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Troubleshoot  Rheem  tankless water heater
Rheem tankless
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It's not working?
And there are no service manuals. How does anybody know how to fix it?

Tankless troubleshooting resources for homeowner
Search this page: Crtl+F
Remember, Tankless is a computer that happens to heat water.
It's not ordinary water heater.
Regular do-it-yourself folks are probably NOT qualified to install, maintain, diagnose and repair tankless, and the resources on this page might not apply to your model... since models vary widely as technology refinements are made in corporate promotion, and consumer targeting.
Don't install the dam thing and you can avoid most problems.
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Tent City USA tankless water heater/ off grid
Gas odor If you smell gas, leave building immediately and call gas company from outside
Natural gas is lighter than air and odor will rise to ceiling.
Propane gas is heavier than air and will settle to floor. Do not install propane tankless in basement.
Models  etc
Crossover models and general parts sheet
Cross reference/ pdf
Will not turn ON Nothing happens when water is flowing through tankless unit:
Unit will not power ON/ pdf
Check the electric 2008/pdf
How to light tankless 2009
How to light tankless 2012
Burned out fuse
There is a 3-amp power line fuse and/or 5-amp board fuse located on PC board (circuit board).
Fuse trips when heat on the line exceeds rating on fuse. This stops damage to vulnerable electronic parts.
If fuse is blowing, maybe there is a short circuit or overheated part on the PC board. Replace board. Pay for service.
See 2012 image of fuse
See 2008 image    Another fuse image
Check the electric troubleshoot from 2008/pdf

Tankless gas water heater must be plugged into 120Volt outlet to supply power to electronics and sensors

More electric wiring
Electricity must be ON / Outlet must have correct polarity
Applies to gas Tankless
No electric power = no hot water
Tankless gas units require 120Volt outlet. Outlet must provide at least 80% rated voltage. Read product manual.
Do not connect to 240Volt or 208V or 277V etc. Voltages other than 120 volt AC can damage circuitry on tankless.
Do not connect tankless directly to a PV solar panel that supplies DC voltage, or any source of DC power. Although a 48 VDC tankless might be interesting concept for rinsing off the livestock.
Recommend dedicated circuit (one breaker supplies power to outlet, and no other outlets). See illustration of 120V circuit
Do not use extension cord.  Generally, extension cords do not deliver reliable power without occasional voltage drop.
Outlet must have correct polarity, and be grounded.
Use circuit-analyzer to check outlet.
Circuit analyzers at Amazon
Electric tankless
Tankless electric require 208-240Volt
How to wire tankless electric
Action for Error code 
What to do when Rheem tankless error code is displayed: What to do/ pdf
Maybe pushing both up-and-down arrows on remote control will reset error.
1) Turn off all hot water faucets  (2) Power off: At remote control, turn off water heater by pressing Power on/off button (3) Power on: Wait 5 minutes and press Power on/off to turn on water heater (4) Turn on hot water faucet and check for error display (5) repeat if necessary (6) If problem continues, read error information below for do-it-yourself resources, and/or call 800-432-8373 for recommended service and to hear Rheem tell you to call installer first, and/or service technician next.
Rheem does not post service manuals.
-NO ERROR code? Read no error code pdf
-Tankless water heaters require regular maintenance to avoid typical problems: Maintain your water heater/ pdf   Maintain water heater 2012/ pdf
Error codes
Error codes 2012
Error codes/ 2008 service manual
Error codes 1 thru 99
Error codes/ Rheem tankless service manual
Error codes from Rheem
Paloma-Tankless-Error-Codes/ pdf
Rheem fault codes/ pdf
Rheem error codes/ pdf
Fault codes/ pdf

Tankless service bulletins

Multiple error codes could mean PC board failure.
Call Rheem and they will send new PCB.
Don't buy a tankless.

Error code C7 76 pdf  read pdf/ Open links to left
Error C7 75 PC board replacement, call Rheem
Error IL : delime yearly tankless pdf
Error code C7 pdf: read pdf, Open links to left
Error 76 from service manual
Error code C8 76:  PC board: open links to left, call Rheem
Error 82: wrong gas / bad PC board/  set for high altitude using dip switches/ pdf
Error code A1 21 A0 21: Open links to left
Error code C2 11: Open links to left, clean combustion parts, call Rheem Error code 11 troubleshoot
Error WT
Error code 1L is 'lime build-up" Delime tankless yearly
Error code C4 13 pdf:
Error code 13 .pdf
Error code 13 troubleshoot/ pdf  thermocouple, oxygen sensor/ vent problem. Read pdf/ Contact Rheem
Error code C7 13: Contact Rheem
Error 10
Error 12
Multiple error codes: Clean and maintain unit. PC board is bad. Contact Rheem or service tech
Rheem error code P1/pdf: increase water flow/  replace plumbing
check valve/ clean water filter each month/  Read pdf/  Also read
Error code P1  not enough water flow
Tankless remote control

Error 76
Cause: Bad remote control -or- Bad wire between tankless and remote control -or- Bad PC board
Tankless will operate without remote control
Use 2-wire 18 gauge thermostat wire

Tankless will work with or without UMC 117 control
Trace remote wire where it connects to unit, and remove wire connection.
Default temperature without remote control is 120 degrees F.

Tankless must remain plugged into 120Volt electrical outlet. Outlet must have correct polarity and be grounded.
Check outlet with basic circuit analyzer

Green indicator shows when tankless is plugged into 120Volt
Red shows when tankless is heating water
If red indicator turns on-and-off when no tap is drawing water, then put ear against pipe and listen for water leak.
Maybe pushing both up-and-down arrows on remote control will reset error.

Read pdf:
Error code C7 76 pdf
Unit will not power ON/ pdf
How to install Rheem remote control/ pdf
How to adjust temperature using remote control/ pdf

Main control at Amazon
2nd control for bathroom
RTG20009 18 ga wire wire for remote control
Thermostat wire
Rheem remote control
Delime tankless
Larger image
Error IL
Build up of scale inside heat exchanger. You must use water softener with tankless water heater or parts will fail within 2 years
Tankless heat exchanger is prone to scale build-up, and must be delimed each year. Error code IL means delime.
Deliming will not restore full efficiency. Read research
Error IL Resource:
How to delime tankless water heater
Maintain water heater 2012/ pdf
Rheem-De-lime-tankless/ pdf

Buy flushing kit
Tankless flushing kits
Tankless service valves
Submersible pump
Filter washers at Amazon
Washing machine hoses at Amazon
tankless service valve
Buy service valves
Tankless service valves
Tankless TP valve
Larger image
tankless pressure relief valve
Attach to service valve installed on hot side. Must be on Hot side so valve can monitor water temperature as it leaves tankless
Purpose of TP valve is to release water when temperature or pressure exceed dangerous levels. TP valve is safety feature.
Attach 3/4" plastic or metal pipe from TP going downward to within 6" of floor at nearby floor drain. Pipe cannot be threaded at termination or capped-off or obstructed. When installing TP, apply 6 wraps teflon tape on threads.
TP releasing large amounts water periodically can mean bad thermostat or problem with tankless unit.
TP can release water when TP valve is defective, and when debris is caught under lever.
Use fingers, raise TP lever and then gently lower back into place. If TP continues leaking or drizzling, then replace TP valve.
Rheem tankless TP temperature-pressure relief valve
TP valve code
Troubleshoot TP valve

Got a bug?
More error codes/ Possible PC board failure
Error codes do not apply to each model
Multiple error codes could mean PC board failure
Error 76
Error 11
Error 11 #2

Error 00
Error 11
Error 14
Error 15
Error 16
Error 21
Error 24
Error 29
Error 31
Error 32
Error 33
Error 35
Error 38

Error 51
Error 52
Error 61
Error 71
Error 76
Error 79
Error 80-81
Error 82
Error 90
Error 99

Take one down
pass it around
98 error codes left to go
Clear error code maybe...
Clear fault history
Clear fault history/ page 11 service manual 2008
Service manual 2008
Clear IL error code
No error code?
No error code pdf
No error code 2/ pdf
Unit will not power ON/ pdf
Crossover and Low water pressure
Sample Vent-kit installation/ pdf
Roof venting/ pdf
Ventilating tight house/ pdf
Read spec sheet
Maximum 35' length for vent  Venting specs   Chart
Rheem generally require .4 GPM minimum activation rate of flow and .25 GPM minimum rate of flow to keep heating
Keep water filter clean. Must use water softener.
Bad faucet cartridge, or recirculation check valve can cause no heating: Crossover
Very cold incoming water can cause tankless not to keep up with thermostat set point.  Install tempering tank  Reduce temperature setting
Default temperature setting for new tankless 100 degrees F. Without remote: default 120 degrees F
Minimum temperature setting 85 degrees F
Tankless must be connected to 120V outlet with correct polarity. Electrical: standby 3-5 watt, operating 100 watt
Do the maintenance
Stick man pointing
Woo Hoo

Prevent common error codes
Clean water filter monthly, delime tankless yearly!! Big family fun!!
Tankless operation overview/ pdf
Maintain your water heater/ pdf
Maintain water heater 2012/ pdf
Removal and cleaning Rheem Tankless burner
Paloma use and care
Buy flushing system $199 or Buy whole new tank-type water heater $207
Rheem tankless
I like projects
stick men heads

"You're trying to take a shower??????
Well, that's why it doesn't work !"
Get out your wallet moneypit.
Rheem will tell you to call installer or call qualified service technician.
So you ask how 'qualified' service techs fix Rheem tankless water heater when there are no service manuals.

Buy another one, lol: Tankless water heaters at Amazon
Rheem phone support
Remember, the purpose of the corporation is to remove all employees except those willing to mislead you in exchange for less pay.

Another image
Clean water filter monthly
Error P1
Warranty does not cover failure due to water problems
Symptom can include low water flow
Turn off tankless at remote control, Turn off water, release pressure at faucet, remove and clean filter, or replace filter.
Check for other filters on household water line.
Also check for crossflow and crossover:
Read typical maintenance pdf
Maintain water heater 2012/ pdf
How to drain tankless
Tankless promotion
Tankless Warranty:
1 year labor, 6 year parts
Same as ordinary tank-type heater
Rheem tankless warranty 2013
Paloma tankless warranty
Rheem tankless certificate of warranty 2008
Rheem tankless warranty 2006
Paloma limited warranty / Limited warranty? No labor?

Wait a minute. Why doesn't warranty match the claims of 20-year lifespan?
Oh that's right, Rheem is a special category of 'person' called a Corporation, so they allowed to lie you up to get money, and it's protected by law !!
Of course it's fraud if you do it to them. And they got laws for that too.

Don't forget, you have no hot water while waiting for warranty claim.
Install tank-type heater for $600 from Lowes and get your money back.

repair tankless water heater
wear safety glasses
Avoid warranty claims: install tankless according to product manual
Make sure unit has adequate clean air supply ... install louvered door, don't insulate doors, open windows and let the fresh scent of deregulated business fill the house.
Avoid dust, lint, grease, damp and dirty environments.
Avoid installing any gas appliance in areas with bleach, pool chemicals, process chemicals etc. Chemicals get sucked into air intake, and will corrode combustion parts and cause early demise of water heater.
Vent must have condensate drain to prevent acidic water from dripping back down the vent pipe into the combustion chamber where it will eventually burn a hole through the heat exchanger.
Tankless generally require dedicated vent and cannot be vented into a shared vent with other gas appliance such as furnace, stove etc.
Having a vent fan, such as bathroom vent fan etc, cannot be installed in same room. A vent fan, whole house attic fan, or other vented appliances can prevent proper venting of tankless (or any gas water heater).
Read the manual.
Protect your warranty rights,eliminate common error codes by following advisories, maintenance, and installation.
Vertical and horizontal kits
& Condensate drain
venting tankless
Tankless venting/ pdf
Bradford White venting .pdf
Rheem tankless venting kit Tankless horizontal vent kit Tankless condensate drain
Buy vertical venting kit:
Rheem tankless venting kit
Rheem tankless venting kit
Rheem tankless venting kit
Rheem tankless venting kit
Rheem tankless venting kit
Buy horizontal vent kit
Vertical or horizontal
Tankless horizontal vent kit
Rheem Tankless vent pipe
Tankless vent pipe
High temperature Tankless condensate drain
Black soot indicates improper vent on any type gas appliance.
All gas appliances must be properly vented or the combustion by-product can kill.
Evidence of bad vent can be headache that goes away when you leave house. Also lethargic, unresponsive people. Immediately remove people from home and lay on side. Do not lay on back. Call emergency. Open windows. Call plumber to check vent.
g Venting a tankless
Tankless venting
Read your manual for specifics
Use category III or schedule 40 pvc as shown in product manual.
Ordinary 3-4" galvanized vent pipe will NOT work.
Aluminum vent that is typically used for clothes dryer will NOT work for any type gas appliance, unless you're under water financially and intending to set an illiquid asset afire.
Venting is important for the higher heat from tankless, since larger gas line supports larger burner and more-high-temperature toxic by-product must be vented outdoors where it can assist nature.
Must have condensate drain so acidic combustion by-product does not drip into heat exchanger and burn hole through expensive metal alloy heat exchanger,,, of course you don't know if condensate drain works until heat exchanger gets a hole a few years from now. Oh well, it's only money.
If condensate drain works right, the acidic water goes into your floor drain, drain lines and sewer connection ... which will deteriorate materials not made of PVC or stainless. Do not use with cast iron plumbing.
Bradford White venting .pdf

Larger image
Condensate drain
Burning hydrocarbon produces combustion by-product including CO2 CO NO SO and acidic water vapor. These respiratory poisons are puffing out of every vent stack across globe.
To offset this reality, a bunch of special people call corporations are puffing out a slogan that says 'natural gas is clean burning' ... well, er uh, except you can't breathe the clean-burning poison.... which is why there is a vent.
Tankless burn more fuel per gallon of heated water than tank-type heater. This is necessary to raise temperature as water quickly passes in a pipe. This is why adequate incoming air supply is important and why tankless require larger vent pipe. The pipe must be made of material resistant to acidic water vapor, such as PVC or stainless steel. The acidic water vapor will condense inside vent pipe, and drip back into tankless unit.
To prevent acidic water from dripping down a burning a hole in the heat exchanger, a condensate drain is required.
The condensate drain redirects acidic water away from the tankless and down into a nearby sewer drain, where the acid will destroy vulnerable types of pipe, before emptying into your drinking water and oceans that contain your food.
As a result, the 'clean burning poisons' end up in your body one way or the other.
High temperature Tankless condensate drain
Rheem condensate drain /pdf
9 ways to save with water heater
Tankless gas pipe
Gas line
Connect tankless with at least 3/4" black pipe or equivalent. For adequate gas supply, run 1" gas line to within 10' of tankless. Look at specs in product manual.  Why so much gas? Tankless consume more gas to heat one gallon of water as water rushes past in pipe, making it hard to believe endless hot water will save money vrs tank-type heater.
Do not use flexible gas line. Flexible gas line works with ordinary tank-type water heater, but tankless can shut down or issue error codes if gas flow is restricted by flex line.
Error code 11 or C11 can be associated with undersized gas line, and using flex line. To prevent problems, replace flexible line with 3/4" black pipe. Do not use copper pipe unless local codes allow, and then use only approved pipe that is non-reactive with local gas supply.
Use yellow teflon tape, or approved sealant. Do not let excess teflon tape or sealant enter pipe. Keep pipe connections clean.
Install sediment trap in gas line to keep water and other debris from reaching gas valve inside tankless.
Sediment trap is usually a 3" long piece of pipe pointed downwards with a cap on the end.
Check gas pressure. Make sure gas meter is large enough to support all the gas appliances connected to meter. If tankless consumes more gas than meter can supply, it will starve other appliances, and cause shut down of oven, stove, furnace and tankless etc.
No Service Manuals?
No rheem service manuals
NO service manuals ?????
Gas appliances are dangerous, BUT... wait ... How do service technicians know how to fix your tankless if there are no service manuals? By guessing?
How do qualified service technicians exchange information with each other and with customers if only certain people have repair information? How do young people get enthusiastic about a field if full information is not available?
Call Rheem before you buy and ask why they refuse to provide clear repair information to consumers.: 800-432-8373
Better question to ask before you buy: Since there are no service manuals, is there a qualified service person located near your mountaintop retreat?
How to de-lime tankless/ pdf
Read typical maintenance pdf
Maintain water heater 2012/ pdf

Whoops, Liam sent 2008 Rheem Tankless service manual !!
Rheem Ruud tankless service manual 2008
Rheem tankless service manual/ possible 2011
He said he contacted Waiwela
General guideline: Probably won't apply to your tankless unit

Get your China
Dang buddy,
Buy tank-type gas water heater made in Americas.
And save money to buy toxic Chinese dog food.
Rheem tankless manual   chinese dog food
Bosch tankless company posts service bulletins. But Rheem doesn't.
Bosch posted a bulletin how to remove and clean the burner.
Why isn't the American company as good as the German company?
How to remove and clean tankless water heater burner
How to replace tankless gas valve

This is probably how Rheem tankless technicians learn how to work on Rheem products.
More Bosch service bulletins
Bosch support center

OK.... Mat just sent me an old Rheem service bulletin. Thanks Mat.
Removal and cleaning Rheem Tankless burner
Service resources:
AO Smith tankless service handbook
AO Smith general troubleshoot guide/ pdf
Example American tankless service manual
Rinnai tankless troubleshoot manual

Typical Rheem SERVICE MANUAL & part replacement/ pdf
Typical SERVICE MANUAL & part replacement/ pdf
Removing and cleaning tankless burner
Remove and clean burner 2
Repair tankless water heater
I can fix it this weekend
Repair tankless water heater
I can fix it TODAY ??
Fix tankless yourself
Same day !!!

Install tank-type gas water heater from local box store.
How to install tank-type gas water heater
Which is best gas water heater

Or test parts, then order some parts online and see if it works.
Go without hot water until service technician can figure out problem.
Some problems cannot be solved.
Following manual applies to older tankless.
Rheem Ruud tankless service manual 2008
Take aim, and replace the whole thing.
Checklist to see if you are right for tankless
Tankless repairs
Calipers at Amazon
Test, measurement and inspection supplies for professionals
All costs are energy
Typical family of 4 saves $1-$8 per month using tankless.
Factor in maintenance, possibility of expensive repair, no service manuals, no local service techs, cost of parts, cost of replacement, limited warranty, no warranty if you install yourself .... and that $100 per year savings looks like thin ice.
Better think it over Hoover.
Checklist to see if household suited for tankless/pdf
Class action lawsuit against Rheem tankless?

Don't get Rheemed: Avoid WT (wallet thickness) error/ pdf
If wallet is more than 2" thick, then you are approved for tankless.

Buy one lol: Tankless water heaters at Amazon
Abe says: do the math
If Lincoln was alive today, would he be anti-business. ... plantations are business.
Tankless will clog with sediment

Must use water softener
Tankless cannot be exposed to more than 11 grains hardness in water
Efficiency will decline within few months.
Parts like pressure sensor will fail within 2 years
De-liming will not prevent failure
Warranty does not cover failure due to water problems
Bradford White study
Water softener research pdf
Sediment in tank-type heaters
Error code 1L is 'lime build-up" Delime tankless yearly
Clear error IL

When desired temperature setting is higher, less water can be heated.

Larger, more detailed image
High temperature limit
Paradox: Why do liberals conserve resources, and conservatives dance and sing and waste everything?
Does the claim of 'endless hot water' and saving money sound too good to be true? It is.
Tankless consume more gas to heat 1 gallon of water than storage tank heater. Especially in winter when incoming water is colder. As a result, there is a temperature limit to tankless based on amount of water passing through burner, incoming water temperature, and thermostat setting.
Of course tank-type heaters have a limit too, based on strength of tank and pipes, but the limit is higher than tankless for ordinary residential models.

When you turn up temperature on tankless, it cannot keep heating same volume of water. Water flow must decrease or tankless will shut down. Remember the tankless is already consuming as much gas as possible, evidenced by the large gas line and vent.
So while tank-type heater can be set to 150 degrees, even if that temperature is extremely dangerous, the high temperature limit for tankless is closer to 120 degrees. Typical bath is 110 F and rarely higher.

You can preheat cold incoming water using a tempering tank
Resource: Add a tempering tank
Temperature to kill bacteria 140F needed to kill bacteria on wash day
Tankless default is 120F with remote control, 100F without remote
Tankless cannot deliver 140 temperatures
Read about 140 temperatures on tank-type heater
High altitude over 3280 feet above sea level
High altitude: \
Less oxygen to support combustion.
Equipment runs hotter. Uses more gas.
Water heater must be rated for altitude, or have dip switch adjustment
High altitude dip switch setting
Adjust for altitude 2008 service manual pg 13-14
Altitude program chip part numbers/ pdf
Tankless are not made in your town.
Well nothing is, because you spend your money watching TV and paying for a cell phone, which never fixed a road or built a bridge, but is required to keep the economy running so that a guy from another country can make your tankless and cell phone, and travel all the way here to fix your road.

Made in America

Probably made in Switzerland, or Cayman islands, or Wyoming... no wonder our military protects those areas at your expense.

Buy whole new tank-type gas water heater

Buy one since it's advertised here... makes sense:
Tankless water heaters at Amazon
Research shows average family of four will save $1-8 on monthly gas bill. That amounts to $12-$96 per year but does not account for cost of installation, required yearly maintenance, cost of repairs, and aggravation associated with expensive water heater that doesn’t work. Plus the dang thing is not made in your town, parts are expensive, and parts are not interchangeable between brands or available at local store.

Reality Check: With tankless, you are connecting complex computer with external sensors to your plumbing and electrical lines and to a gas burner with a vent pipe to outdoors. Plumbing lines, gas burners, vent pipes, and household electrical systems each have plenty of problems without a computer
Pro-n-con tankless
How to wire Tankless electric
Installed it yourself ? Amazing
Changed the dip switches? Took it apart and fixed it?
Gas appliances are dangerous and subject to local and national safety codes.
Protect yourself.
Do NOT store flammables near tankless, or in same room. This is clear fire hazard.
Read product manual. Follow installation requirements, safety advisories, and perform required maintenance.
Provide adequate air supply, and proper venting, and do not expose to flammable vapors.
Improper installation and lack of maintenance will cause error codes.

If you smell gas, leave building immediately and call gas company.

Gas water heater with dirty combustion parts can leave unburned gas... the explosive gas can travel up hot flue pipe. Whoomph.
Do not install propane appliances below grade (basement)
With propane gas, the gas is heavy and will fill tankless burner, or fall out onto the floor, or fill basement.
Install gas detector at correct height for type of gas.
Bradford White venting .pdf
How to solder copper pipe Remove flammables away from tankless
Be cautious
Explosion inside home wastes precious fuel, and might burn down neighbor's garage.

Gas safety cans at Amazon
Tankless save space Installed behind furnace to save space!!!
Atta boy. How you going to delime it every year?
Call for service Don't fix it yourself.

Support the economy:
Hire technician to perform yearly tankless maintenance.
Do your part to support our ecomical situation.
Check your area has has qualified service technicians before buying tankless

Or easily install tank-type heater yourself:
How to install tank-type gas water heater today

Buy a tankless (for the aggravation of it all):
Tankless water heaters at Amazon
Tankless water heaters at Amazon

Troubleshoot Gas valves with manuals Icon gas valve

How to replace elements

Replace thermostats
How to wire tankless electric

Install point of use water heater
Titan tankless
Anode rods anode rods
Recirculation system Point of use water heater
Type 1 and type 2 surge protection surge protection
Gas and electric water heaters Support the economy:
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How to install gas water heater
How to install electric water heater
Troubleshoot gas water heater
Troubleshoot electric water heater
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Gas and electric water heaters Industrial electric at Amazon

Industrial supplies at Amazon

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box timers Compare box timers

Control water heater w/ Z-wave
Intermatic control centers Control centers:
+ manuals and parts

All control centers and parts

Including Z-wave
Compare programmable timers
Compare countdown timers

Off delay
On delay
Twin timer
Din rail
Control water heater
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