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How to install and troubleshoot photo eye

Check that photo eye rating matches voltage and wattage of Load
Check that power line is not running under voltage
Check that wiring is correct using diagrams below

General troubleshoot-

Troubleshoot photo eye manual/ pdf
Troubleshoot household electricity

How to wire photo eyes

How to wire photo eye
Another image

120 Volt photcell wiring

Photo eye control requires Neutral wire to power the internal switch.
When exposed to light, the photo eye turns off internal switch, and cuts power between black hot wire and red wire to light.
When darkness is sensed by photo eye, the switch is turned on and power flows to light through red wire.
Neutral wire completes the circuit.
Photo eyes at Amazon

Read about 120Volt circuit
Intermatic photo controls/ on-line
Intermatic photo controls sell sheet with model numbers
Photo control sell sheet

Do not face photo eye toward direct sun, to avoid damage.
Face photo eye away from outdoor lights, to avoid blinking
Dual lights

Add photocell to outdoor lights

Leave switch turned ON

Buy Tork 3002 208-240V at Amazon
120Volt photo control
Add photocell to outdoor lights
Larger image

208-240 Volt photocell wiring

120Volt photo eye can control 240Volt load as long as Neutral wire is present.
Photo eye control requires Neutral wire to power the internal switch. (Or for non-code-compliant solution, connect white wire on photocell to bare ground wire)

240Volt circuit can be turned off by turning off power to either Hot1 or Hot2. This is called turning off 'one leg' in 240V circuit.

12-3 wire or 10-3 wire is needed to provide 2 hot legs and 1 neutral
Photo eyes at Amazon
Read about 240Volt circuit

Larger image of photocell wiring

More illustrations

Photoeye wiring
240Volt photoeyes

Intermatic resources:
Photo controls at Intermatic
K4200 sell sheet 120-277V, 480V, 208-277Volt
K4100 sell sheet all voltages

Search for 208-240 Volt photo control:
K4423M 208-277 Volt photo control at Intermatic
K4423 at Amazon
Buy Tork 3002 mechanism at Amazon
Wire photo eye to pump

High amp loads/ Motor, multiple bulbs

How to control motor or pump with photo eye
Ordinary Contactor turns pump turns ON at Night.
Use Dayton 5X847 relay to reverse, and turn plump ON in Day
Use illustrated wiring to control pumps or any large amp load that exceeds timer rating.
Example definite purpose contactors

Optional: Add 15 amp busman line fuse to black wire going to photo eye to protect device if amp load of motor exceeds photo eye maximum load rating. See illustration

Buy fuseholder at Amazon
Buy fuseholders at Amazon
Read more about fuseholders
Read about contactors and relays

Omron LY23 AC Model terminals/ back to front:
7-8 magnet terminals (turned opposite direction from other pins)
5-6 common terminals
3-4 NO normally open terminals (power is off when relay off)
1-2 NC normally closed terminals (power is On when relay is off)
Load rating 7.5 amps AC
900 watts incandescent @ 120V
1800 watts incandescent @ 240V
1/4 Hp motor @ 120V; 1/2 Hp @ 240V

Reverse photo-eye so Load turns ON in daylight

To reverse operation of photo-eye
So Load comes on during daylight hours
photo eye connected to DPDT relay

30 Amp relay x 80% = 24 amp max up to 2880 watt @ 120V or 5600 watt @ 240V
30 amp 10 gauge wire up to 2 Hp @ 50' or 1.5 Hp @ 100' @ 120V See load charts
Use Omron 120volt LY2-AC 8-pin relay for 7.5 amp.
    NO NC Relay
    7.5Amp Omron         30Amp DPDT
Omron LY2 at Amazon / Choose 120Volt coil
30 Amp DPDT relay at Amazon

Omron relay/Page 450 / pdf

Wire sizes

Select correct wire size
How to select and install wire connector
277 480 3-phase WYE

3-phase link

How to install 3-phase surge protector

Electricity leaves power plant What is 3-phase electric: power plant to end user
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How to install gas water heater
Troubleshoot gas water heater
Troubleshoot electric water heater
box timers Compare box timers
programmable timer Compare programmable timers
Countdown timers Compare countdown timers
Compare power packs

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