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Whirlpool Energy Smart electric water heater
Same as US Craftmaster Energy Smart
Features + comparison with ordinary electric water heater
Use only 10gauge wire and 30 amp circuit breaker with Energy Smart water heaters
Newest model Energy Smart has different control box
Whirlpool Energy Smart water heater
See larger image
Older style Energy Smart
Made by American/ US Craftmaster
This product is not a programmable timer:, but can be connected to timer.
 Resource : See water heater timers
Age of heater is first 2 digits of serial number located on label on side of heater
Newest version of this water heater (shown lower of this page) has interface for home automation, but unclear what the interface connects to.

Whirlpool Energy Smart manual
American water Heater Energy Smart manual
Energy Smart Troubleshoot Guide
American water heater 6 year warranty
Full troubleshoot for electric water heater

9 Ways to save with a water heater
Dry fire
Energy Smart has dry fire protection
Dry Fire prevention is not 100% sure.
Dry fire prevention
All designs of Energy Smart have dry fire detection.
This will help prevent dry-fire incident, but not foolproof.
If water is not covering elements, then elements will dry-fire and instantly burn out.
Water heater must be full of water before electricity is turned ON, or element instantly burn out. So if element is 'dry' and electricity is turned ON, then element burns out.

Prevent dry fire:
Fill tank completely with water, until water is coming out of tub spout, then open Tp valve to release last of air from inside tank, and lastly, turn power ON.
How electric water heaters work
How to test elements

Energy Smart Self-Diagnostic Control System
Energy Smart troubleshoot chart
Easy access
Energy Smart control options located on top of water heater. Advantage: easy access to temperature change and error diagnostics instead of removing covers on side of tank.

4 operating Modes
> For vacation, turn knob to setting #4 Vacation sets temperature to 50 and prevents freezing in winter.
> For peak electric prices, choose setting #3 Low temperature and amount of available hot water is reduced.
> If fewer people are home, choose setting #2 Energy Smart.
> Or choose setting #1 Smart and let computer chip maintain selected temperature setting

Reset button is located on top of tank. Reset cuts power to heater when temperature is higher than 170

Green indicator light is 'on' when unit has power. F or when error condition is detected. Wait 10 minutes before resetting while software assess problem.
If indicator light is ON and water heater is  not functioning, replace control box, or convert tank to operate as regular water heater.
Convert Energy Smart to regular water heater
Self-diagnostic control system
A simple electric meter on each appliance would be a consumer wow.

Self-diagnostic control
Self-diagnostic control can diagnose problems and simplify troubleshooting. Flashing light shows on control box LED. Error messages explained on box.
Energy Smart Troubleshooting Guide

Di-electric nipples marked H for Hot and C for Cold. Di-electric connections mean that copper pipe or galvanized pipe can be directly connected to water heater without causing metal deterioration.

Off-peak option requires manual setting
Off peak operation on other water heaters means upper element keeps top 2/3 of tank warm, while lower element stays off. Amount of hot water is reduced during  peak electric prices. Energy Smart setting #3 operates in off-peak manner so less hot water is available.
This product is not a programmable timer:, but can be connected to timer.
See water heater timers
How to wire off-peak thermostats in regular water heater.

International smart-grid
It was origninally thought the smart grid CEA-2045 standard read about CEA standard would spark new products. The development never materialized for several reasons,  possibly mostly the popularity of wifi.
The packets of information from smart meter are small and slow to broacast. As a result the potential for tracking electric usage was  periodic, and applied only to whole house. Zwave and wifi offer capabilities to track electric usage by individual appliances.
But wi-fi carries higth risk of personal invasion, making it vulnerable to popularity issues in the future.

Smart-grid* aims to stabilize price and production in daily electric market by letting each meter & appliance respond to demand.' The smart grid is a reality and being implimented to maximize capability of grid to meet deamnd.
Install electric meter on water heater
Track electric usage by installing meter on appliaces
How to install electric meter on water heater

See larger image
Read updated manual when doing repair on Energy Smart
New technology means design changes read: new control board for 6-year old tank
Control board
Photo shows electronic control board. Do not operate water heater if control board, elements or heat sensors get wet. All electric water heaters carry risk of electric shock after flood or when tank is leaking. Turn off circuit breaker and use caution.

240V power connects to red and black wires at control box. 30 amp, 240V breaker and 10 gauge wire required for connection. Green ground screw sits out of sight in this photo and threads into metal top of tank.

Blue and Yellow wires send power to upper element.
Blue and Orange wires send power to lower element.

Each element is 4500 Watts, and overall tank wattage is 4500 Watts. Tank operates in typical 'non-simultaneous' manner where both elements are not 'on' at same time. One element is 'on' or the other element is 'on,' or both elements are off.

Small black and red wires located on bottom left of control board connect to temperature sensors located above each element. Temperature information is processed by control software that turns heating elements on and off.

Test Whitlpool energy smart voltage
Larger image
Test for 240Volt across incoming red-black wires
Photo shows control board
Power is ON.
Do not stand on damp surface or wet surface.
Do not stand on bare soil or ground.
Do not lean into or touch anything made of metal.
Stand on dry boards.
Tape tester leads to wood sticks
Set multimeter to read volts AC
Upper element
Upper element/ Yellow and Blue wires
Upper element and foam insulation
After removing two screws holding access door, and pulling back tight-fitting 2" foam insulation and plastic cover, the upper element is visible.
Energy Smart Parts list

Operating water heater "without insulation and access doors will result in much higher water temperatures than desired set point."
See Whirlpool product manual for more maintenance/ installation information.
How to test elements
Lower element
Lower element/ Orange and Blue wires
Insulation and covers must be in place for thermostat to operate correctly. Read manual pg 9
Lower element
Lower element is covered by dense 2" foam insulation and plastic cover.

Adding water heater insulating blanket to Energy Smart electric water heater could void warranty.
Do not cover control box or TP valve with insulation.
Does water heater need more insulation?
Tape thermometer to water heater, cover thermometer with insulation, after 20 minutes, remove insulation & compare before and after thermometer reading.
How to test elements
Element and heat sensor
Upper and lower elements can be replaced
Manual says "make sure replacement element has correct voltage and wattage rating" Whirlpool Energy Smart elements for 40 gallon are 240 Volts and 4500 Watts. Element information printed on end of each element. Typical replacement elements available at hardware and home center.

Temperature Sensor can be ordered as repair part
Phone call to Whirlpool parts sales was handled in United States, and sales lady said she replaced sensor during training, and added that she is 'not mechanical at all.'

TP valve
is located on side of tank. Additional 3/4 plug on top of tank for relocation of TP. Check your manual since models vary. Plug on top of tank allows easy adaptation when replacing water heater.

Larger schematic
Location of element and thermistor
Figure 9 shows location of element wiring and heat /temperature sensor

Repair parts: Appliance manufacturers are adding more non-standard parts to water heaters. Non-standard parts increase sales for manufacturer, but cause delays and expense for customer. You might not have hot water until part arrives. 
Off-the-shelf thermostat for regular water heater costs $15. Compare: Energy Smart temperature sensor $37.

Read updated manual when ordering parts and doing repair on Energy Smart.
New technology means frequent design change read
Energy Smart Parts list

Whirlpool energy smart parts
Anode rod Anode rod is replaceable
Energy-smart Anode rod is located on top of water heater in separate port.
Inspect and replace anode rod each 1-3 years and prolong life of heater.
How to replace anode rod

Heat trap washer
Di-electric nipples
Di-electric nipples
Remove heat traps to prevent water pressure issues
Whirlpool energy smart has rubber heat-trap nipples located under each of the connection nipples.
This type washer can clog and cause low water pressure.
Resource: read about low water pressure
You can cut out center of this type washer by pushing washer over a sharpie marker and then use knife to cut away flaps.

Di-electric nipples will keep water heater from deteriorating because of stray current corrosion.
How to convert Energy Smart to regular water heater
How to remove short water heater nipples

water heater circuit breaker Energy Smart require 30 amp breaker and 10 ga wire
Energy smart with control box on top requires 30 amp breaker and 10 gauge wire.
Figure volts amp watts for water heater
See basic water heater circuit

Intermatic GM series Energy Smart and Timer
Energy-smart water heater can be connected to timer without causing problems
See timers
Read about peak electric price options

Larger image
heat traps
See detailed image of heat trap installation
Correct installation of electric water heaters
Make heat traps using pipes.
Use di-electric nipples
Wrap pipes completely with insulation
Electrically ground water pipes to each other, and to tank.
Make sure tank is grounded to main panel.

Troubleshoot electric water heater
9 ways to save with water heater
Things to increase amount of hot water

New Whirlpool Energy Smart Electric water heater/    with useless smart grid module
Energy Smart Electric water heater
Larger image
40 gallon ENERGY SMART/   Example image of 40 gallon tank, 12 year warranty:
Electronic upper thermostat
Wiring possibility for off-peak or home automation (or install timer)
Two 4500 watt elements.requires 30 amp breaker and 10 gauge wire
2015:  50 gallon size: 22" x 50"/ 9 year parts warranty/ 2 year labor (cost about $500)
New Whirlpool Energy Smart Electric water heater
With useless smart grid module
9-year and 12-year warranty (older energy smart 6-year warranty)
Shows Energy Smart Module located over upper thermostat and upper element.
Better photos will be available when Lowe's manager lets me open a box and research this product more.

Energy Factor appears on Lowes website as .92/ same as any ordinary electric water heater
Yearly estimated cost is unknown.
This is typical 240Volt non-simultaneous electric water heater.
Expect same cost as previous same-size model: 40-50 gallon $500-$520 per year for average family 4.
Cost to operate water heater.

Newest Energy Smart Manual

Typical American water heater warranty
Energy Smart service manual
Page 17-23 of product manual
Newest Energy Smart Manual
Whirlpool announced several years ago that all their appliances would be smart grid ready by 201?....
....except smart grid has stalled due to extreme cost, hackability, unpopularity, personal tracking worries, improved technology after you already paid for the smart meter (made in china).
Smart grid was going to offer thousands of new products... that did nothing for the customer.
Smart grid excitement waned as cost-benefit revealed high cost, no benefit for regular guy.
Enter the cell phone app... omg what a boom to our intelligence since we cannot produce anything significant with a cell phone app except generate profits for other folks clever enough to jangle our anxiety.
Now Whirlpool is installing wifi in all their appliances. Except smart grid water heaters are not quite ready yet, and Whirlpool does not manufacture water heaters. They sell Craftmaster-AO Smith water heaters with Whirlpool label. The wifi water heater is coming soon.
Whirlpool is rejecting smart grid and embracing wifi appliances.
This is important because we are anxious to have refrigerator report energy usage, and general status of  ice maker.
Oh wait..we also get error codes that will jangle us into making service inquiries and spending money to fix the complicated appliance.
Energy smart module is for smart grid
What is smart grid module used for?
Can you interface with the Energy Smart module? No
Will it work with your cell phone? No Or any other device? No.
Search for Grid Communication Adaptors
Call Whirlpool
Read page 11 and 13 in manual
It's a goose egg: 0 results
Current events first> jan 2015
Water heater companies are bringing wifi controllers to water heater market.
Forget smart grid... because that might save money... but wifi costs you money. Win-win.
Rheem already has wifi connection available on some of it's top end models... and Home Depot sells module.
Module uses phone interface... phone interface is online ... and there is no information available in .pdf format for non-owners to read anything except promotional literature....
... this is good for the seller and manufacturer, since they have your name, address, and email during registration, and will probably start dispatching emails offering repair service when error message is broadcast to cell phone...  this is bad for folks who want to read before they buy, want DIY, and do not want sign-up-on-internet intrusion over their appliances.
There will be no DIY repairs or DIY replacement parts for your fancy new wifi water heater... just error codes broadcast to your phone without explanation

Remember the public outcry over smart grid? Our personal information exposed to the public... LOL
Smart grid is low power usage, low radiation, and information packets are very small.
Sounds like energy saver with low risk of revealing much information.
Compare smart grid with wifi. Wifi is high energy, high radiation, and full download of your information to the internet. Uses more energy, sells your soul, and fries your brain in one step.
What is wifi water heater
Energy Smart is NOT wifi
Control water heater from cell phone after revealing your personal information to manufacturer and seller and entire internet.
Obviously wifi is more intrusive than the supposed 'smart grid'
Will you have DIY options with the wifi water heater? NO
You have 2 choices with wifi: use the cell phone, or push button operation from display panel
DIY is ending because manufacturers and sellers cannot make money with DIY
What about power surge? Don't be silly. Power surge will knock the whole thing out.
What about generic parts? Don't be silly. No generic parts because generic parts are cheaper.

How about error codes? OH yes, wifi sends error codes to your phone.
What do the codes mean? You have to call manufacturer who will recommend service technician.
Win-win for manufacturer and technician. Confusion and less money for you. LOL
You got scammed.
Just imagine your appliance sending error code to your phone.
Just imagine if the error code had a diagnostic message
Typical message would be: Call for service... call for service... Call for service
It would repeat the message like a seat belt alert, until you called for service.
Some people report the appliance beeps and they cannot turn it off. Call for service.
Just imagine the manufacturer's improved version of this message....
YES the error code goes to local 'service technicians' or to your 'service provider'
The service provider, masquerading as several different companies fills your inbox with 'competitive bids' to fix the error code. Service provider kicks back percentage to water heater manufacturer.
Maybe you will be required to sign up for service provider just to own the appliance... oh good.
You got scammed.
The future of wifi error codes
Control water heater with phone, and get error codes that demand action.
Text says; Appliance is burning... appliance is burning... bzzt... house is burning, house is burning.
Followed by text from home security system asking if your appliance called.
But you spent all your money fighting for lower taxes, so fire department is volunteer, and all those guys quit and got a job fixing appliances.
Other good uses for wifi cell phone that are overlooked
Forget congressional representatives
Vote on every issue before congress using your cell phone
OMG what a F nightmare. [quote from Cousin Vinney]
Supposedly April is deadline when companies have to meet new energy standards on water heaters. Strangely, the 80 gallon electric water heater/ which is very good energy storage tank for off-peak and solar applications/ is being discontinued... while the wildly inefficient tankless electric water heater is untouched.
Any electric water heater larger than 50-66 gallon size must be a hybrid. The details are hazy.
Me thinks the whole thing mirrors somebody's profit statement, with intent of ending DIY repairs, ending generic parts, with a minor nod toward energy efficiency.
(sorta like energy-star rating for colossal home/ or mandatory CFL light bulbs, yet no mention of big screen TV)
Water heater future
Get out your wallet.
You getting scammed again.
New-energy-standards-for-water-heaters-DOE 2015-article.pdf
With regular tank-type heater, you can choose to control with zwave.

80 gallon electric water heater/ which is very good energy storage tank for off-peak and solar applications

With regular tank.. we can modify and make interesting stuff.
Options using regular dumb water heater
Other options:
To my knowledge... there are no DIY options with Whirlpool energy smart or any of the other smart water heaters... just pay and pay
Whirlpool energy smart Controls on front of unit make it easy to change temperature, and select mode

Whirlpool Energy Smart Regularly sells for $418
This model was reduced after customer purchased unit, and returned to Lowes for unknown reason.
Once out of the box, customers expect discount, so unit was marked down to $329 where it sold a few days later.

How to convert Energy Smart to regular water heater

How to remove short water heater nipples

1-1/2" Foam insulation Standard aluminum anode rod located in separate port on top of tank.
Inspect and replace anode rod each 2-5 years to prevent tank from rusting
How to check anode

Larger image
Whirlpool energy smart rating plate
Two 4500 watt elements at 240Volt
Total connected wattage is same as individual element wattage, so water heater is ordinary residential water heater rated for Non-simultaneous operation.
How water heaters work

Model number and serial number needed to order parts.
12 year warranty (means robust anode rod)
Insulation not shown on rating plate, but my measurement showed 1-1/2 inches.
Unit has internal heat traps installed that might clog or whistle in some installations.
Remove heat trap inserts.
Max pressure 150 psi.. Pressure over 80 psi can damage and shorten life of water heaters, plumbing pipes and plumbing fixtures. Lower pressure saves water too. Install pressure reducing valve and expansion tank if testing shows pressure exceeding 80 psi.
US Craftmaster, Johnson City Tenn.

Larger image
Energy Smart Module

Buttons for choosing mode:

Quote from product manual:
According to the Department of Energy (DOE), since 1982 the growth in peak electricity demand has exceeded power transmission growth. This has caused more frequent blackouts and service interruptions, as well as an increase in the costly reserve capacity the power grid requires to meet higher peak demands.
The increased demand for electrical power across the nation has also led to higher peak utility costs.
Smart appliances are one way to help mitigate this problem. By using advanced digital communication technologies, smart appliances will be able to communicate with local power company or home energy management systems, and react accordingly to save energy and money.
Make your own off peak water heater
Error codes help diagnose problem
Energy Smart water heater smart grid connection
Larger image
Energy Smart Module connection at Upper element

Newest Energy Smart water heater has electronic thermostat (ET)

ECO reset button located on front of electronic thermostat.
Manual thermostat setpoint knob lets you control temperature without using Energy Smart Module.

Electronic thermostat can control water heater in absence of Module
Whirlpool energy smart module Image shows defective module where condensation has entered digital readout.

Call Whirlpool for part replacement.
At Whirlpool
For Craftmaster, call 800-937-1037/ 800 999 9515

They will ask for model number and serial number found on label on side of tank.
Tank has 6 year parts warranty against defects in workmanship.
This example part failure is covered under warranty for original owner and residential installation for period of 6 years from date of installation.
Whirlpool water heaters are made by American Water Heater Co, which is an AO Smith company
Example warranty
Energy smart water heater smart grid connection
Larger image
Back of EMS Module

When contacting Whirlpool about smart-grid connections
, Whirlpool asks that you contact local electric provider.
Manual says EMS module will be 'able to communicate with local power company or home energy management systems.'

As of Jan 2012, there is no remote connection available between Whirlpool products and power company's smart-grid.

The reasons are becoming clear.
1) Smart grid is promoted as the electric company turning off appliances remotely. People do not want this. Where will your electric switch be located? In China? People instinctively know that electric power will never be cut for those with money.
2) Hidden cost. Smart grid as currently promoted will cost each consumer several thousand dollars. People will never pay several thousand dollars for something they don't want.
3) Software to operate smart-grid. There is brisk competition among software patent-holders to sell their idea to big companies who will receive electric management contracts worth 25 cents per customer per month. But who pays for this 'innovation?' Who pays when inevitable software updates are needed? The days of forcing customers to go along with stuff they don't want are ending with advent of social media.
4) Two-way radio communication between smart-meters and remote data-collection antenna is vulnerable to hacking. The whole smart-grid is vulnerable. The risk and cost of hacking makes smart grid unlikely.
5) Privacy. Nobody wants personal usage tracked by corporate-owned utilities. Nobody wants to sign into utility company website and negotiate price based on personal usage pattern, when the utility company knows your usage pattern.
6) Other ideas. Home automation products and peak-use-price makes it more likely that each consumer will be responsible for monitoring electric usage.
7) Are smart-meters accurate. Yes. But if your electric bill spikes after smart-meter is installed, then wear goggles and break new meter glass with hammer. Another Chinese-made meter will be installed. Chances of a second meter being out of calibration are very small.
More water heater reviews:
AO Smith Effex
Marathon electric
Craftmaster energy smart water heater Energy-Smart control also available on Craftmaster 40-50-80 gallon water heaters
See appliance at Lowes
See water heaters at Lowes
See Reference chart with gas and electric info

Compare types water heater timer

Family chart for setting timer

Clean sediment from tank
Do it yourself
Do it yourself water heater repairs

How to find age of water heater
TP valve
Troubleshoot leaking water heater

How to wire off-peak water heater

Calculate water heater cost

How electric water heater works

Anode rods

Pro-n-con tankless water heater
All cost are energy
Cutler Hammer C25BUB230A
color code household wire
Wire sizes


Technical data on efficiency and recovery
Hard-water WITH water-softener
Efficiency of gas and electric water heaters is unchanged over time when hard water is softened, however softened water corrodes anode rod and will reduce life of water heater unless anode rod inspected and replaced every 2 years. Once anode rod is 50-75% corroded, water heater tank begins to rust.
Read more & See how to replace anode rod

Hard-water with NO water-softener:
> Efficiency of gas heater drops 6-8% after two years > cleaning tank of sediment build-up will not restore full efficiency > however, regular flushing to prevent sediment maintains efficiency
> Tankless gas heater will fail when pressure sensor clogs with sediment within 2-3 years depending on hardness of water > regular de-liming will not restore efficiency > softener is required
> Efficiency of electric heater stays at 99% until sediment reaches bottom element > cleaning tank restores full efficiency > regular flushing to prevent sediment build-up also maintains efficiency
> Energy Smart electric water heater operates at 99% efficiency with or without water-softener

Water-softener reduces life of anode rod in gas and electric water heaters
Energy Smart manual says: "Artificially softened water is exceedingly corrosive because the process substitutes sodium ions for magnesium and calcium ions. The use of water softener may decrease life of water heater tank."
Whirlpool '6-year' Energy Smart electric water heater has 1 anode rod with access at top of tank.
Generally, tanks with longer warranties come with 2 anode rods.
Read pdf: water-softener/water-heater efficiency comparison
Water heater recovery: See chart
Electric water heater recovery is 21 gallons per hour
Gas water heater recovery is 40 gallons per hour
High-demand gas water heaters recover 80-130 gallons per hour.
Tankless gas heaters promise unlimited hot water, but correct size and installation required.
Whirlpool Energy Smart recovery is 21 gallons per hour on setting 1, and less on energy-saving settings 2 thru 4
Water heater recovery depends on variables including: incoming water temperature, thermostat setting, element wattage, tank insulation, and age/efficiency of heating unit.

Water heater efficiency
Electric water heaters operate at 99% efficiency
Gas water heaters operate at 69% efficiency
Tankless gas heaters operate at 80% efficiency
High-efficiency gas heaters at 96% efficiency
Energy Smart electric operates at 99% efficiency
Gas and electric water heaters Support the economy:
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How to install gas water heater
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Troubleshoot gas water heater
Troubleshoot electric water heater
Point of use water heaters
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Control water heater w/ Z-wave
Intermatic control centers Control centers:
+ manuals and parts

All control centers and parts

Including Z-wave
programmable timer Compare programmable timers

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Control water heater with countdown timer

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