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How to reset circuit breaker

How to reset circuit breaker

How to reset circuit breaker

Circuit breaker can look ok, but still be tripped.
Push circuit breaker all the way OFF, and then all the way back ON.

How to replace circuit breaker
Choose correct size wire and breaker
See inside main breaker box
Busbar is burned

Burned busbar

Overheated breaker can get loose and overheat on busbar . Use nose and ears to find burned breaker
Move wires to different same-size breaker
20 amp breaker and 10 gauge wire
water heater circuit breaker

Choose correct size wire and breaker

Choose correct size wire and breaker

Breaker is tripping
Water heater not receiving 240Volts

Water heater not receiving 240Volts:

Breaker trips because of heat. Action: Reset breaker: Push breaker fully OFF and then fully back ON.
1) Loose wires on breaker can cause heat. Action: Turn off main breaker, Tighten both wires on circuit breaker.
2) Loose breaker can trip breaker. Action: Wiggle breaker and listen for crackling sound and smell of burning. Move wires to another identical-sized breaker and see if problem continues. Replace circuit breaker.
3) Short caused by wiring inside tank can trip breaker. Action: If breaker will not reset, move breaker wires to identical-sized breaker and see if problem continues. If different breaker trips also, then short is located at tank or along wire going to tank. Inspect wire to tank for damage caused by nail, staple or rat gnaws.
4) Short inside tank: Inspect for burned wires and melting. Test for continuity between each wire and bare metal part of water heater. Set multimeter to read ohms. Any positive test to bare metal hull of water heater indicates shorted wire that will trip breaker.
5) Wet water heater can trip breaker. Action: leave breaker OFF and inspect for leaks.
6) Undersized breaker and wire can trip. Action: make sure breaker is 30 amp and wire is 10 Gauge
7) Flooded water heater must be replaced:
circuit breaker

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