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How to delime tankless water heater

How to delime tankless

Delime tankless yearly

Tankless heat exchanger is prone to scale build-up, and must be delimed each year.
Rheem Error code IL means delime.
Deliming will not restore full efficiency. Read research
Maintain water heater 2012/ pdf
Rheem-De-lime-tankless/ pdf

Buy project materials
Tankless flushing kits
Submersible pump

Filter washers at Amazon
Tankless service valves
Washing machine hoses at Amazon
You need service valves and pipe parts, 1-2 washing machine hoses with female connection both ends, circulation pump, and find 5 gallon bucket along road, plus buy 2 gallons white vinegar at grocery store.
Only takes 45 minutes!  Assemble parts for flushing and do it each year until your widow inherit the job.
Aren't you glad you squeezed that tankless in the closet, over the hardwood floor? What a space-saver!
Or just install ordinary tank type water heater yourself for $385

Another image

Clean water filter monthly

Warranty does not cover failure due to water problems
Read typical maintenance pdf
Maintain water heater 2012/ pdf

How to drain tankless

Tankless will clog with sediment

Tankless cannot be exposed to more than 11 grains hardness in water

Efficiency will decline within months.
Parts such as pressure sensor will fail within 2 years
De-liming will not prevent failure
Warranty does not cover failure due to water problems
Bradford White study
Water softener research pdf
Sediment in tank-type heaters
Bradford White Side-by-side test results show that tankless 'fall far short of payback, tankless cannot be exposed to more than 11 grains hardness in water Read

Tankless fuel cost calculator
Pro-n-con tankless
Affect of hard water on tankless
Tempering tank

Think about cold incoming water

Locate tankless in naturally warm location
Tank-type heaters are warm full time.
Tankless will only heat with water demand.

Add tempering tank to passively preheat incoming cold water.
Add power to tempering tank in winter.
Some tankless will not activate if incoming temperatures exceed set point. Check product manual, and seller
repair tankless water heater
wear safety glasses

Tankless are computers

If your 5-year old laptop computer stops working... are you surprised??????????

BUT Rheem promoters say ... tankless computer lasts 20 years.
Do you believe that stuff coming out of corporations today...

Intermatic IG1240RC3

Whole house surge protector

Tankless water heater is not protected from surge
Appliances, water heaters, timers, circuit breakers are not protected from surge
Most appliances today have electronics. Few of these appliances are protected from surge
Water heaters the plug into outlet are not protected from surge
Homeowner insurance might have appliance exclusion. Read policy
Water heater warranty does not cover surge event.
Protect 120V and 240V circuits with whole house surge protector
How to wire whole house surge protector
Tankless save space

Installed behind furnace to save space!!!

Atta boy. Now you're thinking!!?
How you going to work on it?
Leave space for delime requirement.

Water pressure should not exceed 80 psi

Connect pressure gauge to spigot
Use pressure reducing valve and expansion tank on incoming cold water line
Water pressure gauges
Temperature-pressure gauge
Safety Equipment for Professionals
Industrial and scientific Amazon
Clogged water lines/ Low water pressure
Troubleshoot water heater valves
Gas and electric water heaters Support the economy:
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How to install gas water heater
How to install electric water heater
Troubleshoot gas water heater
Troubleshoot electric water heater
Point of use water heaters
Gas and electric water heaters Industrial electric at Amazon

Industrial supplies at Amazon

Industrial and scientific Amazon
Black and Decker

Irwin Hand tools
Klein hand tools
Fluke electrical testing
Dremel hobby tools

Campbell Hausfeld air powered
Tekton automotive
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Saws and saw blades
box timers Compare box timers

Control water heater w/ Z-wave
Intermatic control centers Control centers:
+ manuals and parts

All control centers and parts

Including Z-wave
Compare programmable timers
Compare countdown timers

Off delay
On delay
Twin timer

Din rail
Control water heater
Low voltage power packs Recirculation systems

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