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Romex Connectors

       Push in romex connector
Drill 3/4" hole for 1/2" romex connector
Drill 1" hole for 3/4" romex connector
Romex connectors fit knock-outs in electric boxes. Buy at hardware store.

Purpose of romex connector: clamp down on wire to stop movement and protect wire from sharp edges of knock-out hole.

Boxes with built-in clamps do not need romex connector.
Romex clamps at Amazon

Join wires inside octagon box

Clamp wires firmly so they cannot be puuled out of box, even if somebody trips over wires.

Often, octogon boxes and wall boxes have built in clamps

Use cable staples to attach wires firmly to solid structure
Octagon box

Metal octagon box

Metal boxes have groved channels at corner for clamping ground wires to metal box
Octagon box

All boxes must be covered.

Electric connections must be inside covered box.
Push wires down.
Make sure wire nuts are not loose
Install box cover
Electric box knock out

Use hammer and screwdriver to remove knock outs

Hit with sharp strike of hammer, and then twist out blank using pliers
Use linesman pliers to remove extra metal for larger hole
Fill unused holes with snap-in plug from electric dept
Use tapered drill bit to make hole anywhere
Plastic enclosure

Drill holes in plastic enclosure:

Drill 3/4" hole for 1/2" romex connector
Drill 1" hole for 3/4" romex connector
6x6x4 plastic box:
no pre-drilled holes... must drill holes for romex connections, 1/2" hole for fuseholder, 3/16" holes for bolts to hold contactor, plastic box does not need ground screw connected to box
Cantex 6x6x4 PVC plastic enclosure with cover at Amazon
Thomas and Betts 6x6x4 plastic with cover at Amazon
Bud industries 11x7x5 box without knockouts

More boxes: Resource
6x6x4 enclosures
tapered drill bit

Optional: Tapered drill bit for plastic or metal box

Buy tapered drill/ step drill bit for any size hole
Step drill bits at Amazon
Neiko tapered drill bit 1/4"-1-3/8 holes

Buy electric wiring Book
Black and Decker Complete guide to wiring
More resources;
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