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How to wire motion sensor/ occupancy sensors
Motion sensors at Amazon
Wireless motion sensors at Amazon
Wireless motion sensor / for alarm system at Amazon
Occupancy switches/ sensors at Amazon
wire motion detector
Larger image
Both bulbs turn ON with motion detector
Connect all white wires together
Black wires from lights connect to red wire from motion sensor/ Cap this connection/ it is finished
Black wire from motion sensor is separate.

Black wire from switch connects to black wire going to motion detector
White wire from switch box connects to white wires.

Screw wire nuts very tight.
Make sure all bare wire is covered with wire nut
Make sure wire nut cannot pull off

Connect ground wires to each green ground screw. Connect all ground wires together.

Motion sensorDetects motion. turns light(s) ON
Twisted wire Stranded wire to solid wire
1) Strip stranded wire longer
2) Wrap stranded around the solid wire
3) Twist wire nut over both wires
4) Twist wire nut very tight
5) Pull stranded wire and make sure it will not come loose
How to wire motion sensor Floodlights/ motion sensor light ... outdoor off-delay light switch
Incoming wire has Black and White
Motion sensor has Black Red White

Connect Motion sensor Red wire (Load wire) where incoming Black wire used to connect
Connect incoming Black to motion sensor Black
Connect White to White

When finished, the light switch must remain ON position
Make sure wire nuts are tight and cover all of copper wire
How to select correct wire connector

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Zenith wireless motion sensor floodlight
Motion sensor 1 bulb ON with switch;  
Other bulb ON with motion sensor
Install smaller wattage bulb for full-time lighting
Install larger wattage bulb for motion sensor
Turn off lights during day... or add photocell so light ON at dusk, OFF at dawn

Add photocell to outdoor lights
Larger image
Photocell instead of motion
Leave switch turned ON

How to wire photo eyes

Buy Tork 3002 mechanism at Amazon
Photo cells at Amazon
Zenith wireless motion sensor floodlight
Add motion detector to light Add motion detector
Connect motion sensor to outdoor lights
Or connect to silent dog whistle to wake dog
If you have dual light, the motion sensor can be installed in place of 1 light
Or add motion sensor anywhere nearby, and run wire between light and sensor.
Disadvantage of adding sensor is that light can not be turned ON with switch
The switch must remain ON for motion sensor to work
To overcome this problem requires another line run from switch.
Or add another light controlled by remote switch.
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Wireless motion sensor Wireless
120Volt hardwire systems are generally more reliable, and will work in freezing temperature... while batteries have shortened lifespan in freezing cold


Wireless motion sensors at Amazon
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Wireless spotlight and motion sensor

Buy wireless alarm system::
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Dual bright motion detector
Brighter when motion detected
Uses existing light fixture.
Light bulb automatically ON at dusk, but becomes brighter when motion is detected
Replace single-pole light switch with dualbright switch.
NO Neutral wire needed... do not connect antenna wire on dual bright switch to any wires inside box.
Single-pole switch has 2 wires... connect either of these two wires to either two black wires on dual bright switch. Connect dual bright green wire to bare copper ground wires. No other wiring needed.
Attach wireless motion detector to wall outside, after installing 2 AAA batteries.
5 brightness settings

Dual bright at Amazon
Zenith wireless motion sensor floodlight

Dualbright manual
programmable screw in light control Programmable
On at dusk.
Off at dawn, or OFF 2,5, or 8 hours later


Programmable screw-in light control/ Westek at Amazon
Photocell dawn-dusk screw in light control at Amazon
Screw-in motion sensor Screw-in motion sensor for exterior light
No wiring needed
Screw-in motion sensor at Amazon
motion sensor plug Motion outlet/ 3-prong
Buy at Amazon
Motion sensor outlets at Amazon
Plug in motion activated light/ 100 watt Plug in / 100 watt motion sensor
Always unplug cords before working with outdoor lights, to avoid possible shock
Always plug outdoor extension cords, timers, and light to GFCI-protected outlet

Plug in motion light at Amazon
Motion lights at Amazon
How to wire GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter)
Water-tight cord lock
Water-tight cord lock -or- choose weatherproof cord connection box
Use cord lock to safely and securely connect outdoor cords
Always unplug cords before working with outdoor lights, to avoid possible shock
Always plug outdoor extension cords, timers, and light to GFCI-protected outlet
Water-tight cord lock
How to wire GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter)
infrared-off-delay-timer 12Volt DC Infrared sensor for auto
Car light turns ON when heat detected
12V DC circuit includes relay
12 volt Infrared sensor
Occupancy switch Manuals
Cooper motion sensor wiring/ by model number
Leviton motion sensor wiring
Leviton occupancy sensor
Pass and Seymour occupancy sensors
Tork SSA 120V 277V 24V 50-60Hz occupancy sensor
Occupancy switches
Wiring varies by brand and model number
And wiring varies by type of application.
Some switches are single-pole only.
Some are single-pole or 3-way. Some are 4-way.
Some require companion occupancy sensor for 3-way and 4-way application.
Some require neutral wire, while others do not.
Generally if no neutral wire is required, then the type of load is limited to incandescent lights.
Some occupancy sensors/ motion detectors turn On automatically, while others are activated by push button.
All occupancy sensors turn off automatically.
All occupancy devices can be set for range of delay times
Occupancy switch How to wire single pole occupancy switch
You are Replacing single pole switch
Wall switch has 2 wires, plus green ground screw for bare-copper ground wire.

Single-pole Occupancy switch has Black Red White Green wires
If occupancy switch is rated single-pole and 3-way, then it will have yellow or blue wire in addition to red wire shown in illustration. With the single-pole 3-way, the red wire is capped for single pole installation. Use the blue or yellow wire to connect to load (light fan motor etc).

Heres what to do
1) Occupancy-green-wire connects to bare ground wire.
2) Single-pole switch being replaced has 2 wires.
Take Single-pole switch wires and connect them to Occupancy-black-wire and Occupancy-red-wire.
Choose either one for now.
(Variations exist for 3-way and multiple location occupancy sensors)
3) In back of electric box are white wires twisted together and covered with wire connector. Connect Occupancy-white to these wires.
4) If electric box does not have white wires described above, then connect Occupancy-white to bare ground. Occupancy switch will work until you have time to run additional White neutral wire from nearby outlet.
5) Turn on electricity, and activate occupancy switch. If lights come on, Occupancy is wired correctly. If lights do not come on, then reverse Occupancy-red and Occupancy-black wires.

If Box does not have white neutral wire, then connect occupancy-white to bare ground wire.
No white neutral wire If device has just 2 wires, and no white neutral
Use same diagram shown above, except there is not white wire
2-wire devices are rated for incandescent-only
Check rating sheet shown in product manual
How to wire single-pole occupancy switch
You are Replacing single pole switch, but there are only two wires and a ground wire in the switch box. There are no neutral wires.

Installation is same as described above, except the occupancy switch white wire is connected to the bare ground wire.

In the case of occupancy switches rated for single-pole or 3-way, then the red wire is capped off for single pole installation. Yellow wire or blue wire is connected to Load.
How to wire single pole/ 3-way occupancy switch
If occupancy switch is rated for single-pole AND 3-way
Then Red wire is capped for single pole

Motion detector switch
Power consumption
Typical in-wall occupancy switch runs full time, consumes .8 Kwh per year
Occupancy switch consumes power because it is standing ready.
When person enters area covered by occupancy switch, the electronics inside switch must be On so occupancy switch can detect motion, heat or sound.
Advantage of occupancy switch is that light or fan etc will not remain turned On and consuming power for many hours ... which will ultimately consume much more power than .8 Kwh per year.
 Marktime 30 amp countdown timer    Grasslin ET616 Other OFF-delay devices  
       Ordinary countdown timers for bathroom fans, whole-house fans
       Countdown timer horsepower ratings
Reverse Motion detector

Turn off motion after motion is detected
Turn off lights when motion is detected, so they can't find your beer
Reverse motion sensor so Load turns OFF
To reverse operation of motion sensor
So Load turns OFF when sensor activates
Motor runs full-time until motion sensor activates
Install timer on Hot line to control when motor is ON.
Project materials:
    NO NC Relay
       Omron                  30Amp DPDT
Omron LY2 at Amazon / Choose 120Volt coil
30 Amp DPDT relay at Amazon
Omron relay/Page 450 / pdf
More contactor resources + wiring step-by-step for Omron
Electricity leaves power plant Electricity: power plant to end user/ 3-phase
See inside household electric service
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