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How to replace Honeywell Gas control valve
Do not drain water from tank for atmospheric gas valve removal
Icon gas valve
For atmospheric vent models, do not empty water heater, valve body can be replaced while tank is full of water
Honeywell gas control at Amazon
American / Honeywell gas control at Amazon
Honeywell gas valve for propane
Honeywell natural gas valve
Reliance NG at Amazon
Reliance LP at Amazon
Kenmore water heater gas valve
Replacement instructions
How to test & replace Honeywell gas control valve

Adjust temp on Honeywell gas valve
Error codes
Error codes
To reset gas control, rotate dial to OFF, wait 10 minutes for gas to clear. Then relight.
Error code/ troubleshoot/ service manual/ FVIR
Error light blinking 4 times
How to light water heater
How to light water heater/ pdf
How to light Whirlpool energy smart
Bradford White Service manual

How to replace gas control valves
How to test gas control valve
How to light Honeywell gas control

How to install gas water heater

For power-vent models, empty water heater and then remove gas valve
Example Honeywell gas control valve at Amazon
Reliance NG at Amazon
Replacement instructions
How to replace water heater gas valve

Adjust temperature/ error codes on Honeywell
Range 90 to 156
Hot is 120 F // Very Hot 156
ECO limit 199 F
How to light Honeywell gas valve
Dampered Fury gas troubleshooting codes
Induced draft troubleshoot codes
Error codes
Error codes2
Error codes
Icon gas valve error codes
Service manual
Bradford White service manual 2
Test gas control/ from BW service manual
Sequence of operation
How to clean burner

Honeywell gas control valve     AO Smith gas control valve Reset gas control to see if it will work:
Rotate dial to OFF, wait 10 minutes for gas to clear.
Then relight.  

This type gas control valve is powered by thermopile. Water heater does not have thermocouple. Thermopile is basically several thermocouples together. The result is more current, which is used to power small circuit board inside gas control valve. Result is error codes and status monitoring capability.
How to light water heater
How to test gas control
Honeywell gas control label    
Identify gas control numbers
Order gas valve replacement
Located on side of gas control valve
This natural gas valve was taken from AO Smith water heater 2012

Buy natural gas
Honeywell gas control at Amazon
American / Honeywell gas control at Amazon
Honeywell natural gas valve
Reliance NG at Amazon
Buy: Propane/ LP
Reliance LP at Amazon
Honeywell gas valve for propane
 Bradford White gas water heater   Turn off gas valve
Turn Gas valve OFF
Turn gas OFF
Rotate handle perpendicular across gas line.
Do not drain water from tank
Honeywell gas control valve Black pipe union
Black pipe union
1/2" Black pipe Union. Use 2 wrenches
Keep pipe clean
Honeywell gas control valve Yellow flexible gas line
Protect end of pipe from dirt
Remove old teflon tape.
Keep all debris from inside of pipe.
Remove gas line from gas control valve
1) Do not let pipe ends get dirty.
Remove old teflon tape, and keep debris out of pipe.
Loose debris can travel into new gas control valve and cause malfunction.

2) Note how tight gas line is connected to gas control.
Gas pipes are not overtightened into gas control valve.
Use two wrenches to take apart union. Then disconnect from gas control.

3) Gas water heater with large BTU consumption: Use black pipe instead of yellow flexible gas line.
Back of yellow flex package has BTU size chart.
Water heater BTUs shows on label located on side of tank

Honeywell gas control valve
Larger image
Move knob to OFF
1) Pull out plug with red and white wires located on front of gas control
2) Piezo Igniter wire comes apart
3) Unscrew manifold tube
4) Unscrew pilot tube
5) Notice how tight each thread is
6) Pilot tube: reverse thread for propane
7) Remove phillips head screw that holds front cover.

Honeywell gas control piezo igniter Disconnect piezo igniter wire
WV8840 Gas control valve
Larger image
Temperature sensor, igniter and gas control can be replaced without draining tank.
Do not drain water from tank on atmospheric type
Loosen screw fromt front of gas control
Take apart gas control valve
Backplate remains installed.

How to remove Honeywell gas control.
1) Remove 1 phillips head screw to left of pilot tube that holds cover (shown in image above).
3) Remove plastic gas control cover. Tip plastic cover out from bottom, and then pull straight back toward you and cover snaps off. Caution: plastic cover is connected to body with 3-strand yellow-orange-white wire.
4) Disconnect yellow-orange-white wire that connects to temperature sensor. Wire is plugged into circuit board on plastic cover. Grasp wire and pull upward to unplug wire from circuit board..
Honeywell gas control
Larger image
Honeywell gas control with front cover removed
2 clips hold valve body to backplate
Backplate stays attached to water heater
Honeywell gas control valve Clip holds Valve Body to Backplate
5) Remove valve body from backplate.
Some models have 1 screw. Other models have 2 plastic clips that hold valve body to backplate. These are located at bottom on right and left side. Use screwdriver to push 1 clip down while while using another screwdriver to pry valve body outward. Then use screwdriver to push down other clip to release valve body.

Replace valve body and other non-functioning parts

Honeywell gas control valve Reassemble gas control
Push cover straight onto backplate.
Snap two top pieces into backplate
Put screw into bottom
  Yellow flexible gas line Reconnect gas line using yellow teflon
Apply yellow teflon tape, and leave first two threads clean with no tape.
Do not let dirt, stray teflon, or any debris enter gas line. Make sure gas line is clean.
NO tape teflon on pilot tube or manifold tube
Reconnect tubes and wires
NO tape teflon on pilot tube or manifold tube
Do not overtighten gas line to gas control valve, or it can damage valve
Pilot tube and manifold tube are not overtightened
Test Honeywell gas control for leaks

Smell for gas leak
Natural gas is lighter than air, and gas smell will rise
Propane gas is heavier than air, and gas smell will fall to floor
Turn Gas ON
Test for gas leak
Apply soapy water to each gas connection
a) Test gas line or flexible pipe: Mix liquid soap with water and use brush to put around around gas line joints to see if there are bubbles. Use plenty of soapy water.

Wait: It will take time for bubbles to appear since gas is under low pressure.
Soap bubbles coming from joint indicate leak: retighten pipes, use teflon tape on yellow flex pipe and black pipe.
Do not overtighten pipes or damage can occur to gas control valve.

b) Test factory-installed connections located below gas control valve
Manifold and pilot tube connections located under the gas control valve do NOT use teflon tape.
See image of manifold and pilot tubes
If either tube under gas control valve is leaking, then tighten a little bit. Do not overtighten.
Manifold and pilot tube: look for reverse thread on LP water heater. Regular thread on NG water heater
Remember: Natural gas and propane gas both have less pressure on the line than water pipes, so gas pipes are easy to seal with ordinary wrench. If you can install water line without leaking, you can do the same with gas line. Do not over-tighten connections.
WV8840 Gas Valve
See larger
Light water heater:
Instructions printed on face f gas control to right of knob
Rotate knob to OFF, wait 10 minutes for gas to clear.
Rotate knob to Pilot
Press in and hold knob in Pilot position
Press piezo igniter button until pilot lights
You should hear click sound, keep holding down knob
Release knob when status LED blinks

Larger image of instructions
How to light water heater
Icon gas valveAdjust temp
All water heater temperatures are approximate
Calibration of temperature should be within 10-15 of temperatures shown on chart

Use mixing valve when temperature setting is above 135
Risk of scalding when temperatures exceed 120
Typical bath-shower is 110

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Mixing valve kit at Amazon
Water heater mixing valves at Amazon

Advantages mixing valve
gas water heater timerAdd gas water heater timer
Automatically rotates temperature knob to reduce gas consumption

Buy: Gas water heater timer at American Pacific
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Read about gas water heater timer
Honeywell WV8840 circuit board
Larger image
Mirror image of gas control valve electronics/  Image shows front and back of circuit board flipped in photoshop so front and back can be laid over top of the other.
Bradford White ICON gas valve WV8840 communication port

I cannot find a spec sheet showing model numbers, or differences between models.
I do not know electronics and therefore cannot dissect the circuit board inside the gas valve.

Circuit board is powered by current generated by heating thermistor. E1 and E2 in lower right corner connect to thermistor.
Bradford White Service manual

Service manual (10Mb)
Service manual 2
This gas control used for power vent models
Replace this gas control using short length of pipe as illustrated below
Honeywell makes 2nd style gas control for power-vent models
Honeywell gas valve error codes
Adjust temperature/ error codes on Rheem Honeywell
How to light this type of gas valve:
Slide on-off switch to OFF position.
Go to blower system located on top of water heater and turn blower switch to OFF.
Turn off all electric power to water heater appliance.
Set Red knob, the valve thermostat, to LOW.
Wait 5 minutes to clear out gas.
Check for the smell of gas that would indicate a leak.
Turn on electric power to water heater
Set blower to ON position.
Slide on-off switch to ON position.
Set Red knob thermostat to desired temperature.
Read more

Remove gas valve

Troubleshoot gas water heater/ all gas valves

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