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Bradford White gas water heater timer

Gas water heater timer requires 3 things:
1. The "ICON gas valve"/ Honeywell gas control valve
2. 24-volt AC "Accessory Module that powers available features.
3. The Programmable Setback Controller which is a 4-time-per-day, 7-day a week gas water heater timer
Gas water heater timer

Old design/ package seems to be discontinued/ interfaced with the Honeywell gas control valve

Gas water heater timer

Current product:

Programmable setback controller/ for commercial gas water heater timer

7-day programmable timer 2-on-off per week/ works with Bradford White Honeywell gas control valve
Temperature control
Diagnostic codes
programmable setback control

Control system sell sheet
At Bradford White
Bradford White ICON gas valve
Larger image

ICON gas valve/ Honeywell gas control valve

Troubleshoot gas control valves
Icon gas control error codes
Full service manual
Honeywell power vent gas valve error codes
Power vent service manual
Bradford White and FVIR
Icon gas valve
Adjust temp on Honeywell gas valve
Icon gas control valve error codes
To reset gas control, rotate dial to OFF, wait 10 minutes for gas to clear. Then relight.
How to light water heater
How to light water heater/ pdf
Bradford White Service manual

More Bradford White service manuals
How to rerplace gas control valves
How to test gas control valve
How to light Honeywell gas control
gas water heater timer

New summer 2015

Gas water heater timer now fits the Honeywell gas control valve

How to install and get promo code to buy gas water heater timer

Icon gas valve

Temperature settings

Light honeywll gas valve

Indicator light is blue/ not green

How to light water heater
How to light water heater/ pdf
WV8840 Gas Valve
See larger

Icon gas valve overview

How to test and replace gas control valve
Step-by-step how to replace honeywell gas control valve
WV8840 Gas control valve
Larger image

Disassemble Icon gas control

Temperature sensor, igniter and gas control can be replaced without draining tank.
Backplate remains installed.
How to replace honeywell gas control valve

How to replace Honeywell gas control.
1) Unplug wires and disconnect piezo igniter
2) Remove 1 screw. On front bottom below plastic cover is 1 screw located on left side.
3) Remove platic cover. Tip plastic cover out from bottom, and then pull straight back toward you and cover snaps off. Caution: plastic cover is connected to body with 3-strand yellow-orange-white wire.
4) Disconnect yellow-orange-white wire. Wire is plugged into circuit board on plastic cover. Grasp wire and pull upward to unplug wire from circuit board..
5) Remove valve body from backplate. There are 2 plastic clips that hold valve body to backplate. These are located at bottom on right and left side. Use screwdriver to push 1 clip down while while using another screwdriver to pry valve body outward. Then use screwdriver to push down other clip to release valve body.

Service manual (10Mb)
Service manual 2

Honeywell makes 2nd style gas control

More gas control valves
Troubleshoot gas control valves / service manuals/ error codes replacement steps
No bull, no pop ups, just information
Honeywell WV8840 circuit board
Larger image
COM port/ communication port connects on  RX TX GND located at bottom of image
GND is ground, other two contacts are unknown

WV8840 communication port

Image shows front and back of circuit board flipped in photoshop so front and back can be laid over top of the other.

I cannot find a spec sheet showing model numbers, or differences between models.
I do not know electronics and therefore cannot dissect the circuit board inside the gas valve.

Circuit board is powered by current generated by heating thermistor. E1 and E2 in lower right corner connect to thermistor.
Bradford White Service manual

The Bradford White gas water heater timer connects to COM port on Honeywell gas control valve thermostat. Timer is for specific models only.

I do not know how the 24volts interfaces with the RX TX GRD communication terminals on the gas control valve thermostat
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