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Control water heater using switch 
Ordinary switch can be used as water heater timer ...see do-it-yourself options
Cooper 30 Amp switch Water heater can be controlled directly with 30 Amp switch.
Use green color-coded 30 Amp switch and & 10 gauge wire.

Buy 30 amp switches:
30 amp switches
30 amp single pole switch
30 amp double pole switch
30 amp 3-way switch
30 amp switches at Amazon

See 30 Amp switch installation
Water heater can be controlled indirectly using standard 20A or 15A switch.
  These switches are not rated for 240V AC water heater.
Require an intermediate contactor.
Pilot-light ON when water heater ON.
3-way switches at Amazon
Single-pole switches
Pilot light switches

See 15-20 Amp switch installation
How to wire Cooper 277 pilot light switch
How to wire pilot lights directly to water heater thermostats
Control 240 volt with z-wave
Larger image
Control 240 volt waster heater with z-wave switch
240 Volt Z-wave switch
Requires Neutral wire. Use ground wire as temporary neutral to check connection. Bring white neutral wire from any nearby light switch or outlet box

See materials list and detailed wiring
Double pole double throw 30 amp switch Toggle water heater between 120 volts and 240 volts
Use DPDT 30 amp with center off
Ordinary 30 amp 3-way switch will do same job, but without center off
Slower heating during peak electric pricing can save money where hot water is still needed during peak pricing.

Buy double-pole double throw 30 amp
2 DPDT switch with center off at Amazon
2 DPDT switch with center off at Amazon

How to convert water heater to 120Volts
See wiring diagram
See off-peak water heater options
Control water heater switch with battery-operated timer:
 Can be used on single-pole or 3-way, 4-way switches
Battery-powered wall switch timer
Turns light switch on and off
9 ON-OFF, 2 AA batteries
59744 at Amazon
Automatic wall switch timer
AutoChron at Amazon
2-pack at Amazon
Westek at Amazon

Automatic wall switch timer manual
Utilitec 0357930 manual
Utilitec TMDW50L manual
Intermatic CA3750
Larger image
Control water heater or pool pump with telephone or computer
How to wire Intermatic CA3750
Control water heater with Z-wave
Intermatic CA3750 contactor module

Intermatic CA3750 at Amazon
Vera3 at Amazon
Contactor controlled by remote Z wave
5-year warranty/ 30 amp

How to wire and set up CA3750
Mi casa verde installation sheet
Sell sheet
In touch brochure
In touch user guide
More contactors

Connect 240Volt 4500 watt water heater directly to CA3750
How to wire Intermatic CA3750
water heater 30 amp switch 240V water heater can be controlled directly using 30-amp switches
Illustration for 30-amp 3-way circuit
Note: 240V circuit has 2 hot wires <> putting a switch on 1 hot wire will work

Leviton 3033-2 3-way switch at Amazon

Leviton 3-way 30 amp switch
Leviton 3033 at Amazon
30 amp 3-way switches at Amazon
30 amp switches at Amazon
Safety switches
Leviton 3032-2w double pole 30 amp at Amazon
Leviton MS302-DS 30 amp double-pole switch at Amazon
2-pole 30 amp non-fusable safety switch/ power cut-off

Rated 25 amps, max 5500 watt water heater
5500 Watt elements draw 23 Amps
4500 Watt elements draw 19 Amps

Figure volts amps watts for water heater
Read label on water heater

How to control water heater with two 30 amp switches

3-way switches control water heater 3-way switches control 240Volt water heater
Use ordinary 15 amp 3-way switches from hardware store
Must add busman fuseholder with 15 amp fuse. This will protect line and switches from over-amp and fire.
240Volt coil on DPDT contactor.

120Volt coil At Amazon
240Volt coil At Amazon

Mars 2-pole and 3-pole contactors at Amazon

Contactors and relays
Remote control water heater
Larger image
Remote control water heater
Control any amp water heater using RC615 120Volt receiver and RC639 transmitter.
Transmitter turns ON receiver. Receiver closes circuit on contactor. Contactor sends power to any watt water heater.
Illustrated is ordinary 3500 watt- 5500 watt residential non-simultaneous water heater, 30 amp breaker and 10 gauge wire. With 14 gauge wire running to transmitter.
Buy contactors
120Volt coil At Amazon
240Volt coil At Amazon

See installation tips and materials list
Contactors and relays
Up to 100 feet away
RC939 transmitter manual
Remote receiver manual
RC939 3-channel radio transmitter at Amazon
30 amp safety cut off Safety Switch
30-Amp 120-240-volt Two-Pole Indoor Safety Switch with Neutral/ fusable
2-pole 30 amp non-fusable safety switch/ indoor / power cut-off

2 pole 60 amp non-fusable / outdoor box/ at Amazon
Safety switches at Amazon
Safety switches for power tools

How to wire safety switch
You can use fusable or non-fusable
Having more than one fuse on same line is ok by code

 EGG500 Utilitec Tork ST01C  ST01C UPM Aube T1032Aube Intermatic EI500Intermatic     Water heater
 Leviton Hagar Gardena T1030  Gardena Brinks timerBrinks Westek TE06WHB Woods  Power pack
 Countdown 24 volt timers
24 volt timers
Westinghouse timers
 Dayton Westek timers
Woods 49028
Outdoor timers

Power strips
3-phase timer
3-phase timer
Diehl timers
Diehl timers
Gas and electric water heaters Industrial electric at Amazon

Industrial supplies at Amazon

Industrial and scientific Amazon
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Shop Amazon - Stanley Tools
Shop Amazon - SKIL Tools
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Shop Amazon saws and saw blades
box timers Compare box timers

Control water heater w/ Z-wave
Intermatic control centers Control centers:
+ manuals and parts

All control centers and parts

Including Z-wave
programmable timer Compare programmable timers

Control water heater with programmable wall timer
Countdown timers Compare countdown timers

Control water heater with countdown timer

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