu timer cable lengths

Note: 12 gauge is larger diameter than 16 gauge/ 16 is larger than 14
Universal wire splice at Amazon
Low voltage light
Low voltage lights
Read 'installation and maintenance tips' above for maintaining low voltage lights
Always unplug power pack when working on lights
Any brand light will work with transformer
Kichler low voltage lighting
Paradise low voltage lighting
Moonrays low voltage lighting at Amazon
Malibu low voltage lighting
Each power pack has watt rating.
Install as many bulbs needed to reach watt rating of transformer.
Underwattage or overwattage can damage transformer.
600 and 900 watt transformers have 2 separate cables
When bulb burns out. Unplug power pack and replace bulb as soon as possible.
Malibu bulbs
moonrays bulb
Intermatic bulb

Troubleshoot starts here

Buy: Intermatic power packs at Amazon with 5 year warranty
Other power packs have 1 year limited warranty/ Intermatic offers 5 year warranty

I have to Read???
3 possible repairs if clock dial stopped rotating
1) Take apart timer if possible and clean gears and apply white grease or vaseline, and timer function might restore if motor did not overheat and gears are good.
Some people report they were unable to re-assemble the parts. Take photos for ez re-assembly.
Replacement PB912M10 timer module is not available. Read2

2) If manual override can turn lights ON, then buy cheap plug-in timer, set power pack to override, and plug power pack into cheap timer. Example timers

3) If manual override can turn lights ON, and power pack has A-B-C terminals, you might operate lights by installing photo-eye.

Whole house power surge is recommended today since many expensive electronics are not protected, such as timers, tankless water heaters, gas water heaters with blowers and electronic controls, energy-smart electric water heater. Also recommend surge protection for co-ax. How to wire whole house surge protector

0 repairs if transformer is not working ***Nobody reports they fixed plastic-housed low-voltage transformer once it stops functioning.With older steel cased power pack, it is possible to take apart power pack and solder loose wire if that is the problem. Replace power pack.

1) Power pack makes humming sound. Yes. All transformers hum, and are slightly warm to touch. If power pack is not working: Check that outlet has electricity, use circuit analyzer to check outlet, check if GFCI outlet has tripped, check circuit breaker is not tripped (push breaker fully off and then fully on). Check that power pack unit makes audible humming sound when working. Timer has not been under water or exposed to power surge (nearby lightning strike, power outage).
If timer has 120Volt electricity, and outlet polarity is correct, but power pack is not humming, then transformer has gone bad, and there is no repair. Bring extension cord from another outlet, and try timer on different outlet.
Transformers are sometimes warm to touch, Yes but never HOT. Transformer that is hot, is probably not functioning correctly. Read warranty information below.
2) Test outlet:
Outlet must be wired correctly.Test outlet using cheap circuit analyzer from home center to check for polarity issues that can affect electrical devices. See image of circuit analyzer    See image of outlet polarity
Check outlet with multimeter for 110-125Volts AC. Outlet must be 80% rated voltage. Undervoltage such as 88Volts can cause power pack not to perform as expected.
3) Test voltage across A-B terminals: Must be 12 Volt AC.
Use multimeter and test across terminals A and B shows 12 volts AC and nothing less. Or use spark test: You can see spark when wire is brushed across brass terminals A and B
4) Observe bulbs: Check all bulbs are good, bulbs and not broken or under water, check wire going to bulbs is not cut, check wire is connected to terminals A and B, Check that terminals are clean and wires attached firmly. Some power packs have terminal C. Terminal C is not used except when installing ML series photo eye. Make sure only copper wire, and no insulation, is under the screw terminal clamping plate. See example image
5) Bulb wattage is important: Wattage of bulbs matches power pack. For example, if you have 15 each 20 watt bulbs for total 300 watts, then use 300 Watt power pack. Mis-matched wattage can damage power pack. Replace burnt out bulbs immediately. Un-plug power pack each time working on bulbs. In the case of 600 watt power packs with two sets of A and B terminals, put 300 watts on each set of terminals.
6) ML Photo eye installation: If you have Intermatic power pack photo-eye then power pack must have A B and C terminals.
Photo-eye wiring is following: solid black goes to A, red goes to C, and middle wire goes to B. Then wires to bulbs must be moved to terminals B and C.
Disconnect photo eye to see if that is source of trouble. When using photo eye, change wire going to lights from terminals A and B to terminals B and C, when removing photo eye, move lights back  to terminals A and B.
Photo eye manual
Buy ML series photo eye
7) Check override: Check that manual override works, and turns lights on and off. Manual override is usually the knob that sticks up and is located top left of timer dial. Manual override rotates one direction only. Rotate manual override and lights should turn on and off. Override is temporary, and programming resumes at next tripper. To override permanently, remove trippers from dial.
8) Trippers: Check that trippers are not worn down. Both on-and-off trippers are present. Trippers are red and black. Trippers are pushed all the way down. If trippers are loose, worn, or are not pushed down fully, then they will not click the on-off lever. Use fingers and rotate timer dial clockwise to watch trippers click the on-off lever and watch lights turn on and off as trippers rotate around. If trippers do not  turn lights on and off, then buy new trippers. See tripper ordering link above near top of page.
9) Dial must rotate: Check that dial rotates correctly and keeps good time. If dial is not rotating, or not keeping correct time, or dial stops at tripper, then clock motor is bad:** Remove trippers, set timer to override, and plug power pack into cheap timer that plugs into outlet. Some people report taking apart timer clock and cleaning gears. Some people report that gears are worn down.
10) Set current time: Reset timer dial to current time according to manual###. Manuals at Intermatic. To set dial-type timer, manually rotate dial clockwise for two complete revolutions and then line up current time with arrowhead located on inner dial.
11) Power outage: Timer must be reset after power outage. Power outage, power surge, and nearby lightning strike can cause power pack to suddenly stop working. Power surges can affect any electrical device.*** Unplug power pack if breaker trips or power turns off. Then wait until electricity is turned back on.

12) Tripping breaker: Bring around extension cord from different outlet on different breaker. If breaker keeps tripping, then replace timer. If breaker no longer trips, then breaker might be bad. Inside breaker panel: Move wire on breaker to another same-size breaker. Resources: How to replace breaker    Troubleshoot household electricity    Basic house wiring
14) Malibu lights turn on off:  Temporarily bring around extension cord from different outlet on different breaker. If problem stops, then check wire connections inside the electrical outlet. If problem continues: Look for loose or dirty wire connection at terminals A and B. If you are using photoeye, then turn photoeye away from light sources. Power pack may be going bad. When lights are off, listen if power pack is humming. When lights are off, test for 12 Volts ac across terminal A and B.
Plug in photo control
Plug power pack into photo-eye (non-grounded)
2-prong plug

Photo eye plug at Amazon
Buy ML series photo eye

Photo eyes at Amazon
motion sensor plug

Plug power pack into motion sensor

Turn on low voltage lights with motion sensor
Remove trippers on dial, then rotate override so lights are ON.
Plug power pack into motion outlet.
Might work.
Buy at Amazon
Motion sensor outlets at Amazon

Plug power pack into automatic photoeye timer

Compare photo eye timers
Plug power pack into photo eye timer.
Set power pack to override, and plug power pack into timer.
Timer turns ON at dusk, and turns OFF 2-4-6-8 hours later.
Woods 32555

Plug power pack into remote control (up to 100 feet)

Arrives with 12 volt battery that lasts 2 years
I use the Woods 32555 and it works through the wall and through door to control outdoor lights
Use remote control to turn power pack on-off

Outdoor remote controls
Woods 32555 at Amazon
Skytronic remote and receiver
Larger image

Control power pack with remote wall switch (up to 500 feet)

Receiver can be operated as ON-OFF or Countdown device
Up to 500 feet open unobstructed distance

Buy wall transmitter and receiver
Wireless wall mount transmitter TB-318
At Amazon
Wireless on-off receiver PA-318 plug-in 1500 watt
At Amazon
PA-318 manual
Portfolio transformer
Larger image

Portfolio 1-year warranty digital transformer

Dawn/dusk operation with selections to turn timer off after 1-9 hours after dusk
These timers have 1 year limited warranty from Malibu, and are not Intermatic products.
Contrast: Intermatic analog, non-electronic, power packs sold through Malibu have 5-year limited warranty

Portfolio transformers at Amazon

Manual/ resources:
Protfolio 200 watt transformer manual
Hampton Bay transformer manual
Read tips for installation and maintenance
Read troubleshoot
Portfolio transformer
Connect wires on bottom
Plug transformer into GFCI-protected outlet

Press up-or-down arrows to select timing choice
O - lights stay ON until turned OFF
A - Auto: lights ON at dusk and OFF at dawn
1- ON at dusk and OFF 1 hour later
2- ON at dusk and OFF 2 hours later
3-9 - ON at dusk and OFF 3-9 hours later
F - check circuit, power to transformer is off.
Malibu 8100 9045-01
Larger image
Larger image of instructions

Malibu 1 year warranty digital transformer

Capacity 45 watt, 120 watt, 200 watt
50 foot long cord. Use cord lengths and tips at top of this page.
These timers have 1 year limited warranty from Malibu, and are not Intermatic products.
Contrast: Intermatic analog, non-electronic, power packs sold through Malibu have 5-year limited warranty
At Malibu

Malibu 45 watt 8100-9045
Malibu 120 watt 8100-9120
Malibu 200 watt 8100-0200

Malibu 300 watt 8100-0300

8100 series manual

Large image of dawn dusk instructions printed on face of timer
Choose: Dawn-to-dusk -or- programmed functions by rotating dial.
For dawn-dusk operation, rotate selector to 6 for example. The timer automatically turns ON at dusk, and OFF 6 hours later.

To program timer: rotate selector to Timer, then use clock set button, and timer on button, and timer off button to set on-off times for each day.
Read tips for installation and maintenance
Read troubleshoot
Paradise GL22730BK transformer
Larger image Paradise
Larger image Kichler

100 watt power pack with photo eye

Paradise GL22730 100 watt at Amazon
Kichler 60 watt
Moonrays 120 watt
GL series deck light kit

Manual and resources
Paradise GL22730 - 100 watt transformer manual
Manuals at Paradise
Read tips for installation and maintenance
Read troubleshoot
Malibu digital transformer

200 watt, 300 watt, 600 watt Paradise power pack / 1-year warranty

Ryco low voltage transformer
Timer turns ON automatically at Dusk and OFF at Dawn.
Optional settings:

Paradise transformers at Amazon
       Paradise GL22772 200 watt at Amazon
       Paradise GL2230 300 watt at Amazon
       Paradise GL22007 600 watt at Amazon

Manuals and resources
Paradise GL227772- 200 watt transformer manual
Paradise GL22300 300 watt transformer manual
Paradise GL22007 600 watt transformer manual
Manuals at Paradise
Read tips for installation and maintenance
Read troubleshoot


Image of instructions
Malibu digital transformer

Moonrays 1-year warranty power pack/ identical to Paradise shown above

Moonrays transformers at Amazon

95431/ 120 Watt Power pack
95432/ 200 Watt Power pack
95433/ 300 Watt Power Pack
95435/ 600-Watt Power Pack

Image of instructions

Read installation and maintenance tips near top of page
Read tips for installation and maintenance
Read troubleshoot
ML 100 power pack

Intermatic ML100 THM 8100-9100-10 dawn-dusk 100 watt dawn-dusk power pack

ML100 at Amazon

* f = OFF

* o = Power pack on all the time

* d - On at sunset, off at sunrise (dusk till dawn)

* 1-9 - On at sunset, off after 1-9 hours

ML100 THM 8100-9100-10 manual
Read tips for installation and maintenance
Read troubleshoot

Woods 95432/ 300 watt Power pack
Woods at Amazon
Power packs at Amazon
Coleman cable 12-2 50 foot cable at Amazon
Coleman cable 12-2 100 foot cable at Amazon
Max wire length for 300 watt is 100 feet

Intermatic ML300 manual
Read tips for installation and maintenance
Read troubleshoot
Kichler timers and manuals
Professional series timers
Wiring and manuals
Kichler transformers

12 volt output
Thermal reset
10204BK 300 watt /Amazon

10205BK 150 watt

10206BK 600 watt
Kichler 10204BK
24 volt output
Thermal reset
10208BK 300 watt /Amazon

10209BK 600 watt

10219BK minimum 300 watt max 1200 watt
Kichler 15M100AZT
12-13-15 V output
15M100AZT /at Amazon
... choose 100 to 600 watt/ bronze/ manual operation/

Manuals and wiring
Kichler 15PL600AZT
12-13-14-15 V output
15PL600AZT/ at Amazon
... choose 100 to 900 watt bronze/ outlets got timer and photocell

15PL75AZT 75 watt
Kichler 15PR100SS
12-13-14-15 V output
15PR200SS at Amazon/
... choose 100 to 1200 watt pro stainless/ outlets for optional timer and photocell 
12-13-14-15 V output
15PRD600SS at Amazon
15PRD600SS/ pro series
2 in 1 transformer
... outlets for 2 timers and 2 photocells
Manuals and wiring
Kichler 15565BK photoeye
Kichler photocell
15565BK photocell Amazon
15534BK at Amazon

Full resources:
Kichler timers and manuals and wiring


PX series timer
PX series low-voltage swimming pool light transformers/ Nema 3R outdoor enclosure
120Volt Input
Choose 12-13-14 Volt output
Box must be bonded to earth ground/ check local code
No replaceable parts
PX50 watt beige box at Amazon
PX50S watt stainless at Amazon
PX100 watt beige box at Amazon
PX100S watt stainless box at amazon
PX300 watt beige box at Amazon
PX300S stainless box at Amazon
PX600  watt beige box with 2 transformers at Amazon
PX600S  watt stainless box w/ 2 transformers at Amazon
PX 100-300 transfomer manual / wire lengths / pdf
PX 600 transfomer manual/ wire lengths / pdf
PX series with control panel/ sell sheet/ pdf
Intermatic PX 300 transformer wiring
Larger image of wiring
PX600 wiring diagram with 2 transformers
PX300 wiring illustration with 1 transformer
If total watts of connected lights is less than half transformer rating, use 13V
For brighter lights use 15V. For longer wire going to lights, use 15V

PX100- PX300 parts sheet
PX600 parts sheet
119T267 100 watt replacement transformer 12 and 13 volt
119T340 300 watt replacement transformer 12-13-14 volt
119PX608 transformer 12-130-14 volt
121AL415 overheat circuit protector
Intermatic control center with transformer Intermatic control center with transformer/ resources + manuals
More control centers and parts
dollhouse transformer

Dollhouse transformer/ 12 volt transformer used to light up minature scenes

Dollhouse transformers/ minature/ at Amazon
Dollhouse wiring kits at Amazon
Balsa wood
Exacto cutting tools
Minature dollhouse
Minature dollhouse
Square D transformer
Square D 500 watt output transformer/ 120 Volt input to 12Volt or 24volt output
120Volt input > choose 12 or 24 Volt output

Square D 120V input/ 12-24V output 500 Va (watt) transformer at Amazon
Buy 120-240V input/ 16-32V output > 1500 watt at Amazon
Va + watts
Volts x amps = watts
Electrical formulas

Square D transformer
Larger image
Square D 1000 watt output transformer (high voltage)
Buck-boost transformers buck voltage down, or boost voltage up. This transformer bucks down voltage.
Convert 240Volt to 120Volt without neutral wire from breaker box.
Convert 480Volt to 240Volt or 120Volt
Type 3R outdoor enclosure

480Volt input connects to H1 H4, and then H2 and H3 are connected together
240Volt input connects to H1 H4, and then H3 connects to H1, and H2 connects to H4

240Volt output connects to X1 X4, and then X
2 and X3 are connected together
120Volt output connects to 
X1 X4, and then X3 connects to X1, and X2 connects to X4

Square D transformers at Amazon
Siemens transformer at Amazon

Read about household single-phase electricity
Read about 3-phase
How to wire 3-phase timers

What is a transformer?

Transformer is basically two coils of wire positioned next to each other.
Primary coil and secondary coil.
Cell phone charger is a transformer. Doorbell transformer, etc.
Input one voltage on primary coil, and secondary coil produces different voltage output.
For example, plug Malibu transformer into outlet and primary coil receives 120Volts AC
When primary coil is energized, it causes secondary coil to become energized.
Then the Malibu secondary coil produces output of 12 Volts AC

Generally, different voltages are determined by number of times wire is twisted around each core.
Different voltages from a single coil can be achieved by having choice of input or output connection points.
For example Malibu / Intermatic transformer has 1 input voltage, and 1 output voltage.
While Intermatic PS series pool transformers and Kitchler transformers, each offer choice of output voltages
Input and output voltages are determined by mathemathical formulas used when transformer is manufactured.
Transformers can be used to buck voltage down or boost voltage up
See inside residnetial main breaker box
What is 3-phase
Check polarity of outlet to ensure timers, and digital equipment and digital water heaters etc work correctly.
Outlet polarity Test outlet with inexpensive circuit analyzer from hardware
Read circuit analyzer

Test and install GFCI outlet

How to test and wire GFCI outlets and switches

Malibu power pack should be plugged into GFCI-protected outlet
Check if GFCI has tripped.
If power pack is tripping GFCI, then use extension cord to temporarily connect power pack to different outlet. If temporary connection works, then check and replace GFCI outlet.
If power pack does not work correctly with new connection, then power pack has gone bad. Check warranty information on this page.
Intermatic IG1240RC3
Larger image
Whole house surge protector

Protect electronics such as timers, TV, water heater, water softener, treadmill, microwave.
Consider that almost all appliances and electrical devices today have electronics succeptible to power surge. Lightnighting does not have to strike directly. Nearby lightning strike can spike voltage throughout house by energizing electric wires This can ruin electronics and short out entire breaker box. Prevent damage with whole house surge protector.
How to wire whole house surge protector
More resources
 EJ500 Utilitec Tork ST01C  ST01C UPM Aube T1032Aube Intermatic EI500Intermatic
    Water heater
GE  Leviton Hagar Gardena T1030  Gardena
Brinks timer Brinks
Westek TE06WHB Woods  Power pack
Westinghouse timers

 Dayton Westek timers
Woods 49028
Outdoor timers

Power strips
3-phase timer
3-phase timer
Diehl timers
Diehl timers

Larger image
Intermatic box timers:

How to set box timers
Troubleshoot box timers
Trippers and parts

Compare all T100 series timer
Intermatic GM series
Intermatic parts
Intermatic trippers and parts
 Dayton Sprinkler timers
GE box timers
Wire T1906 and T1905 timers
Wire T-101 T103 T104 timers
Paragon timers and manuals
Tork TU universal timer
Westek box timers
Wire EH40 and WH40 timers
Tork timers and manuals
Tork TU universal timer
Troubleshoot intermatic
Sylvania timers

Leaking water heater
Intermatic GM series
Intermatic GM series
Pool timers and manuals
Intermatic T104P201
Wire GE 15207 timer

3-phase timer
3-phase timer
Gardena timers
Gardena T1030

Anode rods

Cost to run water heater

Replace circuit breaker

Clean sediment from tank

Low hot water pressure

Compare all water heater timers
Recirculation system
Hot water circulation system

Gas and electric water heaters Support the economy:
Buy water heaters  from my associate links:

50 gallon Gas water heaters at Amazon
40 gallon gas water heaters at Amazon
50 gallon Electric water heaters at Amazon
40 gallon electric water heaters at Amazon
Hybrid / heat pump/ water heaters at Amazon

How to install gas water heater
Troubleshoot gas water heater
Troubleshoot electric water heater
Intermatic control centers Control centers:
+ manuals and parts

All control centers and parts

Including Z-wave
box timers Compare box timers

Control water heater w/ Z-wave
programmable timer Compare programmable timers

Control water heater with programmable wall timer
Countdown timers Compare countdown timers

Control water heater with countdown timer
Compare power packs

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