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How to install and program

Utilitec LW60418 Timer  /  Utilitec 0141224 timer

Other Utilitec timers:
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Utilitec LW60419
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7 on-off events per day
Utilitec 0141224 manual
Utilitec LW60418 manual
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Utilitec 0331645 manual
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Utilitec 0155671 manual
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Utilitec 0149289 manual
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Utilitec 0141224
Timer replaces on-off switch that has two wires.
If switch has 3 wires, then Utilitec is wrong timer.
To replace switch that has 3 wires, you need Aube T1032 see
If your lights click on and off after installing Utilitec timer, then you have connected the red wire and white wire to Load. White wire is incorrect, please read instructions given below.
If your lights blink on and off after installing Intermatic  EJ500 or ST01C, then the red wire is connected where blue wire should be connected. Reverse the red and blue wires.

Wiring instructions from manual.
Additional help

Manual says:
Timer-black-wire to Hot; Timer-red-wire to Load (lights)
Timer-white-wire to Neutral.
Heres what to do
1) Timer-green-wire connects to bare ground wire.
2) Switch has 2 wires. Take switch wires and connect them to timer-black-wire and timer-red-wire. Choose either one for now.
3) In back of electric box are white wires twisted together and covered with wire nut. Connect timer-white to these wires.
4) If electric box does not have white wires described above, then connect timer-white to bare ground, along with timer-green wire.
5) Turn on electricity, and push ON-OFF button. If lights come on, timer is wired correctly. If lights do not come on, then reverse timer-red and timer-black wires.
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At Amazon
Utilitec at Lowes
wire Utilitec 0141224
Timer black wire connects to Hot
Timer red wire connects to Load (wire going to lights)
Timer white wire connects to Neutral [* if you don't have a neutral, connect white wire to bare ground wire]
Timer green wire connects to bare ground wire

How to put on a wire nut:
Twist wire nut clockwise between fingers until very tight.
No copper wire should show once wire nut is on (except with bare ground wire)
Check that wires do not pull loose and nut will not fall off.
set clock Utilitec 0141224
program Utilitec 0141224
operate Utilitec 0141224
See manual larger
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