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How to wire Dayton Off Delay Timer

dayton off-delay timer Applies to 24 to 240 volt circuits
Do not exceed volt and amp rating
Must be AC voltage. Not rated for DC

Sequence of operation:

Push  momentary-on switch
Countdown begins after momentary-on is released
Dayton timer begins countdown. Load turns ON.
When Dayton timer reaches end of countdown, circuit going to Load is turned OFF

Momentary on switch can be any circuit.
When circuit turns off, then the countdown begins, and runs until countdown is finished.

The Load
Motor, lights, fan cannot exceed 1 amp.
Volts x amps = watts. Amps = Watts Volts. 120 volt 100 watt light bulb = .83 amp
Recommend using contactor

Recommend 1 amp fuse on hot wire going to timer

Use contactor because coil is less than 1 amp:
Match coil voltage and voltage used to operate timer

Model 6a859     15 seconds to 300 seconds
Model 6a858     3 seconds to 60 seconds    
Dayton off delay timers at Amazon
Push button                     Busman fuse holder
Normally open push buttons at Amazon
Normally open or monetary on push button
Fuseholders at Amazon

2-pole 40 amp contactor

With removable dust cover on top.
Select voltage needed to control coil.
Buy 2-Pole 40A resistive
120Volt coil At Amazon
240Volt coil At Amazon
24 volt coil at Amazon
Mars 2-pole and 3-pole contactors at Amazon

Fasco info sheet
More contactors
Wire and breaker size

Substitute Battery-operated timer for push button switch

ST01 timer operates with battery... requires no voltage,
How it works:
Programmable timer turns on and then off 1 minute later
This activates Dayton countdown
Load runs until countdown ends

Buy. no neutral/ single-pole or 3-way:
Intermatic ST01c timer/ 1 year warranty
ST01a almond

Intermatic ST01K combination timer
Model 6a858     3 seconds to 60 seconds  

How to program and wire ST01 timer
Compare all programmable timers
Omron timers pdf

Other types of common household off-delay timers
Household countdown delay timers and horsepower ratings
Occupancy switch

Larger image of timer
Image of buttons

120Volt 6A855 Multi-purpose off-delay/ DPDT

1/3 Hp 10 amps @120Volt
10 pin timer with 2 sets NO NC relays

2 knobs on top: use to set time and to set function.
.05 second to 999 minutes
For off-delay, set knob to DOB
Power must be applied continuously to 2 and 10 for timer to function.
Do not apply voltage to push button terminals 5-6.
Example 120V wiring:
Connect 120V Hot to 2 and 1
Connect Neutral to 10 and 11
Connect ordinary push button to 4-5
Connect load Hot to 3 and Load Neutral to 9
Push down on switch momentarily.
When switch is released, Load turns ON, and remains ON until countdown expires, then Load turns OFF

6A855 Solid State timer at Amazon
11-pin plug-in base at Amazon
Dayton off delay timers at Amazon
6A855 Manual
How to wire AH3 timer

AH3 off delay timer
More wiring diagrams

AH3 off delay timer

Adjustable off delay timer
Activates countdown with momentary power to terminals 2-7

Buy from my affiliate links
120 volt AH3-3 at Amazon
Off-delay timers at Amazon

How to wire AH3
How to wire pin timers
Elko delay timer

Elko delay timer/ Multifunction

On-delay, off-delay, repeat cycle, delay on break, pulse generator, latching, single shot
Input voltage 12V - 240 volt (50-60 Hz)
Indicator lights
.1 seconds to 10 days

Elko delay timer
Sestos relay timer
Migro assorted timer
CRM-93H   10-function
CRM-91H  10 function
CRM-82 two-function
11 pin timer
Larger image
10-pin timer
Typical manual
Larger image

10 pin timer wiring 10 or 11-pin timer wiring.
Each terminal is independent
Wiring shows on side of timer.

Illustration shows typical 120Volt wiring..
Hot and Neutral connect to A and B.

Install jumper wire between A and 7 to put 120V to timer relay.
When timer is OFF, then NC terminal 1 has power.
When timer is ON, then NO terminal 4 has power, and terminal 1 has no power.
Complete circuit with neutrals at terminal B

To use other terminals:
Add jumper wire between A and 9 (or 7 and 9)
Omron delay timer

How to wire pin timers
ICM 201 timer
Larger image
Use as is for 24 Volt.
For 120-240V cut blue jumper wire located on front of timer between terminals
ICM 102 ON delay timer:
Packard ON delay timer
Input wire connects to terminal 3
Wire to output connects to terminal 1

When voltage is applied to terminal 3, the delay count begins.

When count ends, the circuit between 3 and 1 is closed and voltage flows through timer to the contactor coil.

Set the delay time from .03 minutes to 10 minutes.

To install: cut Y wire from thermostat.
End from thermostat connects to terminal 3.
End going to contactor Load connects to terminal 1.

Buy delay ON: Time delay begins when power is applied to input. After delay, load turns ON and stays ON until power is turned OFF.
ICM 102 / 18-240VAC 1.5 amp load at Amazon
Packard 102 at Amazon
ICM controls
See more illustrations

Buy delay ON break/ Load turns ON when power is ON, when power OFF load is OFF and cannot restart until after delay period:
ICM 203 ON-delay timer at Amazon
Packard 203 On-delay at Amazon

Buy contactors:
Packard contactor with 24Volt coil
120Volt coil At Amazon
240Volt coil At Amazon
Solid state relays/ at Amazon
ICM 102 delay ON timer manual .pdf
ICM 203 delay on break manual .pdf
IMC relays
More contactors

On delay timer
Using 102 Delay-on/ for 120-240Volt, cut jumper wire on front of timer
Adjustments less than 30 seconds might not be possible
Larger image
Turn on two motors at different times
ICM253 timer Post purge time delay 18-30Volts AC.
Timer controls 2 Loads.
You want Load1 to turn off with timer, but have Load2 run 12 to 380 seconds longer when timer turns off.

ICM 253 manual
ICM 253 timer at Amazon
ICM 253 timer

ICM 253 manual
LADT2 on delay timer          
Larger image

On delay contactor block

On delay timers are designed to delay start time.
Once the LADT2 timer block activates, the countdown begins.
When countdown ends, the timer's internal relay activates.
When LADT2 relay activates, the NO normally-open contact closes, and NC normally-closed contact opens.
For example, when circuit is 'closed' then power travels across terminals and light bulb turns ON.
When circuit is open, the light bulb is OFF.
NO and NC contacts give two different wiring choices.
LADT contacts are 'dry,' and have no power until Hot wire is added to either the NO or NC terminal.
Contact block attaches to contactor.
When contactor activates, that action activates the LADT2 countdown. LADT series are pneumatic timer attachments.
LADT timer is activated by mechanical action of contactor, instead of electric current.
Adding timer block, allows the contactor to control additional circuit with time delay. So a second process can begin or stop shortly after contactor activates.

Buy contact block at Amazon
Delay contact block at Amazon
Unicell contact block
Dayton contact block

How to wire contactor block

LADT series timer attaches to contactor

Paragon E500 interval timer
Larger image
Larger image2

E500T ON delay timer/ 120v or 240V/ SPDT 1 NO and 1 NC terminal

Tork E500T ON delay timer
SPDT 1-NO and 1 NC contact
32 time delay durations 5 second to 3 hours
Activation starts with external switch
Turns OFF at preset time

E501T auto-off interval timer/ SPDT 1-NO and 1 NC contact at Amazon
E502T at Amazon
E500T 120-240Volt off-delay timer at Amazon

Sell sheet with wiring diagrams
Dayton 2VJ58 timer
Larger image

Omron H5S series YEARLY timer

Weekly, or yearly
2-circuit and 4 circuit models
Timer has 1-59 second impulse.
24V DC supply voltage has X
Same as Dayton 2VJ58 timer
Sell sheet
Omron H5S timer manual
Omron H5S at Amazon
H3CA timer
H5S-WFB2 weekly/ surface -mount/ english/ 2 channel at Amazon
HS5-YFB2D-X  yearly/ surface mount/ english/ 2 channel/ 24Volt DC/ temperature compensation
Mounting track hardware
Sestos relay timer
Migro assorted timer
twin timer

Twin timer

For example a car alarm is a twin timer ... honk-honk-honk indefinitely until power is cut.
Once power is applied, the on-off-on-off-on-off cycle repeats over and over until power is cut

Twin timers at Amazon

How to set and wire twin timer

Larger image
Use cycle timer to turn Load on-and-off at short duration cycle
Control cycle timer with another timer to control hours of operation

CT2000 120 volt

Cycle timers
Legrand double pole momentary switch

Momentary switches

Activate timer with momentary switch
For example a push button  is a momentary switch.
Available in normally open and normally closed.
A doorbell button is Normally open momentary switch.
A Leviton center pole switch can be a NO NC momentary switch
Some delay timers start when power is applied, and reset when power if off ... use normally closed.
Some delay timers start when power is off, and reset when timer receives momentary pulse of electricity. ... use Normally open. Buy
Leviton momentary switch
Leviton 20 amp DT momentary switch at Amazon
Double-pole momentary switches at Amazon

Push buttons
Push buttons at Amazon
Momentary switch
2-channel momentary timer Intermatic ET9000 series timer
Tork 1800 series
Tork 1800 Momentary contact timer

Tork DGU-DGUM momentary

Momentary timers

Intermatic Multi-channel timers with momentary capability

Use 1 channel to control circuit.
Use other channel in momentary or impulse mode to activate delay timer.

ET 1100 and ET1700
ET90000 series

Example Momentary circuit is school bell that rings for 5 seconds. This action can act as push button to activate delay circuit.
See Tork 1800 and other mechanical timers and manuals
See Tork DGU and other digital timers and manuals

3-phase timer
How to install 3-phase timers
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How to wire tankless electric
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Type 1-2-3 surge protection/ wiring and manuals

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