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Intermatic Wh40 Electric Water Heater timer
water heater timer
Large image of 240Volt WH40
Same as T104 except with convenient override lever
Larger image

All Intermatic timers- manuals
Intermatic WH40 
208-240Volt /10000watt /40 amp/ DPDT/ 24-hour / override on front of unit
40 amp up to 9000 watt non-simultaneous 240Volt/
To check your heater, look at label on side of tank

2 sets on-off trippers arrive with product
> 24 hour dial/ you can buy extra trippers up to 12 sets on-off trippers fit on the 24-hour dial
> 1 hour minimum on-off time/ indoor box
Repair parts are widely available
On-line and phone support from Intermatic.com

WH40      208-240-277Volt 10000 watt 40 amp at Amazon
T104-20 (WH40)     208-240-277V (same as WH40 except no external override) at Amazon
Buy repair parts
156T1978 trippers at Amazon
Replacement trippers at Amazon
Clock motor WG1573 at Amazon
Wiring diagrams: How to wire WH40
WH40 manual
WH40 sell sheet
List of replacement parts
Photos of WH40 timer internal parts and maintenance

How to set and operate T100/ WH40 series
How to wire WH40 
WH40 wiring

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Intermatic control centers Intermatic control centers:
+ manuals and parts

Including Z-wave
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