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 How to maintain water heater
Save $5-10 per month in water heater replacement costs
Find age of water heater by serial number
minerals in water Flush water heater each 6 month.
Clean sediment out of electric water heaterGas and electric heaters.
Flushing prevents sediment build-up.
How to flush water heater

Sediment reduces efficiency
Applies to gas and electric water heaters
Tank pops and rumbles, then sediment is inside tank.
Electric water heater efficiency can be fully restored, while gas water heater cannot
This is why flushing gas water heater once each 6 months is best plan.
How to clean sediment out of tank
Inspect tank for leaks each 6 months
Gas and electric
Prevent water damage
Leaking water heater
Dripping faucet Maintain faucets so water heater runs less:
Gas and electic
Fix leaks so hot water is not running out of tank
Install dual-handle faucets
Do not lift Single handle faucets in center or cold water enters tank
Single handle faucets: check for crossover
Maintain TP valve Raise and gently lower TP valve lever 1 time year
Applies to gas and electric water heaters
How to test and replace TP valve
water heater air intake Clean air intake regularly
Gas heaters only
Avoid FVIR lockout
Applies to gas water heaters, electric hybrid water heaters, but not to tank-type electric
Do not install gas water heater in dusty environment.
Read more
Soot on water heater
Inspect gas water heater each 1-3 years
Gas heaters only
Top of heater should not have soot
Read product manual for advisories and maintenance
Clean gas water heater burner and flueway
Soot on gas burner
Inspect gas water heater combustion chamber 1 time per year
Gas heaters only
Flame should be strong and clear blue. Yellow flame indicates insuffucient air.
Read product manual for advisories and maintenance
Clean gas water heater burner and flueway
Anode rod Inspect and replace anode rod
Applies to gas and electric heaters
Anode rod prevents steel tank from rusting
Remove and Inspect anode each 1-3 years
How to replace anode rod
Use power anode rod when water heater has chronic odor problem
Water softeners accelerate anode consumption because they eliminate the formation of scale in
the water heater tank Light scale formation in a water heater is desirable since it forms a barrier
film on the exposed steel surfaces in the tank such as pipe connections and weld areas.
Read AO Smith pdf
Tank pressure
Buy pressure gauges at Amazon
Test pressure
Gas and electric
Pressure over 80 psi can damage water heater and damage plumbing pipes.
Faucets do not last as long, water heater can fail
\50 psi is good

Put BTG100 or similar gauge on water heater drain valve.
If pressure is high, then install pressure reducting valve.

Buy pressure gauges at Amazon
Water pressure gauges

Test for high and low pressure
Pressure reducing valve
Expansion tank
Expansion tank Reduce pressure with expansion tank
Pressure over 80 psi can damage water heater and pipes over time
Install expansion tank anywhere on cold water line, between any check valve and water heater
Tank will allow hot water to expand water in water line preventing long-term damaging to pipes and fixtures and water heater

Water confined to a storage tank or piping system, when subjected to a temperature rise of 10F (increasing from 75 to 85),increases pressure from 50 psi to 250 psi
Expansion tanks at Amazon

Expansion Tank Installation pdf
Closed system / pdf
How to install gas water heater Clean air for gas water heater
Gas water heater only
Clean air intake yearly
Gas water heaters today need clean environment, and plenty of fresh air
Do not install gas water heater in dusty environment

Troubleshoot resources for gas water heater
Understand and prevent FVIR problems
Water faucet on fire
Hydrogen gas in water line.
Understand safety precautions
Gas and electric
Read more about safety precaution for gas and electric water heaters
Safety precautions
FVIR water heater
Solar heat Reduce consumption = tank lasts longer
Applies to gas and electric water heaters
9 Ways to save with a water heater
DIY Troubleshoot resources
Troubleshoot resources for electric
Troubleshoot resources for gas
Leaking water heater
Repair water heater valves
Tank: professional water heater forum
Drip pan
Drip pan saves damage
See drip pan installation
Water heater drip pans at Amazon
Water heater drip pan
Gas and electric
Avoid major damage to home caused by tank rupture and leaking.
Install drip pan under water heater.
Set heater on bricks so water hose can be connected to drain valve
See drip pan installation
Also Read:  Leaking water heater

Flexible Copper Water Heater Connector at Amazon
Use flexible copper connections
Gas and electric
Avoid leaks, makes repairs easier
Braided steel connections have rubber inside that can deteriorate and cause black particles in water
Stainless steel connections can react and deteriorate with soft water

Larger image
Electrically ground water pipes on top of heater
Gas and electric
With advent of plastic pipe and changes in electric code, most homes do not have stray current along water pipes.
Water heaters that rust out quickly might be connected to water pipes that are not grounded.
Hot water pipes are not grounded in many homes. Read Pdf  
To get 'rid of stray current corrosion, jumper between hot and cold pipes with #6 solid copper wire. And check that cold water pipe is grounded to main panel and to grounding rod. Read1  Read2 

Check that water heater is bonded to electrical ground: this action will prevent electrocution.
Heat trap inserts Factory-installed heat trap nipples and inserts might clog
Gas and electric
Remove heat traps. Install pex-lined nipple or brass nipple.
Prevent low water pressure problems.
Installing new water heater can dislodge debris that sticks on the heat traps, lowers pressure
Low hot water pressure
Read product manual
Read and understand the product installation
Check the warranty
Each product has Safety precautions
Perform the Required maintenance
Water heater manufacturers
Find age of water heater by serial number
Insurance failure rate of water heater Water heater failure data from Insurance industry
Larger image

Prevent rusted tank failure with anode rod
Inspect tank each 6 months to prevent other failures
Set water heater in drip pan to help prevent loss
9-ways to save with water heater

Set tank in drip pan to prevent water damage
See installation image
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How to install gas water heater
How to install electric water heater
Troubleshoot gas water heater
Troubleshoot electric water heater
Point of use water heaters
Troubleshoot Gas valves with manuals
Icon gas valve

How to replace water heater element Waste King disposal
How to wire tankless electric

How to install tankless recirculation

Install point of use water heater
Titan tankless

Contactors/ relays
Install and troubleshoot garbage disposal Waste King disposal
Programmable timers

Woods timers
surge protection
Anode rods anode rods
Recirculation system

Tankless recirculation
Point of use water heater
Type 1 and type 2 surge protection surge protection
Electronic parts

Industrial supplies

Tools and home improvement

Home and garden

Hayward pool
Pentair pool

Southwire electric

Black and Decker

Irwin Hand tools
Klein hand tools
Fluke electrical testing
Dremel hobby tools

Campbell Hausfeld air powered
Tekton automotive

Powerbuilt automotive
Saws and saw blades
box timers Resource:
Compare box timers
DPDT timers
Control water heater w/ Z-wave
Intermatic control centers Resource:
Intermatic control centers: and parts
Digital control centers and parts
Tork control centers and parts
All control centers and parts
programmable timer Resource:
Programmable timers
Countdown timers
Off delay timers
On delay timers
Timer modules
Din rail
Twin & one-shot
Low voltage power packs Recirculation systems
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