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How to twist electric wire together

how to twist electric wires

twist two electric wires
connect stranded wire and solid wire How to connect stranded wire and solid wire
If stranded wire is thinner than solid:
Strip back stranded wire so there is more copper visible than solid wire.
Wrap stranded wire around solid copper.
Leave solid wire straight.
When connecting two solids and one stranded: twist solids together first, then wrap stranded wire around solids.
Apply wire nut very tight.
Pull stranded wire to make sure it is tight.
If stranded wire is same diameter as solid:
Cut off both same length
Don't twist together, cover with wire nut.
Twisted wire 1) Strip stranded wire longer
2) Wrap stranded around the solid wire
3) Twist wire nut over both wires
4) Twist wire nut very tight
5) Pull stranded wire and make sure it will not come loose


Look inside a wire nut and you see a steel spring.

Screw on a wire nut and the steel spring cuts into the soft copper wire.

The tighter you screw the wire nut, the stronger the steel spring holds the wires together.

How do you choose the right size wire nut?

> Does the nut cover past the copper wire?
> Is the nut tight enough that it will never fall off?

If you answer 'yes' to both questions, you have the right wire nut.

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