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How to program Utilitec 0155671 - Utilitec TE06WHBL

Woods 59377

Woods 59377/ 7-day programmable /

Programmable timer with countdown feature: press clock and prog buttons... up to 9 hours and 59 minutes
plug-in timer with rechargeable battery (replaced by Woods 59009 above)

Heavy duty 2-outlet timer 1875 Watt tungsten (incandescent)
7-day timer with 8 on-off settings
Random feature, countdown feature
Works with CFL
Kichler at Amazon
Westek TE06WHBL at Amazon

Woods 59377 manual
Utilitec 155671 TE06WHBL manual
Westec TE06WHB manual
Kichler 15558WH timer manual
MDL 301-0005 timer manual

Utilitec 155671 TE06WHBL manual

Programmable outlet timers  59377 timer
Woods 50009 timer
Larger image 50009

Woods 50009 7-day / two 3-prong grounded outlets/ countdown and random options/ heavy duty

7-day programmable. 20 set points. 
Two 3-prong grounded outlets combined 10 amp 1250 watts. 3/4 hp rating 
Daylight savings time  
Random and Countdown options
Noma 52-8814-2// 
Woods 50009 at amazon

Manuals:/ resource
Woods 50009 timer manual
Possible 50009 manual
Woods 50009 timer
Larger image 50008 timer

Woods 50008 7-day 2-prong outlet

7-day programmable. 20 set points. With polarized non-grounded outlet 10 amp 1250 watt tungsten. 
Noma 52-8867-6
Woods 50008 at amazon

Woods 50008 timer manual
How to troubleshoot timers

Larger image

Woods 50010/ 24-hour 2-prong / outlet

10 amp 1250 watt timer
24- hour timer. Polarized non-grounded outlet 10 amp 1250 watt
2 programs per day, polarized outlet
At Amazon/ discontinued?
Woods 50010 timer manual

Similar timers lesser grade
Noma 52-9203
 with 2 grounded outlets
Noma 52-8814 with 1 grounded outlet
Noma 52-8867 with 1 polarized outlet
Woods 50007
Larger image

Woods 50027 (1 pack)/ 24 hour / 2 prong outlet

24 hour timer
2 programs per day, polarized outlet

50027 1-pack at Amazon
More bar timers at Amazon
Woods 50007 manual

Woods 50007 Woods 50007
Larger image

Woods 50007 (2-pack)

2 pack digital timer/
Both timers can fit on same duplex outlet
24 hour timer
2 programs per day, polarized outlet

50007 2-pack at Amazon
More bar timers at Amazon
Woods 50007 manual
Utilitec 144506 Westek TE22DHB
More Bar timers
Stanley 38424 1 pack 24-hour at Amazon
Stanley 38425 2 pack 24 hour at Amazon
Westek 2 pack 7-day at Amazon
Westek 1 pack 7-day at Amazon
More bar timers at Amazon
Westinghouse 28424 manual
Stanley 58424 bar timer manual
Westek TE22DHB manual
Westek TE02DHB manual

Woods 59029 timer
Larger image

Woods 59029 2-outlet astronomic/ or programmable timer

1/2 Hp, 1000 watt, 120 Volt AC
2 outlets/ 3-prong
Sunrise-sunset or 7-day and 7 programs
Same as Utilitec TM-087 timer
59029 timer at Amazon
Intermatic DK122K at Intermatic
Woods 59029 manual
Utilitec TM-087 manual
Hydrofarm timer

Hydrofarm timer

Hydrofarm 7-day/ 8 program/
2-outlets / 3-prong
Both outlets have same programming
Use two bar timer shown below to get 2 different programs from one outlet
15 amp 120 volt

Hydrofarm at Amazon
Hydrofarm timers at Amazon
Hydrofarm timer manual
Hamilton digital aquarium
Skytronic MSA07D

Larger image
Hydrofarm timer at Amazon
Hydrofarm at Amazon
Hydrofarm timer at Amazon
Gro1 timer at Amazon
GRO1 hydroponic at Amazon
At Amazon
Titan at Amazon
Titan timers at Amazon

Westinghouse 28449 manual
Hydrofarm timer manual
Hamilton digital aquarium
Skytronic MSA07D
Vista-dtc-170 manual
Ergo U8 2000U8 digital timer with seconds
Hydrofarm/Hamilton timer manual

Larger image

Noma 052-8877 timer/ various models

Random vacation timer/ 7-day
3-prong grounded outlet
20 programs

Amba ATW-P24 at Amazon
Amba 2-pack at Amazon
Sylvania at Amazon
GE 15154 at Amazon
GE 15150 at Amazon
Noma 052-8867-6 timer manual
GE15150 manual/ pdf
Globe 24218 timer manual
Intermatic DT620
Larger image

Intermatic DT620 digital timer/ lifetime warranty

Two grounded outlets
Comes with two LR44 batteries
Limited lifetime warranty
3-prong grounded outlet
DT620 at Amazon

Intermatic DT620 manual
Sell sheet
Intermatic timers and manuals
Woods 59203
Larger image

Woods 59203/ 7-day / 2-prong outlet

Polarized outlet
600 Watt tungsten (incandescent)
7-day programmable with 6 on-off settings
Woods 59203 at Amazon
Intermatic DT300 timer at Amazon

Woods 59203 manual
59203 sell sheet
GE 15091 timer manual
DT300 series manual
DT300 manual

Larger image

6-button digital timer/ 7-day 7-programs

Random vacation setting option
Various models
Westek TE04 at Amazon
Globe at Amazon
Tork 452 at Amazon

GE 15057-Manual
Westek TE55WHB manual
Tork 452D timer manual
Timex timer


Larger image
At Timex Amazon

Timex TX12874X 24-hour timer manual
Possible manual

7-day digital timer/ 8 ON-OFF
28442 at Amazon
Stanley 31200 at Amazon

Westinghouse 28442 manual
Stanley 31206 timer manual
Stanley 51200 and 51210 manual

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Solar water heater
9+ ways to save with water heater

Do it yourself
Do it yourself water heater

Cost to run water heater

Gas control valves
Pass and seymour TM8113
How to wire switches

Remove rusted element

Leaking water heater

Flooded water heater

Anode rods

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