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Troubleshoot Bosch tankless water heater

Call em: 800-283-3787
Bosch website
Contact Bosch webpage
Bosch tech support NZ
Tankless troubleshooting resources for homeowner
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Bosch Tankless logo

Error codes 

Error codes/ pdf
Bosch-GWH2400ES-error-codes/ pdf
Fluctuating temperatures/ pdf
Blank display/ fuse troubleshooting/ pdf
Bosch remote control manual
Bosch error code C1 C6 C7 troubleshooting/ pdf
Bosch EA error code troubleshooting/ pdf
Bosch EC error code troubleshooting/ pdf
Bosch  EC troubleshooting 2/ pdf
Bosch A4 E4 troubleshooting/ pdf
Bosch A3 E3 troubleshooting/ pdf
Bosch A2 error code troubleshooting/ pdf
Bosch E1 error code troubleshooting/ pdf
Bosch E2 error code troubleshooting/ pdf
Bosch E9 error code troubleshooting/ pdf

No error code?

No error code pdf
Crossover and Low water pressure
Sample Vent-kit installation/ pdf
Roof venting/ pdf
Ventilating tight house/ pdf


Do the maintenance

Stick man pointing

Family projects

Clean & maintain to prevent common error codes
Clean water filter monthly, delime tankless yearly!! Big family fun on the horizon!!
Tankless operation overview/ pdf
Descale each year
Maintain your water heater/ pdf
Maintain water heater 2012/ pdf

I like projects
Some tools required
Some tools required
Checking proper draft for venting
Pilot flame/ no burner flame troublshoot/ pdf
Removing and cleaning tankless burner
Remove and clean burner 2
Cleaning burner and combustion parts/ pdf
Tankless dynamite


Get up your wallet
Bosch Phone Support:
Gas Products Technical Support: 800-642-3111
Electric Product Technical Support: 866-330-2729
stick men heads
Bosch online tech support:
Support center with manuals, service bulletins
TechnicalSupport for gas
Support for electric
Freeze prevention

Product manuals/ gas

Current posted manuals
Bosch aquastar manuals
Bosch WR400
Some older manuals 2011 etc:
Bosch-250SXO Outdoor only
Bosch GWH 2400 ES
Bosch GWH 2400ES
Bosch Eco therm

Bosch-2400-ES low elevation
Bosch AQ1-425HN-125B-HX-BS-BL
Bosch Aquastar 170PV
Bosch water wizard 600
Bosch 10P
Bosch AquaStar 38B NG LP
Bosch Aquastar 80VP NG LP
Bosch 13P 16-P

Misc manuals

Bosch remote control manual
10P Pilot specs
Water wizard lighting instructions
Winterize and freeze protection/ pdf
Outdoor installation manual/ pdf

Service bulletins/ gas

Aquastar service bulletins
38B and 125 service bulletins
240 service bulletins
VP service bullitens

Product manuals/ electric

Bosch-Powerstar-AE125-AE115 manual
Bosch Ariston GL2.5, 4.0, 6+
Bosch Ariston P10S P15S
Troubleshoot Ariston GL electric

How to wire tankless electric water heater
Make sure qualified service is available in area BEFORE buying tankless. Check rates for parts, service, and yearly maintenance before counting tankless savings
Repair tankless water heater Bosch parts at Houseneeds.com
Delime tankless
Larger image
Delime tankless yearly
Tankless heat exchanger is prone to scale build-up, and must be delimed each year. Error code IL means delime.
Deliming will not restore full efficiency. Read research
How to delime tankless water heater
Maintain water heater 2012/ pdf
Rheem-De-lime-tankless/ pdf

Buy project materials
Tankless flushing kits
Tankless service valves
Submersible pump
Filter washers at Amazon
Washing machine hoses at Amazon

You need service valves and pipe parts, 1-2 washing machine hoses with female connection both ends, circulation pump, and find 5 gallon bucket along road, plus buy 2 gallons white vinegar at grocery store.
Only takes 45 minutes!  Assemble parts for flushing and do it each year until yer widow inherit the job.
Arern't you glad you squeezed that tankless in the closet, over the hardwood floor? What a space-saver!
Or just install ordinary tank type water heater yourself for $385
Bosch tankless water valve Tankless ignitors
Disclaimer/ Find local technician
Post question on pro water heater forum:
10) Install DIY tank-type gas water heater and avoid the whole headache
"The genius of tankless is not that they save money or energy. Because they don't.
The genius is marketing that targets folks who believe tankless save money and energy."
Rheem logo Troubleshoot Rheem Tankless
Atwood water heater resources
Tankless flow rates
Flow Rate
Check manual for minimum flow rate to activate tankless.
Average faucet 2 gal per minute flow rate/ Average tub 2.5 gal per minute flow rate
1/2 gallon per minute means: Faucet must fill quart in 30 seconds and gallon in 60 seconds
3/4 gallon per minute means: Faucet must fill quart in 20 seconds and gallon in 80 seconds
Crossover and Low water pressure can reduce flow rates
Higher thermostat setting can reduce hot water flow when more cold water is added at faucet to moderate temperature.
Promise of unlimited hot water not consistant with water conservation or energy savings.
Checklist to see if household suited for tankless Bosch transformer Replacement Transformer $223
Whole new tank-type gas water heater at Lowes $331
clogged sensor Read more:

Tankless turns-on after toilet is flushed
Hidden costs of tankless
Bradford White: "Tankless fall far short of payback"
gas meter dial
Energy savings Bosch compact gas

Tankless fuel cost calculator
All costs are energy

Don't forget to Subtract hidden cost of tankless:
Yearly maintenance, cost of repair, etc for example yearly deliming
How to read the gas meter Winterize and freeze protection/ pdf
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