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programmable water heater timer on wall

Programmable water heater timer on wall

programmable water heater timers

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Do not connect these timers directly to a water heater
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343 different Timers at WW Grainger
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GE Timers at Jasco
Intermatic at aplussupply

These timers are 110 Volt. They are not connected directly to 220 Volt water heater. 

 See do-it-yourself installation

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        Leviton LPV25  See Leviton timers
6124-I & 6124-W at WW Grainger
6124-I at Smarthome
6124 Manual
Leviton 6124 offers:
> Easy 3-button programming > 24-hour day is divided into half-hour segments > each half hour period is either on or off > simply push button on timer to set each half-hour.
> Each day of week is same.

> Large override button so water heater stays-on continuously when guests arrive.
> Fully electric, no loss of memory with brief power outage. No battery required.
> Simple instructions and large lighted dial.
> LED indicator turns on when timer is activated.
   ST01C/ Ei600

For wiring no farther than 100' away

ST01C at aplussuply
ST01 & ST01LAC at WW Grainger
Battery-operated timers
Intermatic ST01C & EI600:
> Single-pole or 3-way wiring up to 100' away

> Program 40+ on-off cycles per week.
> No loss of memory in power outage or battery change

> Push-button Override so water heater stays-on continuously
> Programming, includes daylight-savings option.

Intermatic ST01c timer at Amazon
Intermatic ST01K combination timer

How to program and install ST01C
Wiring diagrams for ST01C

7-Day Programmable

See GE15086

Utilitec 0192773
Intermatic EI500
Aube T1032
Aube T1032
Tork 720
Tork 720
Woods 59018
Swilight LST 700
Swilight LST700

How to wire these timers to replace ordinary wall switch

7 day timers

Manual override

Powered by electric circuit
GE 15086 manual
& 15071 manual
ETW350 manual & ETW 193 manual
EI500 manual See all Aube

T1032 manual
Tork 720 manual
59018 manual
LST 100 manual
LST 200 manual
LST 700 manual
GE Timers and manuals

GE 15086 & 15071 at Jasco
ETW 350 / ETW 193 at Cableorg

All UPM timers
How to program and install Utilitec 014224

At Lowes
EI500 at Grainger Aube at Smarthome
Aube finder
See Tork  timers

See Woods- Noma timers
1-event 24 hour at Amazon

2-event 7-day at Amazon
Swilight LST500
24 Hour electro-
mechanical timer

Each day repeats

Set program on dial by moving pins
Tork 701A Woods 59017
How to wire these timers to replace ordinary wall switch

Intermatic KM  E1020 manual See GE 15070 Tork timers See Woods 59017
E1020 at Grainger
E1020 at aplus
GE 15070 at Home Depot Tork 701A at Grainger
Timer for 2-gang box Paragon multi-gang timers:
Paragon brand  WB 101, 102, 103
Paragon manual

Intermatic/Grasslin multi-gang

Intermatic KM2 series manual
KM2 sell sheet
At Amazon
At Amazon
At Amazon
At Intermatic store
At Smarthome
Hagar 31500 series
24 hour or 7 day
Hagar wall timer manuals

How to program Hagar

Hagar horizontal
Intermatic HB114C
See Larger

2 on-off per day
Manual override
Sell sheet

Intermatic timers and manuals
Plug in timers
Water heater plugs into timer
Intermatic HB114C
240 Volt 4500 Watt

Intermatic HB113C
120 Volt 2500 Watt

At Smarthome
Hagar horizontal wall timer
Compare timers Compare Box-type water heater timers
With manuals and wiring diagrams
Chart for setting water heater timer
Compare all electric & gas water heater timers

How to wire these switches for water heater timer

How to replace ordinary wall switch with timer
Your wall switch has 2 wires, plus bare ground wire.
Timer has 3 wires, plus green ground screw.

Extra wire on timer is used to run clock inside timer.
Typical in-wall timer clock consumes .8 Kwh per year

Manual says:
Timer-black-wire to Hot; Timer-red-wire to Load (lights)
Timer-white-wire to Neutral.
Heres what to do
1) Timer-green-wire connects to bare ground wire.
2) Switch has 2 wires. Take switch wires and connect them to timer-black-wire and timer-red-wire. Choose either one for now.
3) In back of electric box are white wires twisted together and covered with wire nut. Connect timer-white to these wires.
4) If electric box does not have white wires described above, then connect timer-white to bare ground. Timer will work until you have time to run additional White neutral wire from nearby outlet.
5) Turn on electricity, and push ON-OFF button. If lights come on, timer is wired correctly. If lights do not come on, then reverse timer-red and timer-black wires.
If lights blink after installing timer, then white wire is connected to red wire.

Compare timers
Water heater Box timers

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GE  Leviton Hagar  Countdown Sylvania
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Intermatic trippers and parts
 Dayton Sprinkler timers Power pack
Wire T1906 and T1905 timers
Wire T-101 T103 T104 timers
Paragon timers and manuals
Tork TU universal timer
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Tork TU universal timer
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How to set analog  timers
Intermatic GM series
Intermatic GM series
Pool timers and manuals
Intermatic T104P201

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