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Burned R1 Resistor

GE 15136 timer
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GE 15136 timer
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Woods 59402 timer
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Tork DTU water heater timer
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GM40 timer
GM40 series
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R1 and R2 resistors are a failure point on the timers shown above.
You can identify the problem by looking at the base of the resistors located on upper left corner on front of timer circuit board.
There will be a slight burned spot at the point where these resistors are soldered.
When this point is burned, there is no recovery.
Test the relays. Some timer functions might still operate.
For example, one fellow discovered that one-of-the-two relays still worked.
Note: 240 volt can be turned on-off with one relay.
The relays K1 and K2 from the GM40 may have different coil resistances, affecting the transfer efficiency on R1 and R2, causing them to overheat, due to relay supplier.
R1 resistor
Larger image

Unburned R1 R2 resistors

Note there is no high-heat or burn residue at end of each part
burned resistor

Burned R1 resistor on timer

R1 resistor burned, R2 resistor burned

Look at burned spot where the resistor is soldered.
This is a problem as timer ages.

Normally if R1 or R2 are burned... look carefully and other nearby parts have signs of burning also.
R1-R2 are usually first place you see overheat problem
but you can see that 4 resistors located on left side of dial and 3 resistors on right side have evidence of burned point at the solder joint.

No prevention steps. Check that timer is receiving correct voltage and Load does not exceed rating.
Replace timer and Check if one of the relays function... sometimes a timer can be used with one relay.
In this case, it was an older-model defrost timer with several methods for wiring. We were able to get 1 relay to work, and the timer was used.

Frequently these timers with burned R1 are sold on ebay after they have been removed from service... simply because the timer looks good or repair seems simple.

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Do not exceed load rating on timer
Use correct wire and breaker

Match breaker and wire size

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GM series defrost timers
burned resistor on timer
Larger image
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