wire water heater thermostat
Rewire foam insulated  tank
Buy 36" drill bits
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How to rewire electric water heater

Rewire electric water heater

How to change wiring on electric water heater / foam-insulated tank

Rewire foam insulated  tank
Foam insulation makes it impossible to change wiring.
Foam is pressurized and used to fill cavity between inner steel tank and outer tank shell
The foam fits very tight against wire so wires cannot be replaced.

Start with 3/8" standard drill bit to drill through steel top.
Then use 36" drill bit to drill through foam
Drill through top of tank near wiring cavities
Keep drill bit near outer edge of tank shell

36" drill bits
Fish bit
water heater thermostat

Take photo of wires ... before starting

Take photo of wires or draw picture showing location of each wire

See larger

Resources for thermostat and element wiring, replacement etc

How to wire water heater thermostats:
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Whirlpool energy smart

Resources for rewiring Energy Smart

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3 phase non-simultaneous water heater
Larger image

Resources for rewiring 3-phase

How to convert 3-phase water heater to regular water heater
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circuit breaker resources

Circuit breaker resources

Water heater is tripping breaker
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Not enough space for circuit breakers/ use tandem
Circuit breakers
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See inside breaker box
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Figure volts amps and watts
Figure correct wire and breaker
Types of surge protection

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