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spun concrete pole/ prestressed concrete

power generation

Power Generation Book

Co-generation is growing market as demand for reliable energy grows.
Book by Singh covers the basics, and the engineering math. Future business and industry leaders should be aware of the complexity and variability of electricity.

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spun concrete pole
Larger image
Spun concrete pole - A pole manufactured by placing prestressed steel strands and spiral reinforcement in a mold, adding fresh concrete and spinning mold to form the pole
Prestressed stranded cable
Minimum specified wall thickness of 2.5 inches of spun concrete at all points along the pole.

wood pole equivalents (WPE)
Weigh approximately 50-70% less than comparable wood structures, the steel poles are easier and less expensive to handle and install.
pre-drilled poles
constant taper without wood twists, knots, splits or bows
meet deforestation standards
 no need to retighten hardware later due to pole shrinkage
Not susceptible to damage by woodpeckers, insects, rot or fires
non-toxic, which reduce disposal problems and costs, and they can be reused or recycled

Steel pole are self conducting, with ground attached to internal reinforcement bar
Internal grounding, or ground can be added to exterior of pole. The pole in this image has internal grounding.

"For a spun concrete pole, the spinning process creates a very dense concrete and counteracts the air entrainment effects. Since pumping occurs prior to the pole being spun, the air entrainment effects are present during the fabrication of spun poles. The percentage of air entrained in a spun concrete pole after it is spun is unknown. However, it is believed poles that have concrete containing an air entrainment agent will have a higher void ratio than those without this agent. The owner has to be aware that as the percentage of air entrainment increases the concrete strength decreases."

"The economics of concrete, easier installations and virtually no post-installation maintenance result in low lifetime costs of Valmont Newmark spun concrete poles. Direct burial is used extensively, significantly reducing installation costs. There is no rusting or rotting to monitor, and replacements and patches are not needed. These factors provide a much better return on investment over the long-term.

Electrcal ground is not same as groundline mement. Groundline moment is stress on pole from wind, at the point of burial in the soil.

Concrete poles can be grounded externally or internally. External grounding is usually provided by attaching the ground wire to the pole surface using ground clips and cast-in threaded inserts. Internal grounding is usually provided by casting the ground wire into the wall of the pole during fabrication. A threaded "tank ground," also cast into the pole during fabrication, then provides the external connection for hardware attachments.
All internal reinforcing should be bonded electrically to the external pole ground wire. This will  keep the external ground and internal reinforcing potential voltage differences lower in lightning events. There have been cases reported of step lugs and other materials embedded in the concrete that were near or in contact with the reinforcing being dislodged from lightning. Spliced poles should have reinforcing on each side of the splice bonded electrically to the external pole ground wire. This should lower potential voltage differences of embedded material between each pole"

spun concrete pole
Larger image

Label for spun concrete pole

Customer Centerpoint Energy
Manufacturer Valmont Newmark
Manufactured 1-11-16,.... installed along I-69 construction Rosenberg Texas, February 25 2016
spun concrete pole
Larger image

Spun concrete poles located both sides of freeway

The overhead conductor is being installed so highway can be widened
Puller is located next to motel on opposite side.
Tensioner is shown in photo

Following day, the linemen pulled wire across freeway, and installed the overhead conductor

Read more about installing overhead conductor
concrete electric pole
Larger image

Spun concrete poles

Subtransmission lines in Sugarland Texas at night
2 spun concrete poles

Power lines arrive from nearby substation
Wires drop down to cut off fuses and then insulated wires go into conduit
Insulated wires send power to underground transformers when voltage is converted to usable voltage at local stores.
concrete electric pole

Spun concrete pole cross section

Specification .pdf
Valmont pdf
Valmont specifications
Precast load / from StressCrete
Prestress concrete poles / from lonestar prestress
Guideline bulletin

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