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Growth and electricity consumption

How much electric power
Cosco/ Sugarland Texas 2013

How much electricity will new building consume?

Giant box store construction in Sugarland Tx.
New consumption is added each day.
New generation capacity is not added each day.

Each new home and business adds more electric consumption.

How much water will new building consume?
Price of water

No water = No electricity

Power company boils water using hydrocarbon fuel, or nuclear rod.
When water turns to steam, a steam explosion occurs.
The explosive power of steam is used to rotate turbine which turns generator.
This applies to coal-fired, gas-fired, and nuclear power plants

Bath uses 20 gallons water (12-15 gallons hot water).
Shower uses 10 gallons (5-8 gallons hot water)
How much money is bath water worth?
Growth: Water and electricity
New power generating plants require much local land, and reduce water resources available for other activity such as farm irrigation.
Proposed power plant on lower Colorado River in Texas was cancelled because competing interests along the river objected to the power plant.
Planned power lines would run through farmland, and farmers objected. Moreover local rice crops use scarce water resources pumped from Colorado. Since Texas is in drought, Rice farming was cancelled again in 2013 for lower Colorado because expected water flow could not supply all needs along the river. The proposed power plant would make water resources even more scarce.
Currently, the plan is to build more resevoirs along Colorado. Usually severe droughts or massive floods are required before large resevoir projects are undertaken.
Without additional power generation, economic growth cannot be sustained.
Nor is there is abundant electricity available for new desalanation facilities that convert sea water into usable non-salt water resource.
Salt water will kill fresh water plants and animals.
Growth is essential for capitalism. Without growth, the economy enters recession. Each part of the economy must grow each year to avoid recession. This includes new construction, where each new building or house adds more electric consumption, and more water consumption..
Electric power consumption cannot grow indefinitely without adding more generation, which ultimately means more water is needed for the steam-driven turbines at nuclear, coal-fired, and gas-fired power plants.
Regulation/ Water and electricity
Mandates requiring CFL light bulbs are one step toward allowing economic growth without more generation capacity. But the intent of CFL regulation is offset by ever-larger 600-800 watt TVs.
So how does the economy regulate TV size, and electric consumption, when the courts rule against regulating consumer demands, for example court action against regulating giant sugar-sodas.
Today's attitude that the consumer-knows-best are not always best long-term interests of people, since news coverage over-emphasises the extreme while failing to offer long term risk-benefit analysis. The owner of sugar-soda corporation has ownership shares of news corporation. So news coverage is diminished to product promotion and general hysteria instead of long-term social assessment. It would be impossible today to pass 'rural electrification' mandates from the 1930s that brought electric service to any location that wanted electric power. Yet the rural electrification mandate was essential for national prosperity.
Contrast today's attitude against regulation with government mandate for 3-gallon flush toilets: Following the flush size mandate, consumers rebeled against government interference with their demand for a 5-gallon flush. Yet long-term analysis shows that without the 3-gallon mandate, NY and other municipalities would have run out of water years ago. Long-term thinking is needed since water eventually affects electric power generation, and affects all economic growth.  Perhaps the person demanding 5-gallon flush should be the person responsible for carrying water from the river up to each 3rd floor bathroom. In short order, the demand for smaller-gallon flush would hurriedly advance. The same folks might suddenly prefer a quick 5 gallon shower instead of 20 gallon bath. Or maybe these folks would want to bathe in the river and naturally demand clean rivers free of pesticide and benzene, but somehow allow their own pee.
Usually societies run out of water before building resevoirs. So probably the solution for electric power shortage will be found after TV-owned businesses suffer brown-outs and black-outs causing delay or cost increases in serving giant sugar-sodas.
Posted question about federal regulations.
it appears the efficiency (emissions) standards for gas are coming April 2015: UNLESS Rheem is bringing their products online in July
3) Bad venting causes pilot failure/ check the draft
When hydrocarbon fuel ignites, the hydrogen is burned, and then CO2 CO NO SO and acidic water vapor are released into vent pipe, and out into atmosphere. These are poisonous chemicals being puffed out of every vent stack across the globe.
CO, carbon monoxide, can kill people inside home, if venting is improper.
So check the draft.. or air draw going up the vent... to make sure the vent is functioning correctly:

4) Other changes in CO2 standards will affect you next few years.
Several appliance manufacturers have agreed to include a remote control module with each new electric appliance (which includes dishwashers, TV etc). Whirlpool has been including this for many years.
The manufacturers agreed on CEA-2045 Standard so all appliances can communicate with a single format. This means the industry will be streamlined to meet the smart grid.
At same time, the new EPA standard for power plant emissions comes into affect over next few years.
It is important to note that people will yell at the federal government, but each state will decide how to meet power plant emission goals.
Here's the point: the CO2 emission goals can be met outside the power plant fence... which means the state can enact requirements that home dishwashers run only after certain hours etc.
The state governments will go the same direction as appliance makers, and approve the CEA-2045 Standard for communication.
Many new products will use this standard... and probably the whole package will be neatly bundled into a monthly payment... or else they will collect your personal data and you have no payment... or both.
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