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Things you can do to increase amount of hot water
Things to do to increase amount of hot water: How to increase amount of water:

Adjust water heater thermostat to higher temperature. How to adjust thermostat
Adjust water heater temperature higher in winter when incoming water is colder.
Average bath temperatures are 104-106 and rarely higher.
120 F is temperature for optimal savings, 140F is for killing bacteria  
Temperatures above 135 are extremely dangerous and will scald the skin in seconds. 120 will scald in 60 seconds.

Maintain water heater How to maintain water heater

Install two tanks. Two water heaters
Install tempering tank to passively preheat incoming cold water in winter. Tempering tank
Install under-counter water heater at sinks. How to install under-counter water heater
Install insta-hot faucet in kitchen. Use pot boiler at kitchen sink. See examples

Install larger water heater tank. How to install gas water hetaer
Install water heater with higher recovery rating, and higher first-hour delivery.
Gas water heaters heat more quickly than electric See chart
Electric water heater can be rewired to increase recovery time so tank heats faster and delivers more hot before running out. Calculate and change recovery on electric water heater

Install larger wattage element if water heater and wiring support conversion Replace element  See chart

Install mixing valve so some usage points receive warm water while others receive hot water. How to save hot water using mixing valve
Install recirculation system Recirculation system puts hot water at faucet so there is less waiting.

Turn off hot water to washing machine.
Install dishwasher on cold water line instead of hot. Wash dishes by hand.

Leave gallon jugs of water in sun during day for hot water needed at lunch or dinner.
Install solar water heater in addition to other sources. Solar water heater

Change water use schedule.
Install shower timer so more people can shower before hot runs out.
Install low flow shower heads and areators so hot lasts longer.
Don't use the oversized bathtub
Take showers instead of bath. Shower uses 5-9 gallons hot water, bath uses 12-15 gallons See details
Take showers in quick succession so hot water located at top of tank does not cool when incoming cold water arrives.
Do not turn on hot water when using cold water so more hot is available. Single handled faucet lifted straight up will cause cold water to immediately enter tank  Read about:. Dip tube  &  Crossover

Electric: convert elements from non-simultaneous to simultaneous operation. requires additional circuit breaker and wire to heater, and rewire of heater. Simultaneous wiring
Gas water heater: install external air intake so ambient room temperature is not lowered in winter when combustion draws cold air through cracks and doors.

Reduce water pressure in house using pressure reducing valve. Turn down water well pressure. Hot water lasts longer. Plumbing pipes and fixtures last longer.
Clean restrictions in pipes. Low hot water pressure
Shorten distance from hot water tank to usage point. Distance hot water travels in 30 seconds

Clean sediment out of tank to increase efficiency. How to remove sediment/ efficiency numbers
Insulate water pipes throughout house. Insulate water heater   Read 9-ways to save with water heater

hatco booster heater Buy Hatco:
Hatco booster heaters at Amazon

What is this thing?
180-190 degree hot water

Genenerally used for commercial applications such as washing dishes.

Use for sanitizing or commercial process
Gas and electric models available
Single-phase and 3-phase models

How to wire Hatco booster heater
Temperature needed to kill bacteria
water flow rate Hot water slow to arrive at faucet?
1) Use timer and 1 gallon container to see how many gallons of water come out of faucet in 30 seconds.
2) Measure distance from water heater to faucet.
3) Open hot water faucet. Use timer and see how long it takes hot water to arrive at faucet
4) Measure water pipe diameter. Most pipes from water heater are mixed 3/4" & 1/2"
5) Use chart above to see if hot water is slow to arrive at faucet.
Low hot water pressure
Broken dip tube
Low water pressure
Low hot water pressure
water consumption bathtub Regular bath uses 13- 15 gallons of hot water (20 gal water total)
Set water heater timer for 45-60 minutes for hot bath
water consumption shower Shower uses 6 - 8 gallons of hot water (10 gal water total)
Set water heater timer for 20-30 minutes for hot shower

Family chart for setting water heater timer,
based on incoming water temperature
hot water consumption Water heater holds 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 80 gallons of hot water depending on size of tank. A fully heated 40 gallon tank gives you 2 baths and a shower at one time.
Select correct size water heater for family.

Do not oversize. Wastes money.
Do not undersize. Water heater wears out faster

How to install gas water heater
airplane Troubleshoot electric water heater
Troubleshoot gas water heater

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