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How to attach handrail to pocket door

attach handrail to pocket door Attach handrail to pocket door
Safety rail in my bathroom
Assistance stepping into and out of shower.
Real #12 x 2" stainless screw
#10 x 2" stainless screw
#10 x 2-1/2" stainless screw
Heavy duty curtain rod bracket
Curtain rod bracket

Attach handrail to pocket door: details
2x2 treated yellow pine, sanded, stained, varnished.
Very strong, will support my full weight 225 lbs, but it might not support that weight at the door, since pocket door fame is not structural like a 2x4.
Rail can be used for exercise/ towel rack/ hang bathmat or small rug after washing. Assistance stepping into and out of shower.
Soap and shampoo holder screwed into handrail using stainless fender washer and screw.

Rail runs from tub-shower to doorway.
Left end extends into doorway for hanging damp towel, but can be cut shorter.

Farthest 2 handrail brackets are screwed into 2x4 frame. Drill through shower tile with masonry bit to attach bracket using stainless screws.
To drive screws tight, and ensure no rust over time, avoid stainless-coated pot metal screws from local box store. Pay the money and use real stainless.
Real #12 x 2" stainless screw
100 pack #10 x 2" stainless screw
50 pack #10 x 2-1/2" stainless screw

Center bracket spaced away from wall using piece of oak from old pallet
Oak planed to thickness, sanded and stained
Center handrail bracket is slightly higher than other two, so center of rail is slightly higher
This trick gives visual illusion of strong construction

For pocket door:
Handrail bracket attached to 2 drapery rod brackets using 10-32 x 1/2" bolts and locknuts
Drapery rod brackets screwed into pocket door frame using 2-1/2" x 10 hex screws
The screws go into the horizontal 1x4 of pocket door frame
Not necessary to remove pocket door to install
Heavy duty brushed steel curtain rod bracket
Curtain rod bracket
wallPocket door installation Replace hinged door with Pocket door
More space inside room
Easier access for wheelchair because entire opening is available
Move furniture, equipment etc in and out easier
Wider door possible
Typical bedroom door is 2' 8" or 32"
Wheelchair or medical bed door might be 36"
If door is wider, then more flooring will be needed to fill space Pocket door installation
If installing same size door, pay close attention to flooring, and position new pocket door frame so additional work on flooring is not needed

Remove: door trim, old door and jamb, baseboard, and sheetrock
Always save old trim since it matches other trim in home. Cut caulk with utility knife, and gently remove trim with hammer and pry bar. The remove nails from back of trim using nipper to preserve appearance of trim.

It is possible to remove sheetrock from one side of wall and carefully work around remaining sheetrock. Use reciprocating saw to cut nails.
Remove old header
Move electric as needed.

Cut bottom plate and move 2x4 wall back to fit pocket door
Install switch in shallow wall box 3/4" deep/ run wire into same wall cavity as outlet
Do not hide junction box inside wall, instead use outlet as new junction box. or install sconce or track light on wall, or another outlet in hallway
Install new header: two 2x8 with 1/2" gap spaced by 1/2" plywood
Install pocket door frame.
Can be nailed to floor and nailed to 2x4.
Make sure pocket door frame is plumb
The left side of pocket door in this installation will be held in place by length of standard white pine door jamb
Otherwise the pocket door frame is complete door jamb with roller track for door
Hang door on provided rollers. Adjust door so it meets jamb evenly

Check door function
Check electric
Reinstall sheetrock... be careful and do not drive nails into door. Use short nails
Trim out door with 2 pieces of door stop across top and down the left side of jamb
Reinstall baseboard

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Pocket door installation
Larger image
Pocket door frame Pocket door frame
Pocket door frame is same thickness as standard 2x4
Apply sheetrock over pocket door frame using short nails

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