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Delay timer for motor or pump/ 120Volt to 240Volt
Motor delay timer
For 120-240V cut blue jumper wire located on front of timer between terminals
Adjustments less than 30 seconds might not be possible
2" x 2" size
Start motor or pump with delay 1.8 second to 10 minute
Delay on make:
Time delay begins when power is applied to input. After delay, load turns ON and stays ON until power is turned OFF.

Buy 120-240 Volt delay ON:
ICM 102 / 18-240VAC 1.5 amp load Amazon
Packard 102

Buy: contactors:
Packard contactor with 24Volt coil
120Volt coil
240Volt coil

ICM 102 delay ON timer manual .pdf
More contactors
2 motor delay timer
For 120-240V cut blue jumper wire located on front of timer between terminals
Adjustments less than 30 seconds might not be possible
Turn on 2nd motor after another motor starts
Delay on make:
Turn on pump after another pump starts
Turn on 1 motor before another motor
120Volt or 240Volt

In-line fuse protects on-delay timer

Load 1 Turns ON when switch or timer turns ON.
Load 2 turns ON after delay

Reason for this system might be to reduct initial load on circuit so motors do not pull starting amps at same time.
Another reason is that one pump feeds water to second pump. Second pump should not start until water arrives from first pump.
Elko delay timer Elko delay timer/ Multifunction
Delay on make: On-delay, Load turns ON and stays ON after delay period.
Other applications for timer .. wiring not illustrated here: Off-delay, repeat cycle, delay on break, pulse generator, latching, single shot.
Input voltage 12V - 240 volt (50-60 Hz)
Indicator lights
.1 seconds to 10 days

Elko delay timer
Migro delay timer
Migro relays and timers

CRM-93H   10-function
CRM-91H  10 function
CRM-82 two-function
AH3 24 volt
10 amp LY2 relays
LY3 relay
120 volt LY2
120 volt MY2
AH3 24 volt 60 second
AH3 24 volt 10 minute
Baomain delay timers
Baomain relay
AH3 off delay timer
ST01 delay timer
ON Delay
Delay on make: Illustration shows ON delay wiring for 120 V.
On delay means the load turns ON after delay period expires. Load remains ON until power is off.
Example uses ST01 timer as switch. (Or use Ei600... same timer except 5-year warranty)

ST01 Timer can be set for dusk-dawn. Automatically turns lights ON at night, and off at dusk.
ST01 Timer automatically adjusts for seasonal changes.
ST01 Timer can be adjusted 20 minutes longer or shorter than actual dusk-dawn

However some folks want longer delay before lights turn ON at night
How it works:
ST01 Timer turns ON. AH3 timer receives power. Time delay countdown begins.
After delay period expires, light turns ON, and remains ON until ST01 timer turns OFF
Cycle repeats next time the ST01 timer turns ON.
AH3 timers
Intermatic ST01 timer
Ei600 timer
CR2 replacement battery

More wiring diagrams/ How to wire AH3
Twin timer

One-shot timer

Precise digital control
Set mode for one-shot
For on delay: Apply power to terminals 9-10, and normally closed terminal 6 remains OFF until time expires. and then terminal 6 turns ON until power is cut.
For off delay: Apply power, and normally open terminals turn ON for set time, and then remain off until power is cut and applied again.
This can be operated with a Normally closed push button that applies continuous power to the timer mechanism. When the push button is pushed, it starts the delay time circuit for the set duration of time.
Time durations: .01 seconds to 99hour99 minutes (4.16 days)
Repeasts each time power is applied again.

1/2 Hp @ 120 Volt
3/4 Hp @ 240 V
100-240 volt AC/DC input terminals are separate from output terminals
B3S one-shot timer
B3S timer manual
Options for Motor driven countdown timer
override air conditioner with timerReduce run-time of motor or air conditioner.
Problem: air conditioner runs too much during peak electric prices. Programmable thermostat for the air conditioner can control peak usage by raising temperature and reducing hours of operation during peak times, but it cannot be programmed to limit actual number of run-time minutes per hour.

This diagram solves problem without compromising integrity of AC motor or equipment.

The din rail timer is programmed so timer is ON during peak hours. Any programmable timer will do the job but din rail timers are available in both 120 and 240 volt models. And 12-24 volt also.

When the din rail  timer is ON, it turns ON a relay, and turns ON a twin timer.
When the din rail timer is OFF, the relay is OFF and the twin timer is OFF.

One of the 24 volt wires from thermostat is connected to the com terminal on one side of relay. When the din rail timer is OFF, the relay is OFF, and the 24 volt thermostat circuit is routed straight to the contactor for normal operation of air conditioner.

When the din rail timer is ON, the relay is ON, and it switches the 24 volt thermostat wire away from contactor and to the Twin timer.
The twin timer is rated for either 120 or 240 volt. Twin timer is designed to turn on-off-on-off-on-off in endless repeat cycle. ON times and OFF times are set independently, and can be any value between .01 second and 99.99 hours.
For example, the twin timer ON time can be set for 40 minutes. And OFF time set for 20 minutes. This limits the operation of air conditioner to 40 minutes.
During the 40 minute period, the twin time routes 24 volts to the air conditioner contactor for normal operation.

After 40 minutes, the twin timer cycles OFF, and then air conditioner cannot turn on for 20 minutes until the twin timer cycles back ON again. When the 20 minutes expires, the twin timer again lets the 24 volts complete circuit to contactor for 40 minutes.
The cycle of 40 ON and 20 OFF continues as long as din rail timer is ON. Set the din rail timer to turn ON during peak electric prices.

Illustration on right shows same diagram except pulling power off the 240 volt AC circuit. Use 10-15 amp inline fuse to protect timer and relay circuit from 50-60 amp air conditioner circuit. Use terminals to connect the smaller wires to contactor. Prevent loose connection and risk of fire: Do not put two different gauge wires under the screw plate on contactor. Never put stranded wire under screw plate.

120-240 volt THC15 din rail timer

120 volt LY2 relay
240 volt relay

120-240 volt Twin timer

HVAC contactors
Inline fuse holders
Din rail fuse holder

How to wire twin timer
Din rail timers and  manuals
Relays and contactors
Add smaller wire to larger wire

WeMo switch wiring
Larger image
How to wire WeMo switch
WeMo allows programming via smart phone
Do not use stranded wire under screw plates
Buy from my affiliate links:
WeMo switch
Contactor with 120 volt coil
6x6x4 Box to install contactor

WeMo switch and module wiring
Illustrations of contactor wiring
Select correct wire and breaker size
WeMo switch wiring
Skylink remote control countdown timer
Skylink wireless countdown
Skylink wireless programmable or countdown
Countdown is same as off-delay: load turns ON immediately and turns OFF after delay period ends.
Estimate 1/3 Hp
Grundfos pump is 1/25 Hp
120V 60 Hz/ 10 watt minimum/ 1500 watt
Operate as ON-OFF or Countdown device/ Up to 500 feet
15 minute - 60 minute countdown
Wireless wall mount transmitter TB-318
Wireless countdown receiver PA-318
Transmitter and receiver
PA-318 manual

ST01C timer controls 120Volt delay-off-timer
Activate off-delay timer using push button -or- using ST10 timer
Push button, or ST01, activates delay timer.
Push button gives momentary on-off to activate delay timer
When ST01 turns ON and then OFF, then delay timer activates
Delay timer turns Load ON
Delay timer begins countdown.
When countdown expires, delay timer turns Load Off
Buy from my affiliate links:
6A855 Solid State timer
11-pin plug-in base
Contactor with 120volt coil
ST01 battery-operated timer
6A855 Manual
More off-delay timers
off-delay timer for recirculation system Operate recirculation system remotely from 1-2-3+ different locations
How it works:
Do NOT connect voltage to bell wire going to push buttons
Buy delay timer and base
Connect 120volt Hot and Neutral wires to base as illustrated.
Buy thermostat or bell wire and connect to push buttons as shown
The push buttons receive no voltage or power... do not connect to power source.
Plug timer into base. Choose delay time from .05 seconds to 999 seconds
Push doorbell button. Activates timer.
Timer turns ON and begins countdown.
Pump turns ON and runs until countdown stops. Countdown is off-delay.
When countdown expires, timer turns OFF, pump turns OFF.
Delay timer rated 1/3 Hp.... recirculation pump rated 1/25 Hp

Buy project materials:
Example 50' thermostat bell wire
6A855 Solid State timer
11-pin plug-in base
Push button plate Amazon
Other countdown timers
More off delay and pin timer illustrations
6A855 Manual
remote control countdown timer
Larger image
Remote control countdown timer
6A855 Solid State timer
11-pin plug-in base
General purpose relay
Woods 32555
Wireless remote controls
Replacement A23 battery

Select recirculation pump
See analog plug-in timers
See remote controls
Water heater recirculation system
Control motor with 2 switches
Larger image
Larger image 2
Control motor with 2 switches
Same wiring diagram applies to single-pole switch
Contactor with 240Volt coil

240Volt coil

Start winding pulls more amps than switch can safely handle.
Over time, the switch will fail.
Contactors are rated for heavy amp loads, with expected life of millions of operations
Wire contactor use miniature relay instead of contactor. The wiring is not illustrated, so let me know if you want specific illustration.

Buy: contactors:
Packard contactor with 24Volt coil
120Volt coil
240Volt coil
      Terminal kit     Terminals:
Crimp terminals onto stranded wire
Solder terminals onto solid wire
Terminal kit
Blue terminals for 16-14 gauge wire
Yellow 12-10 gauge female terminal 16 pcs

6X6X4 Metal box w/ Contactor

carlton 6x6x4 junction box
6x6x4 Plastic box
Buy 6x6x4 junction box
Plastic box and metal boxes
Available home center/ electric supply house/ or online

6x6x4 plastic box: no pre-drilled holes... must drill holes for Wire connections, 1/2" hole for fuseholder, 3/16" holes for bolts to hold contactor, plastic box does not need ground screw connected to box
Cantex 6x6x4 PVC plastic enclosure with cover
Thomas and Betts 6x6x4 plastic with cover
Bud industries 11x7x5 box without knockouts
6x6x4 Metal box: has knock-outs for 1/2 and 3/4" ... must drill 1/2" hole for fuseholder, bolt holes to hold contactor, threaded holes for 10-32 ground screw, metal box must be grounded.
Raco 6x6x4 metal pull box with cover and knock-outs
Raco 6x6x4 metal pull box with cover and knock-outs
RACO outdoor 6x6x4 box with bottom knockouts
Wiegmann 67x6x4 pull box with knockouts on 4 sides
Hoffman 6x6xx4 pull box with knockouts on 4 sides
6x8x4 metal box
Bud industries 6x8x4 box with hinged door
Bud industries boxes
See more about boxes
fuseholderBusman fuse holder Buy inline fuseholder and ceramic fuse to protect timer from overload
Panel mount fuse holders
Buy fuseholder
Buy fuseholders
30 amp fuseholder
Ceramic fuses

Read about fuseholders
WeMo switch WeMo Module
Control water heater with WeMo
WeMo switch
Belkin WeMo

Unlocked smartphone
Unlocked smartphone

12-2 gauge/ 20 amp
12-3/ 20 amp

10-2 gauge/ 30 amp
10-3/ 30 amp
NMB is house wiring
UF is underground
Match wire and breaker size
2-Pole 40A resistive
Rated 1 million operations
Inrush 27 watts, 7 watt operation
120Volt coil
240Volt coil

Other contactors
Mars 2-pole and 3-pole
3-pole contactors
Read more about contactors
Decora wall-plates
Decora wall-plates

Buy from my associate links
Decora wall-plates
Decora wall-plates
Decora wall-plates



Test for breaks in wire/ Test for voltage
Most appliance require 80% rated voltage to function correctly
Multimeters at Amazon
Electric testers at Amazon
How to test and replace element
How to test thermocouple
Element tests for 120 volts
How to test wire
Safety when testing wires:
Never touch wet or previously flooded appliance.
Never stand on wet surface when working on electric.
Never stand on bare soil, put down dry boards.
Tape tester leads to wood sticks to keep hands away from power.
Use non-contact voltage tester before touching wires.
Never touch or lean into any made of metal.
Remove metal objects from pockets.
Do not use oxygen or fuel accelerants in same room as electrical repairs

Basic house wiring

Non-contact voltage tester

Test for power without touching connectors
NEVER assume power is OFF
Non-contact voltage tester Amazon
Electric testers at Amazon
How to test electric power is off
wire connector assortment

Twist-on wire connector assortments

Do not reuse old connectors
Connector assortment at Amazon
Connector assortment at Amazon
How to select and install twist-on wire connectors
Weatherproof wire connector

Weatherproof wire connector

Connector cavity is full of silicone
Built-in cover keeps silicone in place
Protect from water, dust etc
Buy from my affiliate links
Weatherproof size 14 to 6 Amazon
Weatherproof size 22 to 8 Amazon

How to select and install connectors
Wire connector wrench
Wrench to apply wire connectors
Tighten connector

Wire connector blaster
Twist connector wrenches at Amazon

How to twist wire
How to select and install twist-on wire connectors

Blue for 16-14 wire
Yellow for 12-10 wire

How to install terminals


Terminal kit
Blue for 16-14 wire
Yellow for 12-10 wire
Push on wire connectors

Push-on wire connectors in place of twist-on connectors

Push on wire connectors Amazon
Red 3P connector for 10-14 gauge wire
Lever connectors for stranded wire at Amazon
remove cable staple
End cutting nippers at Amazon

linesman pliers
Buy tools:
Wire strippers at Amazon
Linesman pliers
Utility knife at Amazon
End cutting nippers at Amazon

Use solid copper wire
Fire inside timer caused by stranded wire
Keep enclosure door closed at all times
soldering guns

Timer caught fire
Support the economy:
Buy water heaters from my associate links:

50 gallon Gas water heaters at Amazon
40 gallon gas water heaters at Amazon
50 gallon Electric water heaters at Amazon
40 gallon electric water heaters at Amazon
Hybrid / heat pump/ water heaters at Amazon

How to install gas water heater
How to install electric water heater
Troubleshoot gas water heater
Troubleshoot electric water heater
Point of use water heaters
Troubleshoot Gas valves with manuals
Icon gas valve

How to replace water heater element Waste King disposal
How to wire tankless electric

Install point of use water heater
Titan tankless

Contactors/ relays
Install and troubleshoot garbage disposal Waste King disposal
Programmable timers

Woods timers
surge protection
Anode rods anode rods
Recirculation system

Tankless recirculation
Point of use water heater
Type 1 and type 2 surge protection surge protection
Industrial electric

Industrial supplies

Tools and home improvement

Home and garden

Hayward pool
Pentair pool

Southwire electric

Black and Decker

Irwin Hand tools
Klein hand tools
Fluke electrical testing
Dremel hobby tools

Campbell Hausfeld air powered
Tekton automotive

Powerbuilt automotive
Saws and saw blades
box timers Resource:
Compare box timers
DPDT timers
Control water heater w/ Z-wave
Intermatic control centers Resource:
Intermatic control centers: and parts
Digital control centers and parts
Tork control centers and parts
All control centers and parts
programmable timer Resource:
Programmable timers
Countdown timers
Off delay timers
On delay timers
Timer modules
Din rail
Twin & one-shot
Low voltage power packs Recirculation systems
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