Intermatic P1353 timer
Larger image P1353
pe153 timer
PE153 with metal outdoor box

Tightwatt fits into Intermatic enclosure
Similar product to P1353
1-speed pump and 2-speed models
3-Channel timer

PE153 / P1353 / Select 120V, 208V-240V

20 Amp/ 50-60 Hz worldwide

PE153 has P1353 timer
3-channel timer with multi functions
PE153, PE153F, PE153P,PE153PF, PE153RC
Remote control available


P1353 timer only at Amazon

PE153 / timer with metal indoor-outdoor box at Amazon
Plastic enclosure-only at Amazon
Tightwatt timer only (similar product) at Amazon

P1353 manual 1.5 Mb/ pdf
P1353 sell sheet/ pdf
PE153 sell sheet

P1353 timer with I-wave / wiring/ pdf
Troubleshoot P1353 section from manual
Troubleshoot P1353 that worked before

Tightwatt resources:
Tightwatt sell sheet
Tightwatt manual
Example wiring diagrams
pool pump
How to wire P1353 timer
Wire P1353 timer for 2-speed pump

Benefit of 2-speed pool pump/ pdf

Buy plastic enclosure at Amazon
List of Intematic enclosures
P1353ME single speed
P1353ME single speed
Larger image

Intermatic PE1353ME
P4243ME sell sheet/ pdf
P4000 ME series actuator/ pdf
P4243 P4043 wiring/ pdf