How do we know the new standards will cost you more money?? Because Fox news was not yelling about 'regulation.'
is a self-help site
Troubleshoot Gas valves with manuals Icon gas valve

Install and troubleshoot garbage disposal Waste King disposal
Install point of use water heater Point of use water heater

Anode rods anode rods
Recirculation system Point of use water heater
Type 1 and type 2 surge protection surge protection

New government water heater standards go into effect April 2015

national appliance energy conservation act/ NAECA

Expect an economic shift: from your wallet into the wallet of water heater 'providers'

Read new DOE .pdf

New-energy-standards-for-water-heaters-DOE 2015-article.pdf
New-water-heater-rules/ pdf
NECA guidelines/ pdf
Modest house with 88 cent energy bill
9 ways to save with water heater

What are you going to do about energy?

Be real.
What are you going to do to help solve the issues of energy, growth, and consevation?

Who is affected most

Small homes, poor people.
What about grandma's manufactured home?
What about the tiny house? 

What about larger diameter water heaters... in attic... in basement... in utility room?

At least big oversized homes will not be affected... that's an energy star !!

Can you conserve

Do you really need the same gallon water heater?
Or can you survive with fewer gallons of hot water?
Is it time to investigate solar? Maybe conserving hot water, and less consumption is better.
9 ways to save using water heater
Start today: How to maintain water heater

Higher prices: 30-50% more

Estimate: new water heater prices will increase by 30-50 %.
Bigger is better? Less than 55 gallon... 2-8" taller and 3"-6" wider. 
Over 55 gallon... up to 12" taller...

How much do you save: $1 each month

Estimate average monthly energy savings $1 per month for new water heaters.
$1 a month savings??? Really? Pay more for water heater, pay to remodel home to fit the heater, pay more for maintenance, pay more for repairs and parts ... to save $1 a month in energy?? 

Remodeling to fit

Estimate 50-75% of new installations will require remodeling or alterations of facility or installation point.
What about small economical homes with no extra space?

How will some of the differences affect you?

Electric heaters over 55 gallon will require heat pump that needs 10' x 10' room plus floor drain for condensate.
New gas water heaters might require larger PVC vent up through roof... slower expulsion of vented byproduct holds heat in tank longer, might need larger vent and condensate drain.

New electronic controls make water heaters more susceptible to surge. Household surge protection required.
Electronic controls mean no generic parts, and end to DIY repairs?

Grounded outlet required for gas water heaters? Dampered gas water heaters require outlet. What about off-grid propane-only household?
Repair technicians must be skilled in water heaters, plumbing, electronics, and electricity. Is that realistic for all communities?

Repair resources available only from manufacturer?... creating choke point at manufacturer who cannot supply DIY resources.
No service manuals
 for DIY?
History shows that c
omplicated water heaters require more maintenance, are more susceptible to external factors such as water quality, plumbing and electrical issues. And cannot be maintained to last longer than 12-14 years?

Good news: Rich folks will not be affected much

People with a lot of money will be able to consume as much hot water as they want for a porportionally smaller inconvenience to their budget than poor folks

Inconsistant standards?

Why is the 80 gallon electric water heater discontinued. But the whole-house tankless electric water heater unaffected?
80 gallon electric can be used as energy battery to heat water off peak, and store hot during peak prices. 80 gallon storage stank is used for solar applications.
Meanwhile whole-house tankless electric is LEAST EFFICIENT water heater ever made. Cost $100 more per year than ordinary electric water heater in 2014..
Tankless electric are profitable to sell... and manufacturers receive residual profits from part replacement.
80 gallon standard water heater tank is less profitable to sell... and there is no residual profit from DIY repair of 80 gallon electric water heater. Did that affect the standard when congress passed it?

Why is water heater different than washing machine or dishwasher?
Your other water-based electronic appliances work fine. You never looked at parts sheet for other appliances.
Water heater is different because it operates more frequently than washing machine and dishwasher.
Water heater works with higher pressures. Water heater must supply ample hot water to meet demand from several faucets and appliances and/or full bathtub at one time.
Washing machine receives and uses hot water, but does not heat water, and can operate with cold water.
Dishwasher receives hot water and can heat small batches of water, but does not heat hot water to supply entire house.
A large number of plumbing problems affect water heater, that do not affect washing machine and dishwasher. For example crossover, closed system, sediments percolated from heating water,  etc.
ALL electronic appliances are susceptible to surge. Few appliances are protected from surge
Install whole house surge protector

Energy standards

Under 55 gallon: More insulation = bigger tank and more money

No standing pilot light and flue baffles mean you need electric outlet for gas water heater models.

'The new standard will result in approximately 43% energy savings. Lower energy bills would cover typical incremental costs for more efficient water heaters (about $800) in seven years.'

That optimism probably does not consider installation cost for remodeling and higher repair bills. But might be accurate if it includes the added number of downsized water heaters and shorter showers and less water usage.
Energy standards

Over 55 gallon: More technology = and more money

Electric water heaters over 55 gallon must be hybrid to meet energy standards
Gas water heaters over 55 gallon must be full condensing
Install surge protection
Clean dedicated line voltage recommended for both

Electronic ignition/ no standing pilot light
Flue baffles and dampers
surge protector      Wall outlet surge protector

Surge protect your new water heater?

All costs and decisions are energy. Spend more to save more?? 
To save water heating energy, you should buy more stuff that consumes energy to manufacture, ship, buy, install and replace
New water heaters will have electronics that are susceptible to surge
Water heaters with blower fans, flue dampers etc require 120 volt outlet located within 10 feet of water heater

15 amp surge suppressor receptacle
Leviton J-box surge protection kit
Square D / whole house or branch panel surge protector at Amazon
How to wire whole house surge protector
how to bond control panel
All ground wires from outlets and switches and lights throughout house must be properly bonded together and connected to ground busbar in main panel, and then to ground rod driven into soil deep enough to meet local codes.
All other grounds from satellite, telephone, internet, etc must be joined together and bonded to the main panel ground rod.
Example shows solar panels... but also includes pool control centers, water heaters, electronic devices etc

Check household grounding

Lightning strike within 90 feet of house can knock out electronic controls on water heater
New electronic gas control valves require grounding or they can malfunction and throw error codes
Surge protection and lightning-resistance require proper grounding
When installing new water heater, water pipe, doing repairs on plumbing, installing new electric service etc... check that all electric is connected to dedicated ground wire that is bonded to outdoor ground rod
Bonded means steel electric panel enclosure must be directly connected to local ground rod 

Ground rod and clamps at Amazon
Bonding lugs

Why ground is important
Basic household wiring
Outlet polarity

Outlet must have correct polarity or gas water heater will not work

Circuit breaker finder and polarity tester
Outlet testers at Amazon
Multimeters at Amazon

Time to maintain the old water heater?

Instead if buying new... or remodeling home... keep the old one maintained
Keep old one from leaking, change anode rod each 2-3 years
How to maintain water heater
Replace anode rod
Two water heaters

Time for 2 water heaters?

Instead if buying 80 gallon heat pump or go gallon condensing... buy 2 water heaters 40 gallons apiece
Water heaters must stand upright
Two water heaters

Time for point of use electric water heaters?

Instead if buying 80 gallon heat pump or 80 gallon condensing... buy smaller main water heater and install point of use at sink
Connect point of use water heater to cold incoming water so it does not draw hot from main tank.
Instead of buying 60 gallon water heater, install 2-3 smaller heaters sized 15-20 gallons each
Or install 20 gallon water heater in bathroom, and only take shower
Installing point of use water heaters
Two water heaters

All costs and decisions are energy

If you have money, then you can have all the hot water you normally use
If you are poor, then your decisions will be limited

Use walk-in tub as fish pond/ re-purpose, do not discard

Recycled water heater

New standards will spark innovation

Fewer people with hot water...
Smaller water heaters...
Less hot water...
Shorter showers...
Colder showers...
Will save energy !!!
All costs and decisions are energy

Modest house with 88 cent energy bill
9 ways to save with water heater

Electric hybrid for electric over 55 gallon

Heat pump requires 10 foot x 10 foot room. Unit must be installed 7 inches away from wall
Requires condensate drain. Heavy to lift. More expensive.
Electronic controls are susceptible to power surge, few generic parts, few DIY repairs
Cannot be maintained to last more than 12-14 years
Must be connected to 208-240 volt. Wiring and voltage cannot be modified DIY
Through wall fan

Use thru-wall fan if room size is smaller than 10' x 10' 

Hybrid heat pump water heater requires 10' x 10' room
If you do not have that size room, then install thru-wall fan
Running a fan to supply air to meet the needs of heat pump water heater adds energy cost

Thru-wall fans at Amazon
Thru-wall fan at Amazon
If water heater lasts 10 years, and cost $600 to buy and install today, but 10 years from now it costs $1200 to buy and install, then depreciation cost is $5 per month.
All costs are energy.
Add depreciation cost to monthly energy bill to accurately estimate cost for operating water heater.
It makes sense to maintain water heater, because depreciation cost is high, and do-it-yourself DIY maintenance cost is small.
Electronically controlled water heaters often cannot be maintained to last longer than 10-14 years.
Maintenance might require service technician with specific skills. Manufacturers do not post service manuals... models change quickly. Expect many changes over next ten years.
New DOE mandates might force consumers into products that cannot be maintained or repaired by homeowner.
Does this mean more efficient water heater costs you additional $5 per month in depreciation, plus cost of service technician, to save $2-4 of energy per month?
Look at parts sheet, and weigh the option of buying smaller water heater vrs complex water heater.
Ask: Is it time to weigh solar water heating options? Solar can be costly and complex too.
Consider options: Simple water heater, DIY repairs and maintenance, and lower consumption means energy savings.
All costs and choices are energy.
How to maintain water heater

Review solar water heater
Look at parts sheet before buying product. Avoid electronic gizmos that are susceptible to surge and cannot be repaired.
Avoid tankless and heat pump and expensive heaters.
If repairs cost $400 each time, and you need 1 repair over 10 year lifespan of product, then that adds another $3.30 per month for energy cost. Two repairs adds $6-7 per month.
If you add $3-6 per month to budget for repairs, so that water heater can save $2-4 per month energy cost, did you save money?
If a product cannot be repaired, because parts are not available or parts are too expensive, or no qualified technician in area, or water heater is just not repairable, then you must replace heater. Did you save money?
Look at the parts sheet and ask same questions as above.
The DOE standards do not tell manufacturers which product to make... DOE simply mandates the manufacturer must meet new energy standard
To meet new energy standards, especially for larger heaters, the manufacturers can only offer more complex water heaters.
This might mean you should downsize the water heater and reduce consumption.
All costs, and behaviors and choices are energy.
2015 other options:
New standards do not effect commercial heaters. These heater are much more expensive.
Or you can add second heater so you have two water heaters. Same capacity as before without buying complicated heater. Two heaters: more surface area/ more heat loss.
9 ways to save with water heater
Review GE heat pump
Troubleshoot Rheem tankless
Two water heaters

Service manuals? No DIY?

Probably no service manuals for do-it-yourself repairs
Why... because product are going to change quickly, and new changes will happen faster than a uniform manual can accomodate.
You will have to call company with model and serial number... and this will let them know exactly which product you have
From that point, the company will likly NOT be able to help you...
When all service information is centralized at manufacturer or seller, then there is not enough expertise to provide adequate information to all callers.
Your service options are limited to what the company decides.

Heat pump required over 55 gallon

Standards for electric water heaters would effectively require heat pump technology for water heaters with storage volumes at or above 55 gallons. 

Condensing required on tanks above 55 gallon

Standards for gas water heaters were not analyzed in the report because, based on current information, condensing gas water heaters are not cost-effective for consumers.

Tankless savings cannot be verified

Tankless EF standards remain unchanged

Tankless water heaters were not analyzed due to a lack of data available to verify savings.
About 53% of U.S. households use natural gas water heaters, while 38% use electric and less than 4% use oil.

Limitation of electric heater

Inefficient electric: 3 Btus of fuel must be burned to generate 1 Btu of electricity.

Limitation of gas heater

Conventional gas water heater, only 43% of the fuel energy actually reaches the point of use. The remaining 57% dissipates through standby losses, distribution losses, or combustion losses

Cannot improve gas or electric heater

There is not much potential for additional efficiency gains for conventional gas and electric storage water heaters. However, heat pumps can decrease energy use by about 50% compared to electric storage water heaters while condensing gas water heaters can reduce energy consumption by about 25% compared to conventional gas storage products.

Limitation heat pump electric heater

What is interesting it that the only method to meet standard with 55+ gallon electric water heater is using hybrid heat pump. Which means you have to remodel house to accommodate 10x10 room requirement with unit spaced 7" away from wall.... and then you cannot repair the heat pump yourself, or buy generic parts, or maintain the water heater to last longer than 12 years. Moreover, the heat pump electronics require surge protection, and the unit cannot be connected to any voltage other than clean 60 Hz 208-240 volt power.

The downside for heat pump can easily cost more for homeowner.

Plus the new DOE standard says nothing about eliminating whole-house Tankless electric... which is far more wasteful than standard tank type electric heater.

Other water heater changes/ wifi?

Current events first> jan 2015
Water heater companies are bringing wifi controllers to water heater market.
Forget smart grid... people didn't want intrusive smart grid... and then suddenly cell phones became popular and people want wifi.
Rheem already has wifi connection available on some of it's top end models... and Home Depot sells module.
Water heater wifi module uses phone interface... phone interface is online ... and there is no information available in .pdf format for non-owners to read anything except promotional literature....
... this is good for the seller and manufacturer, since they have your name, address, and email during registration, and will probably start dispatching offers for repair service whenever error message is broadcast to cell phone...  this is bad for folks who want to read before they buy, and folks who want DIY, and folks who do not want sign-up intrusion over their appliances.
Moreover your wifi appliance information will be broadcast all over the world far more efficiently than the smart grid ever would.

There will be no DIY repairs or DIY replacement parts for your fancy new wifi water heater... just error codes broadcast to your phone and elsewhere without explanation... don't forget to read the terms of service... all 35 pages of microscopic print you must agree to after the water heater is installed.

Remember the public outcry over smart grid? People fearing our personal information exposed to the public... LOL
Smart grid is low power usage, low radiation, and information packets are very small. Just a small packet of information like a tv remote controller.
Smart grid sounds like energy saver with low risk of revealing much information.
Compare smart grid with wifi. Wifi is high energy, high radiation, and full download of all your information to the internet. Uses more energy, sells your soul, and fries your brain in one step.

Reveal your personal information with wifi water heater

Giving yourself control over the water heater from cell phone will reveal your personal information to manufacturer and seller and entire internet.
Obviously wifi is more intrusive than the supposed 'smart grid'
Will you have DIY options with the wifi water heater? NO.
You have 2 choices with wifi: ... use the cell phone, .... or push button operation from display panel
DIY is ending because manufacturers and sellers cannot make money with DIY
What about power surge? Don't be silly. Power surge will knock out every electronic appliance.
What about generic parts? Don't be silly. No generic parts because generic parts are cheaper.

How about error codes? OH yes, wifi sends error codes to your phone.
What do the codes mean? You have to call manufacturer who will recommend service technician. Why because models are different, and nobody will have any data except manufacturer.
Win-win for manufacturer and service technician. Confusion and less money for you. LOL
You got scammed.

Wifi water heater error code generates emails with offer for repair service?

Just imagine your appliance sending error code to your phone.
Just imagine if the error code had a diagnostic message
Typical message would be: Call for service... call for service... Call for service
It would repeat the message like a seat belt alert, until you called for service.
Right now, 2015, some people report the appliance beeps and they cannot turn it off. Call for service.
Just imagine the manufacturer's improved version of this message....
YES the error code is forwarded a list of 'service providers'
The service providers are actually one company, masquerading as several different companies. Each company fills your inbox with 'competitive bids' to fix the error code. Service provider kicks back percentage to water heater manufacturer.
Maybe you will be required to sign up for service provider just to own the appliance... oh that's a fine scam.
You got scammed.
Control water heater with phone, and get error codes that demand action.
Text says; Appliance is burning... appliance is burning... bzzt... house is burning, house is burning.
Followed by text from home security system asking if your appliance called.
But you spent all your money demanding lower taxes, so fire department is volunteer, and all those guys quit, and are are fixing appliances.
Not compatible with solar assisted units:

Two water heaters

Commercial water heaters

I agree two water heaters give a lot of wiring options... too bad they take up more space:
Resource: Two-water-heaters.html

Good tip about using commercial water heater... especially folks with businesses that use hot water. Many folks buy a business or start a business and replace the water heater, then discover using the old-style heater no longer meets local code upgrade requirement for 9000-12000 watt simultaneous operation.

When you talk about using 3-phase 480 volt water heaters for residential ... maybe you are specifying 3-phase non-balanced which looks identical to ordinary water heater and can be connected directly to single-phase power with minimal wiring change... as opposed to 3-phase balanced water heater that controls 3U-type elements with bank of relays located inside box attached to front of heater, with some wiring variations depending if power source is wye or delta?
Resource: How-to-wire-water-heater-thermostats.html#3-phase

Why did the plumber do such a bad job installing this heater?
The local plumbing codes probably required a permit if plumber changed gas line or vent pipe.
Permit would cause delay, waiting for inspector to approve installation.
Install water heater yourself: How to install gas water heater
Installation problem: Gas line and vent

Vent pipe (located at top of heater) did not line up for old and new heaters.

Plumber installed water heater tipped to side because of the vent line, and because gas line was in the way.

The plumber should have moved the gas line and gas shut off valve to accomodate moving water heater to the right. Instead, plumber pushed water heater against the gas line and dented water heater slightly... no real damage... but not professional.
The water heater stand is fine for this installation, but some cases, the stand might be too small.

The water heater is not sitting flat against water heater stand, although heater is supported by earthquake straps.
I would not pay for this particular installation, because it can be fixed by moving the gas line... which would cost more money for
Bigger water heaters mean installation problems for customers and plumbers.
Which is best gas water heater
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