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24 volt programmable timer

          Larger image             

CR2 battery  ST01 uses CR2 battery
Why are ST01 and Ei600 timers 24 Volt AC or DC
Because the timer is battery-operated. Battery lasts 2-3 years.
Because the timer does not need to be connected to 120 Volt AC or 240 Volt AC power to operate. Just the battery is needed
Timer can be located inside electric box, anywhere outdoors-or-indoors.

Intermatic ST01c timer at Amazon/ 1 year warranty
Intermatic ST01 timer
Ei600 5-year warranty timer at Amazon
CR2 replacement battery at Amazon

How to program and wire ST01 timer
Use ST01 as 24 volt photoeye
Load ratings for Intermatic timers/ pdf
Load rating for ST01 timer: 120V ac, 6A, 208-277V ac; DC Loads 4A 12V dc, 2A 28V dc; Motors 1HP 120VAC, 2HP
240V ac, Ballast 16A 120V ac, 208-277V ac; Resistive 20A 120-277Vac.
ST01 timer
Red-Blue-Black-green wires
LED display is not illuminated

How to wire ST01 timer

Connect 24 V AC to black wire
Connect Load to Blue wire
Cap off Red wire (red and blue connected, reverses timer programming)

How to program and wire ST01 timer
Override thermostat?
Add more programs to control furnace?

I cannot say exactly which HVAC or thermostat wires you connect this to.
The wire does not need power, or it can have 12-24 AC/DC  or 120, 208, 240, 277 volt AC.
You can simply cut a control wire, and insert ST01 as shown.

Timer red wire is capped.
If you connect timer red and blue wires, then timer programming is reversed...
THIS means what?
ST01 is programmable, or dusk-dawn timer.
Choose up to 6 on-off programs, or choose dusk-dawn. (either-or, not both)

Dusk-dawn means timer is ON at night.
Connect red-blue wires, then timer is ON during day.

Use ST01 without any voltage, or with any voltage

ST01 timer

Testing the ST01 timer

Other uses for ST01 timer:

ST01 timer controls water heater or any 240 volt load
Reverse ST01 using Intermatic air switch   / Resource: Intermatic air switches
Use ST01C for 4-way timer
ST01 24 volt DC photoeye
Convert single-pole switch into 3-way switch using ST01/ Resource: How to add a switch   How to add 3-way switch
Turn off doorbell certain hours of day
Override any hardwired timer
Override any electric circuit
Wire into z-wave circuit
Control water heater
CN101A timer wiring
Larger image/ amico timer with dust cover

dust cover for amico timer
Dust cover
CN101A timer

Amico panel mount timers

24 volt AC timer
Programmable feature/ 7 day / 17 on-off settings
Countdown feature/ 1 second to 99 minutes
Pulse feature/ 1 second to 99 minutes
3 year power reserve

Buy from my associate links:
24 volt AC timer
24 volt DC timer/ control voltage 24VDC / relay rated 16 amp 250VAC/ relay can control 24VDC r
Amico 120 volt 7-day timer
12 Volt/ 16 amp/ DC timer at Amazon
24 Volt/ 16 amp/  DC timer at Amazon
Dust cover for Amico timers at Amazon
Amico timers at Amazon
Transformer: 120-240 Volt to selectable DC voltage

CN101A/ amico timer manual/ pdf with wiring
How to wire amico timer

Voltage required to run timer

Illustration of wiring
CN101 wiring
24 volt timer CN101A timers at Amazon
Deihl 880

Diehl 880 TA-series timer

SPDT with NO NC terminalsBuy:
24 hour/ 24 VAC timer module at Amazon
Dieh 880 instruction manual
880 wiring
880 wiring
How to set timers

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How to install gas water heater
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