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Which is best electric water heater
Which is best gas water heater
Any brand is good
For easy DIY repairs, avoid electronic controls and stick with ordinary tank heater.
ordinary tank heater can be repaired and maintained to last almost indefinitely if anode is changed each 3-5 years, the water softener is not set too high, the heater is properly grounded, location is protected from freezing temperatures, sediment is cleaned out periodically, water supply is reasonably clean or filtered., and water is void of reactive chemicals.

AO Smith brand is my preferred recommendation, Whirlpool, State, Reliance, American, Kenmore, Craftmaster are AO Smith brands.
Bradford White uses combo anodes. Combo anode rods are not best choice since they are difficult to replace.
Rheem makes Reliant, GE ... and does not post repair or maintenance manuals. Rheem is pushing proprietary parts to end DIY, that might be sold at higher price.

Despite opinions about anode rods, business-practices and electronics .... all three major manufactures make a good product. Warranties are same across all brands.

How to maintain water heater
Anode rods
How to repair electric water heater
How to install electric water heater
Convert electronic water heater to ordinary
anode rod location on typical electric water heater
Anode rods
Be sure to check if the water heater has a port for anode rod located on top of heater.
There are two basic kinds of anode rod ... combo and hex head.
If water heater has a port located on top of heater covered by plastic cap, then anode is standard 1-1/16" hex that can be removed with a socket.
The combo anode rod is connected to hot water nipple ... except the nipple may be short, and it is difficult to get a wrench on it ... and it cannot be removed easily.

Anode rod location on typical hex head electric water heater.
This water heater was rusted out and needed replacement because anode was not checked and replaced periodically.
In the example shown on left, the water heater was still under warranty, and tank was covered for replacement.
How to maintain electric water heater
How to troubleshoot electric water heater
How to replace anode rod
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3-phase electric water heaters for home use:
People often have opportunity to own commercial grade 3-phase electric water heater.
Three-phase electric water heaters are not more efficient, unless they are fully balanced and connected to commercial three-phase power.
Most commercial electric water heaters are non balanced, and have same efficiency as residential heaters. All heaters have rating lablel that specifies single or 3-phase.
Non-balanced means the electric power is not spread evenly over the three wires on the 3-phase circuit. 3-phase (non-balanced or balanced) can be converted to home-use with wiring change-over.
When installing 3-phase commercial water heater in residential home, pay attention to thermostat range and element rating...  commercial thermostats can have very high temperature range that is dangerous for residential home. Elements can be rated with too high voltage and heater will not perform as expected. lements and thermostats are generic for both residential and non-balanced, and can be replaced.
How to convert 3-phase water heater to single phase
Commercial 3-phase thermostats
Gas and electric water heaters Support the economy:
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