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How to wire Schneider LC1D contactor / non reversing

How to wire Schneider LC1D contactor

SS4D Photoeye controls LC1D contactor

Any switch or mechanism can control the contactor coil

Schneider 3-phase contactor at Amazon
240 volt photo eye
schneider contactor

120Volt to 440Volt photo eyes
How to wire Schneider LC1D contactor

If the 3-phase votage is 240-240-240 (such as high leg delta), then power to operate contactor coil can be taken from the hot wires

schneider contactor

How to wire photoeye
How to wire 3-phase timer
What is 3-phase
Single phase contactors

Larger image
timer and contactor

Timer controls LC1D contactor

120 volt 7-day timer with 120 volt coil 30 amp contactor
240 volt timer
240 volt coil 32 amp contactor

Schneider contactor
Motor contactors
Kripal auxiliary contact  Kripal cvontactor
Larger image

Auxiliary contacts or auxiliary switch: side-mount/ factory-installed or separate option

Most snap on without tools, or might require small screwdriver
Most auxiliary contacts have 1 NO and 1 NC
Kripal auxiliary contacts are factory-installed. Snap off with small screwdriver.
Push center contact block connection fully down to re-install

Kripal 3-pole contactor/ they email asking which coil voltage
Square D Auxiliary contacts
Schneider Auxiliary contactor
Eaton Auxiliary contacts
Siemens auxiliary contact
Siemens Auxiliary contactor
Mars Auxiliary contactor
Noark auxiliary contact
Furnas Auxiliary contactor

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