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3 Pole contactors for 3-phase application
3P contactors with single-phase coil
3 phase contactor 3-pole contactors
3-phase contactors
Single-phase coil voltages 24V, 120V, 208-240V, 277V, 480V

Typical contactor rated 90 amps
50 hp 575 V AC 3 phases
50 hp 460 V AC 3 phases
30 hp 230 V AC 3 phases
20 hp 230 V AC 1 phase
7.5 hp 115 V AC 1 phase
Typical wiring diagrams
DC contactor
DC circuit breaker
3-pole contactor wired for DC loads
DC direct current is different than AC alternating current.
Both types of electricty move electrons across conductive materials over time
Both are available in variety of voltages
AC electrons reverse direction or cycle with the generator rotation. DC electrons travel one direction from positive to negative.

AC current is a wave that crosses zero volts each time generator rotates 50-60 times per second,. US 60 cycles. Europe Asia 50 cycles.
DC current is a straight line. The voltage does not oscillate like AC. Electrons flow through circuit at same voltage at all times.
When high voltage AC is turned off, the voltage drops to zero frequently.
When AC voltage hits zero, then the arc or spark or heat is easy to extinguish.
Result: AC switchgear like contactors last million repetitions without melting the points
High voltage DC is different. When high voltage DC is turned off, the electrons keep pushing. Voltage never reaches zero.
Result: DC voltage causes arc or spark or heat that is difficult to stop. Basically the electrons keep piling into the contactor.
DC switchgear must be rated for DC voltages, and be capable of extinguishing DC arc.
Illustration shows one method of extinguishing DC arc using 3-pole contactor. The circuit has 3 parallel switches on the positive wire.
With a 4-pole contactor, 3 poles can be used to turn off Positive, and 1 pole to turn off Negative
Add resistor in parallel with inductive winding* helps eliminate arcs. *Inductive winding is motor load

Solar contactor/ pdf
DC relays for solar
DC contactor wiring diagrams/ pdf
What is 3-phase electricity
Can AC circuit breaker be used for DC
3-pole contactor
Heavy amp loads: 20-90 amps
L terminals for Line wires from breaker
T terminals for load wires

3-pole contactor
3-pole definite purpose Contactor sizes approximately:
20-40 amp 3" tall x 2.4" wide
50-60 amp 3.75" tall x 2.7 wide
75-90 amp 4.5' tall x 3.5 wide
3-pole contactor
Light amp loads: 8-12 amps/ contact block connection
A1 A2 coil voltage
L terminals for Line wires from breaker
T terminals for load wires
Terminals 13-14 NO / terminals 21-22 NC
Other terminals apply to auxiliary blocks
How to wire motor control contactor
Difference between contactor and relay
How to wire 3-phase
DC relays for solar power
DC contactor
DC circuit breaker
Buy 3-pole contactors/ AC ratings
Buy manufacturer:
Packard 3-pole contactor
Brah contactors
Market Forge contactor
Schneider contactor at Amazon
Kripal 3-pole contactor/ they email asking which coil voltage
Furnas contactor at Amazon
Siemens 3-pole contactor
Siemens 3RT motor contactor
Eaton 3 pole contactor with contact block connection
Allen-Bradley 3 pole contactor
Migro contactor
Fasco 3-pole contactor
Mars 2-pole and 3-pole contactors at Amazon

By coil voltage and amp rating

3 pole 24Volt coil
40 amp 3-pole 24V coil Packard
50 amp 3-pole 24V coil Mars
60 amp 3-pole 24V coil Packard
75 amp 3-pole 24V coil Mars
75 amp 3-pole 24V coil Norak

90 amp 3-pole 24Volt lug connection Norak

3--pole 24 Volt DC coil
Siemens 3RT10 up to 460 volt 5 Hp with auxiliary contacts

3-pole 120Volt coil
25 amp 3-pole 120V coil Brah
30 amp 120 volt coil Packard
30 amp 3-pole 120V coil Brah
30 amp 120 volt Mars
30 amp 120 coil Eaton
40 amp 120V coil at Amazon / Packard
50 amp 120V coil Norak
50 amp 120v coil Mars
50 amp 3-pole Migro
60 amp 3-pole 120Volt coil Packard
60 amp 3-pole 120V coil Mars
75 amp 3-pole 120V coil Norak
75 amp 3-pole 120V coil Mars
90 amp 3-pole 120 volt coil Square D
100 amp 3-pole Kripal

3 pole 208-240Volt coil
30 amp 3-pole 240V coil
30 amp 208-240 coil Mars

40 amp 208-240 volt Eaton
40 amp 208-240 Mars

50 amp 208-240 V Mars
60 amp 240 volt Mars
60 amp 3-pole 240V coil Mars
75 amp 3-pole 240V coil Norak
90 amp 3-pole 240Volt coil Norak
90 amp 3-pole 208-240Volt coil Mars

3 pole 277volt coil
20 amp 3-pole 277V coil Norak
30 amp 277V coil 3-pole Norak
30 amp 277V coil Mars
40 amp 3-pole 277V coil Norak
50 amp 3-pole 277V coil Norak
50 amp 3-pole 277V coil Mars
60 amp 3-pole 277v coil Norak
60 amp 277V coil Mars
75 amp 277V coil 3-pole Norak
75 amp 277V coil Mars
90 amp 277V coil 3-pole lug terminals Norak
90 amp 277 V coil Mars

3 pole 480Volt coil
30 amp 480V coil Mars

40 amp 480V coil at Amazon/ Brah
40 amp 480V coil Noark
40 amp 480V coil Mars
50 amp 480V coil Noark
50 amp 480V coil Mars
60 amp 480V coil Noark
60 amp 480V coil Mars
75 amp 480V coil Noark at Amazon
75 amp 480V coil Mars
90 amp 480V coil Noark at Amazon
90 amp 480V coil Mars

Mars-Furnas contactor .pdf
Manuals Resources
Mars contactor .pdf
Mars-Furnas contactor .pdf
Eaton contactor .pdf
Eaton contactor .pdf
Eaton .pdf
Schneider contactor
Contactor dimensions
Fasco / pdf
Furnas / pdf
Switch at cross zero
4 pole contactors Buy
4 pole contactors
Eaton 4 pole contactor
Siemens 4-pole contactor
Mars 4-pole contactor
Schneider 4-pole contactor
Kripal contactor
Larger image
Kripal cvontactor
Larger image
Kripal contactor
Factory-installed auxiliary contacts with 2 NO and 2 NC
Snap onto sides of contactor
Auxiliary contacts activate when contactor turns on-off
Kripal contactors are relatively inexpensive and very versatile
Available in all amperages, with interchangeable coils
Din rail or surface mount

Kripal 3-pole contactor/ they email asking which coil voltage
Auxiliary contacts
Kripal auxiliary contact Auxiliary contacts or auxiliary switch: side-mount/ factory-installed or separate option
Most snap on without tools, or might require small screwdriver
Most auxiliary contacts have 1 NO and 1 NC
Kripal auxiliary contacts are factory-installed. Snap off with small screwdriver.
Push center contact block connection fully down to re-install

Kripal 3-pole contactor/ they email asking which coil voltage
Square D Auxiliary contacts
Schneider Auxiliary contactor
Eaton Auxiliary contacts
Siemens auxiliary contact
Siemens Auxiliary contactor
Mars Auxiliary contactor
Noark auxiliary contact
Furnas Auxiliary contactor
       Contact blocks/ pneumatic timer attachments.
Activated by mechanical action of contactor, instead of electric current.
On delay timers delay start time./
Once the timer block activates, the countdown begins.
When countdown ends, the timer's internal relay activates.
Adding timer block, allows the contactor to control additional circuit with time delay.

Buy Contact blocks at Amazon
Delay contact block at Amazon
Unicell contact block
Dayton contact block

How to wire contactor block

3 phase contactor and load Timer for 3-phase Load
How to wire 3-phase timer
3-phase motor wiring
Larger image

3 phase circuit
Larger image
Example 3 phase switch/timer circuit
Wire colors vary
3-phase breaker located in panel
3-phase 3-wire goes to contactor (or motor starter) and then to motor.
Grounding indicated, but ground wire not shown
No neutral wire shown, and not needed for example motor circuit
2 Hot wires pulled from 3-phase go to double-pole switch or timer.
Switch or timer activates motor starter or contactor, which starts motor.

Fused disconnected added between breaker and starter and motor, and is located at motor.
Required by code to protect anyone servicing motor and to protect wires and motor from overheat..
Fused disconnect added between 3-phase and double-pole switch or timer.
Required by code to protect anyone working on circuit, and to protect wires, switch and contactor

3-pole contactors at Amazon
3-pole disconnect at Amazon
Leviton MS302-DS 600Volt 30 amp double-pole motor switch at Amazon

How to wire 3-phase timer
3-phase motor starter wiring/ pdf

Test for breaks in wire/ Test for voltage
Most appliance require 80% rated voltage to function correctly
Multimeters at Amazon
Electric testers at Amazon 
How to test and replace element
How to test thermocouple
Element tests for 120 volts
How to test wire
Safety when testing wires:
Never touch wet or previously flooded appliance.
Never stand on wet surface when working on electric.
Never stand on bare soil, put down dry boards.
Tape tester leads to wood sticks to keep hands away from power.
Use non-contact voltage tester before touching wires.
Never touch or lean into any made of metal.
Remove metal objects from pockets.
Do not use oxygen or fuel accelerants in same room as electrcial repairs

Basic house wiring

Non-contact voltage tester
Test for power without touching connectorss
NEVER assume power is OFF

Non-contact voltage tester Amazon
Electric testers at Amazon
How to test electric power is off
wire connector assortment
Twist-on wire connector assortments
Do not reuse old connectors 

Connector assortment at Amazon
Connector assortment at Amazon

How to select and install twist-on wire connectors
Weatherproof wire connector
Weatherproof wire connector
Connector cavity is full of silicone
Built-in cover keeps silicone in place
Protect from water, dust etc
Buy from my affiliate links
Weatherproof size 14 to 6 Amazon
Weatherproof size 22 to 8 Amazon

How to select and install twist-on wire connectors
Wire connector wrench
Wrench to apply wire connectors
Tighten connector 

Wire connector blaster
Twist connector wrenches at Amazon

How to twist wire
How to select and install twist-on wire connectors

linesman pliers
Buy tools:
Wire strippers at Amazon
Linesman pliers
Utility knife at Amazon
End cutting nippers at Amazon

Fire inside timer caused by stranded wire
Keep enclosure door closed at all times
Timer caught fire

How to install terminals
Terminal kit
Blue for 16-14 wire
Yellow for 12-10 wire
Read about terminals
Push on wire connectors
Push-on wire connectors in place of twist-on connectors
Push on wire connectors Amazon
Red 3P connector for 10-14 gauge wire
Lever connectors for stranded wire at Amazon

10-2 gauge/ 30 amp
10-3/ 30 amp
Southwire electric tools
Yellow 12 gauge 20 amp

Yellow/ #12 gauge wire for 20 amp
with ground
12-2 gauge/ 20 amp
12-3/ 20 amp

Rolls of stranded wire

NMB is house wiring
UF is underground
White 14 gauge 15 amp

White/ #14 gauge wire for 15 amp
with ground
14-2 gauge/ 15 amp
14-3/ 15 amp

NMB is house wiring
UF is underground
50-60 amp breaker use 6 gauge /
6-2 wire
6-2 wire
Southwire electric tools
NMB is house wiring
UF is underground
40-50 amp breaker use 8 gauge /
6-2 wire
8-2 wire
Southwire electric tools
NMB is house wiring
UF is underground

Copper ground wire
Use same size as other wire in circuit

Spools of ground wire
Ground rods at Amazon
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How to wire tankless electric

Install point of use water heater
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Contactors/ relays
Install and troubleshoot garbage disposal Waste King disposal
Programmable timers

Woods timers
surge protection
Anode rods anode rods
Recirculation system

Tankless recirculation
Point of use water heater
Type 1 and type 2 surge protection surge protection
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Industrial supplies

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Southwire electric
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box timers Resource:
Compare box timers
DPDT timers
Control water heater w/ Z-wave
Intermatic control centers Resource:
Intermatic control centers: and parts
Digital control centers and parts
Tork control centers and parts
All control centers and parts
programmable timer Resource:
Programmable timers
Countdown timers
Off delay timers
On delay timers
Timer modules
Din rail
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Low voltage power packs Recirculation systems
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