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Compare 16 electric and 2 gas water heater timers Figure Volts Amps Watts for water heater 9 ways to save with water heater Do-it-yourself

How to set analog timers

Written Instructions:

1) Timer dial rotates as time passes, and trippers turn circuit on and off.

2) Set some trippers/ segments.
(identify trippers-segments below)

3) Move override switch to each position,

4) Then rotate timer dial two full revolutions.

5) Watch how load turns on-and-off to understand how to set timer.
Slide switch

(a) Move slide switch to each position, then rotate timer dial two full revolutions.
Rotary switch

HB113 override switch
-OR- (b) Change or move override button, then rotate timer dial two full revolutions.
Override switches

1) Each timer has override switch

2) Move override to each position and then manually rotate timer dial to see how load turns on-off

FM1 override switch
Some timers have 3 positions for the switch. Try each position.
Click pins in and out

Click pins in and out
GM40 timer dial
Tripper pins

Move Pins/ segements
with finger or small tool

Timers with Pins
FM1 series
GM40 timer

Vertical analog
Segments move back and forth

Hagar EH 010 timer
Larger image
Hagar timers
Set current time on vertical analog timer
Vertical analog

Move trippers to side

Raise segments using finger

Timer segments
Raise segments

GE box timers

Pull up segments

See outdoor timers
See plug-in timers


Raise segements with finger

Push segments down and outward


Push segments down and outward

Insert tripper on dial

Intermatic E1020 and 1010
156EB1945A trippers at Amazon
Order Intermatic Trippers
Push down and rotate moveable tabs

GE timers


Trippers engage small switch located on edge of timer dial

Timers with trippers
Order Intermatic Trippers
Set current time

1) Identify hours on dial

2) Identify daylight and nighttime hours

3) Rotate dial until current time lines up with triangle

Rotate dial until current time lines up with arrowhead.
This will set the clock.

Rotate dial until current time lines up with arrowhead
Set current time

Rotate dial until current time lines up with arrowhead.
 FM1 timer dial
Rotate dial until current time shows on clock face
Vacation timers are preset for random on-off times and cannot be programmed

Timer randomly turns light on and off.
Woods 59202 vacation timer

Vacation timers cannot be set

Vacation timers are pre-programmed.
Rotate dial until current time and day line up with arrowhead.
See more vacation timers
Brinks - Arlec -Westek _geyser - Fato - Onesto - HPM - Hamilton etc

Intermatic ST01C
Intermatic EJ500

Sprinkler timers

Timex - Deihl - Steyle - etc
All manuals available on waterheatertimer.org
Programmable timers
Open links to find manual

Gardena T1030    
Gardena                          Utilitec
       Westek TE06WHB
Timex                                 Woods

If you cannot find manual, or have problem, then email
Check spam folder for response

Troubleshoot Household timers

9) Troubleshoot
Some timers have reset button letting you revive old timer that stopped working.
Some timers will not display if timer wired incorrectly.
Some timers have rechargeable battery that must be charged 1 hour before programming.
Rechargeable batteries wear out and timer goes bad.
Some timers have battery that needs replacement.
Timers with battery will stop displaying if exposed to cold temperatures over several days.
Random vacation timers cannot be programmed > they have internal preset times for on-off operation.
10) Confused about setting analog dial timer with segments or pins?
How these timers work:
Clock motor inside timer rotates the dial as time passes, and the segments-or-pins click a tiny switch that turns lights on-off.
1) Locate segments or pins on outer edge of dial, and move some segments up and leave others down. Or move pins in or out.
2) Turn lamp on, plug lamp into timer, plug timer into wall.
3) Manually rotate timer dial clockwise and watch Load (lamp, light, motor) turn on-off.
4) Most timers also have override switch, so move switch both directions to see how timer reacts while rotating the dial..
5) Manually rotating timer dial will show you how to set segments-pins and switch
6) Look at numbers printed on the dial. Each number represents time on a clock.
Some timers are 24 hour and some are 7-day.
7) The analog dial can have dark and light backgrounds that correspond to day and night.
Numbers with dark background are for nighttime hours.
8) Set segments-pins to turn on-off at hours you choose.
9) Set current time, rotate dial until current time lines up with arrowhead located on inner dial:
If plug-in timer doesn't work
a) Check receptacle for power
b) Check lamp is turned ON
c) Check bulb is good.
d) Digital programmable: Reset or clear timer before starting
e) Analog: Check tabs or pins are set
f) Check override switch pushed fully in position

g) Try timer in different plug and with different lamp
h) Test circuit with inexpensive circuit analyzer from hardware
i) Don't exceed maximum wattage
j) Digital programmable: check for overlapping programs
k) Digital programmable: write out programming steps
l) Outdoor with photo cell > test with black tape over photo eye
m Always reset digital timer before programming
n) Write out programming steps
o) Turn photo eye away from light source
p) Check if timer has battery

Timers fail frequently?

 More than one timer has same problem? Test outlet.
Outlet polarity Test outlet with circuit analyzer from hardware
Read circuit analyzer
Circuit analyzers at Amazon

Never assume power is OFF

Use non-contact voltage tester on timer, on wire, on outlet to see if power is present.
Press button on tester, if single beep then no power is present. If continuous beep then power is present.
Never stand on bare ground, always stand on dry boards, do not hold or touch anything metal when working on timer or water heater that has power, tape tester leads to wood sticks, never touch wet water heater, or flooded water heater, or timer that had a short or fire without turning power OFF.

Multimeters at Amazon
Buy non-contact voltage tester at Amazon
Electric testers at Amazon

Shop Amazon - Industrial and scientific
Shop Amazon - Industrial Electric Products

Intermatic EI500        
Tork 701A   Pass and seymour RT12
Grasslin ET616 

How to wire In-wall timers/ All brands

How to wire wall timers
Intermatic GM seriesTork-DTU40

How to wire Box timers

How to wire box timers
Brands of box timer

Larger image

How to set Intermatic box timers:

How to set box timers

Troubleshoot box timers
Trippers and parts
Intermatic GM series

Din rail timers

How to wire Din Rail timers

Misc din rail timers
Intermatic Din Rail timers
Tork Din Rail series
Hagar Din Rail series

Countdown timers/ Off-delay timers

Countdown timer horsepower ratings
Pass and seymour TM8113 How to wire switches

How to wire GFCI

wire 240 Volt outlet How to wire 240Volt outlets
circuit breakers are warm Household safety

Difference between 120 and 240volts

Troubleshoot household electricity

Timer for Iron

Countdown timer for electric iron
At Amazon
Simple touch at Amazon
See all the Woods timers
More timers

 EJ500 Utilitec Tork
Diehl timers   Diehl timers Grasslin Aube T1032   Honeywell
ST01C  ST01C UPM Aube T1032Aube
Intermatic EI500Intermatic GE  Leviton
Gardena T1030  Gardena Brinks timerBrinks  Dayton
Westek TE06WHB Woods
Vacation random timers
Power pack  Timex
Westinghouse timers
Sylvania  Countdown
    Water heater Hagar
Compare timers
Water heater Box timers
  Power strips Woods 49028   Outdoor timers Westek timers    Westek
Sprinkler timers

Coleman timers
Noma timers
Noma thermostats
Misc timers
24 volt timers  24 volt timers
3-phase timer   3-phase timer

Larger image
Intermatic box timers:
How to wire T100 series
How to set box timers
Troubleshoot box timers
Trippers and parts
Intermatic GM series
Intermatic parts
Intermatic trippers and parts
 Dayton Sprinkler timers Power pack
Wire T1906 and T1905 timers
Wire T-101 T103 T104 timers
Paragon timers and manuals
Tork TU universal timer
Westek box timers
Wire EH40 and WH40 timers
Tork timers and manuals
Tork TU universal timer
Troubleshoot intermatic
Sylvania timers
Westinghouse timers
Westinghouse timers
Timex timers
Brinks timers
Intermatic GM series
Intermatic GM series
Pool timers and manuals
Intermatic T104P201
Wire GE 15207 timer
Recirculation system
Hot water circulation system
How to wire Tork DTU40

GE box timers
How to wire Intermatic GM40
Intermatic GM series

Clean sediment from tank

Anode rods

Cost to run water heater

Replace circuit breaker

Low hot water pressure

Compare all water heater timers
Do it yourself
Do it yourself water heater

How to install gas water heater

How to wire off-peak water heater

How to wire Cooper 277

Leaking water heater

Troubleshoot Household electricity

Figure volts amps watts for electric water heater
How to wire tankless electric
How to change water heater temperature using timer
How to change water heater from 240Volt to 120Volt
How to wire thermostats
How to wire water heater for off peak operation

How to twist wire
How to wire Cooper 277
How to wire combo switch-outlet
How to replace 3-speed fan switch

How to wire 3-way switches
How to wire 4-way switches
How to wire TM811 and TM8111 switches
How to wire wall timers
How to wire box timers
How to wire Dayton off-delay timer
How to wire pin timers

How to wire and troubleshoot photo eyes
How to wire switches

Troubleshoot Malibu outdoor lights
Select and install wire nuts
Select wire size

Replace breaker
Install subpanel

Electrical formulas
Electricians forum
How to wire GFCI
How to wire GFCI combo

Basic water heater circuit
How to wire water heater for 120Volt
Install old work box

How to drop wire from attic
Romex connector

How to wire 240volt outlets
How to install 3-phase timer
How to wire 3-phase outlets
How to wire 3-phase surge protector
What is 3-phase

How to wire whole house surge protector
How to wire under-counter water heater

See inside main breaker box
How to solder wires
Whole house surge protector
3-phase surge protection
Circuit breakers

Difference between 120 volt and 240 Volt
Difference between 50Hz and 60Hz
How to install electric meter on water heater
How to wire water heater thermostat
How to wire water heater with switches and timers

6x6x4 Enclosures
Intermatic timer enclosures
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How to install gas water heater
Troubleshoot gas water heater
Troubleshoot electric water heater
box timers Compare box timers
programmable timer Compare programmable timers
Countdown timers Compare countdown timers
Compare power packs

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