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Can you install 180 degree thermostat on water heater
Upper and lower thermostats
thermostat temperature range
Buy residential upper and lower thermostats
Thermostats are interchangeable/ each works with your water heater
Temperature range 90-150 Therm-o-disc/ reset trip @ 170
Temperature range 110-160 Aprom/ reset trip @ 180
Local YMCA hot tub = temperature 105/...  Typical shower-bath = 110F
Rated 120, 208, 277, 480 volt AC

Buy 90-150 degree F for residential tank:
Water heater thermostats at Amazon
Rheem thermostats
More thermostats
89T short/ dual-element thermostat
All therm-o-disc products

Therm-o-disc 59T-66T sell sheet/ pdf
Therm-o-disc thermostats

Difference between Rheem thermostats
Commercial water heater thermostats
Residential tank thermostat is rated 90-160 F
Residential tank is NOT rated for pressure and temperature of 170-180 water.
Only use 180 F thermostat on commercial water heater that is rated for high temperature

Marathon water heater is rated 170 degrees F
Commercial upper and lower thermostats
Commercial thermostats are used for 3-phase balanced and other commercial heaters rated for high temperature.
Residential water heater TP valve will release water at 170
Buy/ 3 phase water heater thermostat 120-180 degree F
Upper thermostat
Rheem SP8293 thermostat 110 to 170
Camco 120F to 180F

Lower thermostat
Rheem SP8295 lower 110 to 170
Camco 120 to 180F lower

Read more about 3-phase water heater
Yes the 180 commercial thermostat will fit the residential tank
Keep in mind:
-Installing the 180 thermostat on residntial tank with 150 thermostats will void product warranty because the tank is not specified for that rating.
-150 is maximum rating for your water heater... due to tank strength
-Residential TP valve will release water at 170F
-Typical bath temperature is 104-110F and rarely higher
-Higher tempoeratures cause water to expand, same as ocean expands as it warms. The expansion increases pressure inside the task and on adjoining pipes and fittings. If tank is rusted or compromised in any way, the tank could rupture explosively. The flood of 180F water would induce inflicting fatal burns.
180 scald is potential fatal injury

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Anode rods

Clean sediment from tank
Intermatic parts
Intermatic trippers and parts

Troubleshoot electric water heater
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Gas and electric water heaters Industrial electric at Amazon

Industrial supplies at Amazon

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Control water heater w/ Z-wave
Intermatic control centers Control centers:
+ manuals and parts

All control centers and parts

Including Z-wave
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