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Motor driven countdown timer
Paragon 2600

Motor driven commercial countdown timers

Panel mount Motor drive for 100% reliability

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Marktime auto off timers at Amazon
208-240V Henry Penny 60 minute motor driven timer
120V motor driven 20 minute countdown timer
120V motor driven 60 minute countdown timer
Diehl TA4180A timer

Panel mount off-delay timer

Panel mount countdown timer

1/2 Hp @ 120 Volt
3/4 Hp @ 240 V
120-240VAC input
1 second to 99 minute countdown timer
SPST 15 amp
Push button trigger
TA4180A at Amazon
Panel mount delay timer

Diehl 650 manual
Diehl TA4180A manual
sestos B3s

Panel mount one-shot timer B3S or B2E

Precise digital control
Multi-function gives choice of one-shot application
Apply power, and normally open terminals turn ON for set time, and remain off until power is cut and applied again.
This can be operated with a Normally closed push button that applies continuous power to the timer mechanism. When the push button is pushed, it starts the delay time circuit for the set duration of time.
Time durations: .01 seconds to 99hour99 minutes (4.16 days)
Repeats each time power is applied again.

1/2 Hp @ 120 Volt
3/4 Hp @ 240 V
100-240 volt AC/DC input terminals are separate from output terminals
B3S one-shot timer
Twin timers at Amazon
Sestos relay timer
Normally closed push button
Uxcell push buttons
B3S timer manual
B2E timer manual
Prince castlePrince Castle countdown timers
Multi-channel, horizontal and vertical
120V and 240V models
Single display, multi-display
Prince castle multi channel cooking timers
Prince castle manual /pdf

Intermatic FF

Replacement knob

Intermatic FF series/ replaces single-pole or double-pole switch

Models: 15 minute to 12 hours

1 HP 125V  /  2HP 250V
SPST & & SPDT & DPST models
Hold and no-hold models
Two DPDT timers can be used as 3-way timer
Inductive: 20 Amp 125 VAC 50/60 Hz;
10 Amp 250 VAC 50/60 Hz;
10 Amp 277 VAC 50/60 Hz
Tungsten: 7 Amp 125 VAC

Intermatic FF series timer at Amazon
Sell sheet with models and wiring for motor applications and 3-phase and Off delay
FF series instruction manual and wiring

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How to install gas water heater
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Troubleshoot gas water heater
Troubleshoot electric water heater
Point of use water heaters
Troubleshoot Gas valves with manuals
Icon gas valve

Install and troubleshoot garbage disposal Waste King disposal
Install point of use water heater

How to wire tankless electric
Point of use water heater

Anode rods anode rods
Recirculation system

Tankless recirculation
Point of use water heater
Type 1 and type 2 surge protection surge protection

Contactors/ relays

Z-wave/ wifi

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Industrial supplies

Home Improvement


Lab and scientific
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Saws and saw blades
box timers Resource:
Compare box timers
DPDT timers
Control water heater w/ Z-wave

Control with WiFi
Intermatic control centers Resource:
Control centers:
+ manuals and parts

All control centers and parts

Including Z-wave
programmable timer Resource:
Compare programmable timers
Compare countdown timers
Delay timers

Din rail

Control water heater with programmable wall timer
surge protection
Type 1-2-3 surge protection/ wiring and manuals

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