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208 volts
208 volt is usually derived from commercial 3-phase transfomer configurations.

Electrical equipment and timers that are rated for 240 volt are often rated for 208 volt.
Each electrical device has a rating plate that lists the voltage and wattage.

Residential home is US does not have 208 volt
Residential services have 1 transformer. Inside the transformewr are two coils
Commercial 3-phase services have 2 or three transformers, each with 2 coils inside each transformer
Most residential residential electric services are 120-240 volt with 2 hot legs and 1 neutral

Hog leg to neutral gives 120 volt
Hot leg to Hot leg gives 240 volts
208 volts is not available.
Some commercial buildings have 208 volt

By using 208-120 WYE service where 2 or 3 hot legs supply voltage or selecting

Images shows 3 transformers, normally found on the power pole near each business, or located underground in an electrical valut.

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Commercial buildings with high leg delta service have 208 volt
High leg delta service offers choices of 120-208-240 volts with 3 hot legs and 1 neutral
208 volt is derived from 1 black Hot leg and the center-tap neutral.
Any ordibnary resistance element can be connected to 208 volts.
208 volt elements

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