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How to wire TB118 TB178 timer
How to wire TB17 DTD-1400 etc timers
TB 178 timer manual
National TB17 timer
Larger image
TB17 timer
DTD 1400 timer
220-240 Volt AC
15 Amp x 220 Volts = 3300 watts
Motor load 220Volt 1500 watt= max 1/3 Hp motor
Select 50 or 60 Hz to match local power worldwide
Wires identical to TB178 timer

Override knob located upper right corner.
Timer resumes regular schedule at next tripper
To override permanently, remove trippers
How to set timers

Install trippers on dial. 30 minute on-off minimum.
Manually rotate dial two times to see how load turns on-off.
Set trippers at selected on-off times
Rotate dial until current time lines up with white arrowhead located on inner dial.
Timer dial rotates as time passes. Tripper pushes on-off lever.
If dial does not rotate, then check incoming voltage, replace timer with new timer.
TB 178 timer

TB178 Timer

TB118 Timer

Input 100-240Volt AC
Mim 88 volts AC Max 264 volts AC
50-60 Hz for worldwide application

How to wire TB 178 timer For heavy duty switching, connect timer to contactor.
Over 1/3 Hp, install contactor
Add busman fuses to lines between power source and timer.
Fuse will protect timer from overload and possible fire hazard.
Select contactor with coil voltage to match line voltage

Wire and breaker chart

How to wire 240Volt outlets and plugs

Legrand  649-915 4QT timer

20 amp
50-60 cycle means timer works worldwide electric grid

Identical wiring shown above
How to set analog timers

Small segements located around dial
Move a few segments, and then rotate dial to watch how lights turn on-off
Set switch to ON for timer to operate on schedule
Set current time: rotate dial until correct time shows on clock face, or until current time lines up with pointer marked current time.

More timers and manuals
Intermatic FM1 timer
Wiring shows load connected to NO terminal, or Normally Open
Terminal 4 is NC > or Normally Closed > this terminal has power when terminal 5 is OFF
When terminal 5 is ON, then terminal 4 is OFF

Intermatic FM1 timer

Quartz models rated 50-60 Hz
Different model numbers for 24V, 120V, 240V, 21 amp
Dry terminals mean other voltages can be controlled
24 Hour with 15 minute intervals
7-day with 2 hour intervals
Override offers permanent ON, or permanent OFF
24-hour and 7-day models

Intermatic FM1 timers at Amazon
Grasslin timers at Intermatic
24-hour 120Volt 60 Hz at Amazon
7-day 120volt 60 Hz at Amazon
24-Hour 240Volt 60 Hz at Amazon
7-day 240Volt 60 Hz at Amazon
FM1 at 1000 Bulbs

FM1 Model numbers
FM1 series manual + model numbers
Newest FM1 sell sheet
How to set analog timers
How to wire under counter water heater using FM1

FM1 override switch
GM40 timer dial

How to wire FM1 timer FM1 timer dial
Rotate dial until current time shows on clock face
Add solder when attaching terminals to solid copper wire.
Put solder iron point where wire terminates. Wait until hot. Keep solder iron in place. Touch solder to copper wire. Solder melts. Withdraw solder. Withdraw solder iron.
How to make terminal connections
Yellow terminals for 12 gauge wire; Blue terminals for 14 gauge wire
Talento 111 timer wiring

Talento 111 timer wiring

More din rail timers with similar wiring
Talento 111 mini 211 mini manual
Talento 111, 121, 171, 211, 271, 212, 202
How to set analog timers

Intermatic Talento timers
Onesto Fato and Misc

How to wire Din Rail timers
ST01C timer controls 240Volt water heater
Timer has green ground wire
Ground wire not shown.

ST01C digital timer controls any voltage

7-day Digital timer/ programmable or astronomic
Battery operated CR2 battery
Single-pole or 3-way
50-60 Hz/ 24 volt AC, 12 volt DC/ 120-277V

Intermatic ST01c timer at Amazon
Intermatic ST01 timer
CR2 replacement battery at Amazon
CFL bulbs at Amazon
120Volt coil At Amazon
240Volt coil At Amazon
Panel mount fuse holders at Amazon
Buy fuseholder at Amazon
Buy fuseholders at Amazon

Fuse blocks at Amazon
Electrical terminals
Solder guns

ST01 timer manual
Load ratings for Intermatic timers/ pdf
How to program and wire Wire ST01 timer
More intermatic timers

How to wire Tork DTU40
How to wire Intermatic GM40
Intermatic GM series
Intermatic EH10 and WH21
Intermatic EH40 and WH40
Intermatic T-101 T103 T104
Pool timers and manuals
Intermatic T104P201

GE box timers
Wire GE 15207 timer
Intermatic ET series
Intermatic ET104C
Pool timers and manuals
Tork pool timers and manuals
Intermatic T104P201
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