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Cost to operate water heater Figure Volts Amps Watts for water heater How to wire tankless electric
How to install point of use water heater Point of use water heater
Compare 16 electric and 3 gas water heater timers Troubleshoot Rheem tankless Clean sediment out of water heater
9 ways to save with water heater
How to install recirculation system Point of use water heater
How electric water heater works Troubleshoot electric water heater Troubleshoot-gas-water-heater Troubleshoot Bosch tankless Do-it-yourself

New water heater ideas

Larger image with details

1) Heat traps added to water heater

Make your own heat traps to stop upward heat loss

2) Bond pipes together to prevent corrosion of tank

Add copper wire between hot and cold pipes/ prevent stray current corrosion
Heat trap nipples
Hot side and cold side heat trap nipples

Factory-installed heat trap nipples/ heat trap inserts/ 

Save $2 per year energy cost
Manufacturers add heat traps so they can claim greater efficiency
However these heat traps can clog, especially after pipe repairs upline from water heater
Water heater can make noise and whistling sounds.
Recommend removing heat traps, and installing pex-lined nipple
Low hot water pressure
Noisy water heater

Pex-lined nipples

Less corrosion
Prevent electrolitic deterioration when connecting copper and galvanized
Dielectric nipples at Amazon

How to remove short water heater nipple

Read more: How to replace short nipple
Drip pan
Drip pan saves damage
See drip pan installation

Drip pan

Water heater drip pans at Amazon
watts automatic shut off valve

Automatic water heater shut off valve

Automatically shuts off water in case of water leak
Set detector in water heater drain pan
Plug transformer into 120Volt outlet
Lead free brass

Floodstop water heater shut-off at Amazon
Onsite Pro FS1NPT manual
Watts WDS 0301003 discontinued
Watts automatic shut off valve sell sheet
Watts automatic shut off valve manual
Heat pump water heater Heat pump integrated with refrigerator

Real science at work that you can apply.
Heat from refrigerator re-used in water heater
Modest home has 88 cent energy bill
Water heater uses refrigerator heat
Low-energy home uses heat pump integrated with heat from kitchen refrigerator pg9

Heat pump water heater best suited for warm climate where ambient air temperature is warm.
Minimum room size 10' x 10'
Read review

Marathon water heater Marathon electric by Rheem
Objective: long life
Insulated, self-cleaning, non-
corroding polybutene tank, oversized element parts for easy sediment removal
Energy Smart Whirlpool energy smart electric water heater
Objective: Energy savings
Control on top of heater
4 operating modes
Read product details
Solar kitchen
Mixing valve
Larger image
clogged sensor


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New water heater ideas

compare water heaters
2012 Compare water heater pitches, then lose your shirt

All Costs are energyso total energy-cost equals cost of water heater, plus installation, plus expected repairs-and-parts, plus water softener-and-filter, plus disposal-recycling cost, divided by years of tank life. These numbers are added to monthy energy cost to measure true energy cost & efficiency of a water heater.
Government/industry efficiency numbers consider only energy cost per gallon of heated water.
How much does it cost to run water heater
How to install gas water heater

Electric Hybrid


Heat cycle releases cool air into room while heat -exchanger heats water inside tank.
Read more

$26+ savings per month not supported by customer testimony.

Read blog

Read about refrigeration cycle

Reliant heat pump water heater
Rheem hybrid electric heat pump
Rheem heat pump manual
Objective: Energy savings
Heat pump pulls heat from surrounding air
LCD control panel
American hybrid electric
Objective: Energy savings
LCD control with three operation modes.
Back-up elements
Read specs
Read comparison pdf
GE heat pump Electric
Objective: Energy savings
Compressor and evaporator pull heat from surrounding air > LCD control panel
Promo video & specs
AO Smith Voltex Electric Hybrid
Objective: Energy savings
Heat pump transfers heat to water + operation modes
LCD display
Reliant heat pump
Easy-to-use touch pad
Powered anode rod for zero maintenance
4 operating modes
State hybrid water heater
Accelera hybrid China hybrid water heater CO2 heat pump water heater
State Hybrid Video
Objective: Energy savings


Objective: Energy savings
✔Works more efficiently when room air temp is warm

Compact heat pump
Objective: Energy savings
LCD control panel
66" x 22" compact size
CO2 Heat Pump Water Heater Development
Objective: Reduce energy and emissions; Replace refrigerants with CO2
Read 1 2 3
University of South Florida water heating system
Objective: Energy savings
"Adjusted cost of hot water = $85 per year"
air generate Geyser Heat Pump
Heat pump blows cold air into room, which lowers ambient room temperature and reduces amount of warm air needed for heat exchanger.
Air Generate- Air Tap
Objective: Energy savings
Heat pump added to top of existing tank. 7000 BTUs consumes 2.05 KW for each hour of operation.
Geyser Heat Pump
Promo blurb
Objective: Energy savings
6000 BTU consumes 1.75 KW for each hour of operation.
Eternal hybrid manual
BTU is amount of energy used to heat 1 pound of water 1 F.

Water weighs 8.35 lbs/gal

3,413 BTUs in KW hour
Water heaters, appliances and devices should come with electric meter so facts can be accurately measured and reported.

Heat pump water heater Heat pump integrated with refrigerator

Real science at work that you can apply.
Heat from refrigerator re-used in water heater
Modest home has 88 cent energy bill
Water heater uses refrigerator heat
Low-energy home uses heat pump integrated with heat from kitchen refrigerator pg9

Heat pump water heater best suited for warm climate where ambient air temperature is warm.
Minimum room size 10' x 10'
Read review

Larger image
Earthquke zones.
Use earthquake straps.
Earthquake straps at Amazon

Read pdf
See illustration

Larger image

High-efficiency & innovative Gas

Ordinary gas water heater 69% efficiency.
Tankless 79%.
Electric 99%. 'High efficiency' gas 90- 96%.

High efficiency not same as energy savings.
Aircraft carrier may be efficient but small ship is cheaper.
Read more

Bradford ultra high efficiency Rheem power vent
State high efficiency Gas water heater
Objective: High-demand 
121 Gal per hour recovery <> compare with regular gas 41 Gal per hour recovery
State literature
Bradford White efficiency
Objective: Ultra-high efficiency, air quality, integration with technology and exterior heat sources
Digital control located at top
Rheem Power Vent electronic gas heater
Objective: PV electronic control
Adjust temperature remotely
Self cleaning
AO Smith Vertex "peak demand" Gas heater
Objective: High demand
Burner & blower at top deliver unlimited hot water
Diagnostic LCD
American high efficiency gas
Objective: efficiency & easy installation
Pressurized combustion
24V Electronic control
Powered anode rod - Read
Bradford white high recovery AO Smith Effex
AO Smith "Next-hybrid"
Objective: efficiency & high demand
Uses secondary heat exchanger & buffer tank
Multiple modes
Bradford White high recovery
Objective: high demand and conventional draft
76,000 BTU per hour so more hot water is available
AO Smith Effex
Objective: Powered Anode
40,000 BTU sealed system recycles hot combustion gas.
Resettable FVIR
Read power anode rods
Customer options

Customer options continued ...

.. products shown are  available in other brands

Self cleaning tank Self cleaning tank Marathon water heater
State "sandblaster" commercial self cleaning
Objective: Long-term value Less sediment means more energy efficiency
Gold elements = long life
Bradford White Gas self-cleaning
Objective: Value, high demand:
66 Gal recovery
Efficient self-cleaning tank
Bradford White energy saver electric
Objective: Energy savings
heat traps on pipes, 2" foam insulation
Automatic controls
Marathon electric by Rheem
Objective: long life
Insulated, self-cleaning, non-
corroding polybutene tank, oversized element parts for easy sediment removal

Bradford white low NOx Lochinvar low nox water heater Phoenix evolution
Bradford White low NOx water heater
Objective: Low nitrogen oxide emissions
75% less NOx than standard model while maintaining efficiency and water temps
Zenith copper-lined
Objective: anti-microbial & long tank life

99.99% pure copper
SuperStor oil fired water heater
Objective: Low energy cost

Bock oil fired
Phoenix evolution
Objective: Combine all home heating into one appliance
Hot water, hydro air
Hot water baseboard heat
Solar assisted
Energy Smart Kenmore tabletop water heater
Kenmore Hydrosense
Objective: customer convenience, on-line reviews, write a review.
Honeywell electronic gas valve
Whirlpool energy smart electric water heater
Objective: Energy savings
Control on top of heater
4 operating modes
Read product details
Hubbell point of use
Objective: save water and money
Thermostat, low amps

How to install under counter
Kenmore tabletop
Objective: utility /appearance
Easy access control > set temperature higher on wash day > 2" foam insulation.
Dual power option

More Customer options hot water dispenser Pot heater
Wood burning water heater
Immersion heater
Objective: now guests can stay in the barn
Put 120V electric heater in bucket of water > makes 150 hot water
Insinkerator Hot Water Dispenser
Objective: save water, save energy
Point of use hot water
Kohler, Sunbeam, Franke, KitchenAidPanasonic Others
Pot heater
Objective: Fill pot and have hot water at any sink
12" tall heater heats plugs into 115V outlet
Dispenses 2-3 liters hot water into cup or sink
Use switch or timer

Objective: Savings
OWB: outdoor wood-fired boiler

Check local air quality rules

NRG Biogeyser

Solar water heat is efficient use of solar energy

Solar tanks are made for higher temps.

Regular water heater can be damaged by 180 F solar temps.
Tempering valve needed.
Check manual

Solar water heater Solar water heat
AO Smith cirrex solar assisted electric heater
Objective: Solar heating
Energy star > 30% tax credit Claim: "70% water heating is free"
Rheem Solar series products
Objective: Solar heating
Slim solar panels provide free and natural way to heat water
Electric back up
Bradford White EcoStor
Objective: Conserve energy, store solar heat
Choose gas or electric back up > ICON gas control
Integrated mixing device
How to save hot water using mixing valve
Buy from my affiliate links:
Mixing valve kit at Amazon
Water heater mixing valves at Amazon
Chromagen solar tank
Objective: Store solar heat
International manufacturer
Back up elements
Insulated tank

Self cleaning tank Solar water heat Solar water heat
Bock Indirect Coil tank heater Objective: Boiler heats hot water through coil inside water tank.
Ideal when home uses boiler
for heating
Lochinvar solar storage tank
Objective: Store solar heat
Back up 4500 Watt element, foam insulation, 150 psi working pressure
Mfg in Tennessee Read
Bock solar tank
Objective: Store solar heat
Optional electric element back-up
Triangle tube indirect multi-energy tank
Objective: Integration with solar, geothermal
Heat exchange coil
2" foam insulation
Solar kitchen Jose Alano Gull sun coil Marathon water heater
List of Do it yourself solar water heater projects
Objective: Inexpensive Solar water heaters

Jos Alano solar collector from water bottles
Objective: Recycling, innovation, solar heating

Brazilliant from Brazil
Gull Sun Coil
Objective: Absorb solar heat from all directions
Locate 6' diameter collector in hard-to-fit areas
5 gal per minute flow rate

Marathon heater used as solor collection tank
Bushings are available to convert element ports to 1" NPT pipe thread See

Timers and controls

Protect electronics from electrical surge

American Pacific timer Icon gas valve

American Pacific Gas Water Heater Timer
Objective: Save energy
Do-it-yourself gas water heater timer
Read details
Bradford White ICON gas water heater timer
Objective: Save energy
Gas valve communicates with timer and other features.
Gas water heater timer

Compare 16 electric and 2 gas water heater timers

Objective: Save money
Do-it-yourself timers save $15-20 per month
Whirlpool Energy-Smart

Energy Smart
Rheem Honeywell Gas Valve
Gas valve communicates with electronic control at top of heater
Read pdf

Programmable water heater timer on wall
Do-it-yourself water heater timer made from off-the-shelf parts
Costs about $80
AO Smith Intelli-Vent electronic gas valve
Self-diagnostic gas valve. Brand-specific gas valves control increasingly complicated water heaters.
See error codes/ set temp
Whirlpool energy smart electric water heater
Objective: Energy savings
Control on top of heater
4 operating modes
Read product details

Hybernator gas water heater timer

Hybernator programmable timer
Hybernator gas water heater timer
Optional ways to control water heater temperature
How to adjust temperature
Ordinary timer controls temperature
Aqua Smart
Mixing valve
Whirlpool Energy Smart
Honeywell-Aube CT241
Off-peak water heater ideas
Tweaks and choices

Solar water heater Off peak thermostat wiring Staging tank
Passive solar water heater
Use old 40 gallon tank and save money 7 months each year
Off-peak water heater
Wire water heater so one element is turned off during peak electric prices

9+ ways to save with water heater
Simple efficiency steps with your gas and electric water heater
Add tempering tank
Pre-heat incoming cold water
with tank located in naturally warm area

Motorized shut off valve
Leak detection and inlet water shut off

Objective: Warn of anode rod depletion before tank rusts and ruptures, plus leak detection
Anode rod options
Defender FVIR heaters
Objective: Advanced flammable vapor protection
Read review
Read forum discussion

How to install gas water heater

Save money by knowing how to install and maintain water heater
Power anode rod
Objective: Long life for metal tank.
Anode rod options

Demand pump
Objective: save money, save water.
Quickly circulates hot water to distant faucet
Intelligent anode rod
Recirculation system
Clean sediment from tank
Objective: Maintain efficiency
Anode rods
Objective: Lengthen life of water heater tank
Do it yourself water heater repairs and information
Objective: Save money
Troubleshoot electric water heater:
Objective: Save money
element thread to pipe thread Mixing valve Mixing valve
NPT - NPSH thread
Use element port to connect solar collector.
NPSH thread to NPT.
National fire
Mixing valve
Very hot water for laundry room, regular Hot water for rest of house
Installation image
Installation pdf
Avoid tankless hype

Water heater parts
Larger image
Troubleshoot Rheem tankless
Read side-by-side test results
Read hidden cost of tankless
clogged sensor
Pressure sensor fails
Staging tank for tankless
Tankless water heater efficiency drops > parts fail in 2 years without water- softener. De-liming does not restore efficiency. Read pdf
American gas hybrid
Combines storage and tankless technology
Handles peak demand with no minimum flow rate and cold water sandwich.
American-size consumption.
Preheat cold water

Pre-heat incoming cold water with tank located in naturally warm area

Water heater manufacturers, brands, sellers, resources

Find age of your water heater
Water heater manufacturers & sellers
American water heater
American Standard
AO Smith water heaters
Amtrol indirect-boiler
Andrews UK
Apollo Water heater
AquaMax systems
Aquatherm combo
Atwood mobile products
Bock water heaters
Bradford White water heaters
Buderus solar tanks
Craftmaster water heaters
Dana/AE Anderson
Dux hot water systems
Everhot water heaters
Everlast stainless steel heater
GE/ Rheem water heaters
Giant Factories/AO Smith
GSW Water heating
Hamilton Engineering
Hatco booster heater
Hotpoint at Home Depot 2
Hubbell water heaters
ISE hot water dispenser
John Wood
Kenmore/Sears water heater*
Laars/Bradford White
Lochinvar water heaters

Water heater manufacturers & sellers (cont)

Marathon/ Rheem
Maytag/ GE water heaters
Nibe water heaters
Polaris/ American
Quik water heater
Reco heaters
Reliance water heaters
Rheem water heating
Richmond/ Rheem
Ruud water heaters
Scout gas heaters/ State
Silicone Solar
State water heaters
Suburban RV heaters
Superstore storage tank
Techtanium Indirect tanks**
Triangle Tube Indirect
Triton Hot water
US Boilers
Vanguard Water Heaters
Vaughn manufacturing
Weil-McLain water heaters
Whirlpool water heaters
Wolf solar tanks
Zenith water heaters

Appliance magazine :

620,000 - 650,000 water heaters are shipped each month in US read

Water heater shipments increased in April read

*Kenmore/Sears with customer comments about water heater products

Whirlpool customer comments

** Indirect water heaters receive heat from external source including boiler, solar collector, wood/coal burning, and geothermal

Water heater market profile
Water heater market profile 2009- pdf
3.8 Mb file

Water heater manufacturers

List of company identifications- pdf
228 Kb

List of Industrial manufacturers:


-Water heater self-help forums 1 2 3 4

-Water heater reviews:
Write your own review, compare brands, etc

-Lowes water heater buying info

-Home Depot water heater buying info

Water heater reference chart
-Water heater reference chart

Troubleshoot Rheem tankless

Troubleshoot Bosch tankless
More facts-n-figures

Carbon footprint
Battelle Report- pdf
7.8 Mb file

Tankless gas, storage gas, storage electric compared for:
> Carbon footprint
> Efficiencies
> Life-span with and without water softener

Carbon footprint
PG&E- pdf
21 Kb file
Carbon footprint 
Gas and electric water heaters

How to install gas water heater
Troubleshoot gas water heater
Troubleshoot electric water heater
box timers Compare box timers

Control water heater w/ Z-wave
Intermatic control centers Control centers:
+ manuals and parts

All control centers and parts

Including Z-wave
programmable timer Compare programmable timers

Control water heater with programmable wall timer
Countdown timers Compare countdown timers

Control water heater with countdown timer
Low voltage power packs Low voltage transformers

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