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How to install point of use water heater Point of use water heater

Troubleshoot Rheem tankless Clean sediment out of water heater
9 ways to save with water heater
How to install recirculation system Point of use water heater
How electric water heater works Troubleshoot electric water heater Troubleshoot-gas-water-heater Troubleshoot Bosch tankless
Type 1 and type 2 surge protection surge protection
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Compare Ways to control Water Heater

water heater timer switches

Control water heater with Countdown Timer

Compare countdown timers
How to install these water heater timers 
water heater timer switches

Control electric water heater with Programmable Timer

Compare programmable timers
How to install these timers
water heater timer switches

Control electric water heater with Switch

Compare switch wiring
How to install these timers

Control electric water heater with Box timer

Box type timers with manuals and wiring diagrams
Wifi contactor
Larger image

WiFi Contactor

WiOn contactor from 

Woods 50054

Auto detect voltate/ 120, 208, 240, 277 volt
30 amp
Outdoor metal box with 3 knockouts for 1/2" or 3/4", located on sides and bottom.
Illustration shows test wire at my house before installation.
No NC terminals/ DPDT

WiOn contactor from Amazon

How to wire WiOn for 120 volt and 240 volt

Wi-fi: Control electric water heater with wireless WeMo

Control 240 volt with WeMo

WeMo at Amazon
Control 120 volt with z-wave
Larger image

Z-wave: Control any 120 volt or 240 volt load with Phone

Any amperage

Z-wave controllers
Z-wave switch

Parts and wiring details/ step by step
How to wire subpanel
Wire size chart
Smarthings Hub

Z-wave: Control any 120, 240, 277 volt load with Phone

30 amp CA3750/ 2-channel

CA3750 and related products at Amazon
Z-wave controllers

How to wire CA3750
Elk remote control contactor

X10/ 60 amp contactor

Plug into 120V outlet.
Relay works with automated hardware.
Rated up to 60 amps.
Elk relay contactor at Amazon

Elk-9200 manual
Insteon 2477SA1 X10 load controller  
Larger image

X10 relay for electric water heater

Relay handles resistive load only:
Water heater, incandescent light bulb... yes
Motor, CFL, LED.... no
2 year warranty/ must use Insteon X10 compatible controller etc.
Buy: $120
Insteon 240v / 30 amp X10 load controller for resistive loads only
Insteon remote control products at Amazon
ISY home automation devices at Amazon
Insteon load controller manual
Control gas water heater with WeMo
Larger image

Wi-fi/ Z-wave/ X10/ 

Control gas water heater

WeMo programming resources are online
No subscription
WeMo plugs into ordinary 120volt outlet
Control WeMo using phone or tablet
WeMo at Amazon
Belkin WeMo at Amazon
Gas water heater timer at Amazon
Gas water heater timer coupon

Gas water heater timer
How to set up wemo on your wifi network

Three GAS water heater timers

Gas water heater timer research pdf
See all new gas valves and timers
Gas water heater timer Gas water heater timer

Buy: Gas water heater timer at American Pacific
Enter coupon code: GENO
Buy: Gas water heater timer at Amazon

More resources:  photos of timer installation 

See photo description of BW gas water heater timer
Hibernator Gas water heater timer by Intention Dynamics
More information
Gas and electric water heaters Industrial electric at Amazon

Industrial supplies at Amazon

Industrial and scientific Amazon
Shop Amazon - DEWALT
Shop Amazon - Black and Decker
Shop Amazon - Stanley Tools
Shop Amazon - SKIL Tools
Shop Amazon - Porter-Cable Tools
Shop Amazon - Bosch Tools
Shop Amazon saws and saw blades
box timers Compare box timers

Control water heater w/ Z-wave
Intermatic control centers Control centers:
+ manuals and parts

All control centers and parts

Including Z-wave
programmable timer Compare programmable timers

Control water heater with programmable wall timer
Countdown timers Compare countdown timers

Control water heater with countdown timer
Low voltage power packs Low voltage transformers

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