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How to test electric water heater
how to test electric water heater
Test across both screws on upper element
Use multimeter for best result, but ordinary tester will work
Correct testing procedure is as follows:
Test for 240 volt across top two screws of upper thermostat... not the element ... at the upper thermostat.
If no voltage, fully reset circuit breaker and test again.
If still no voltage, then breaker is suspect, move wires to a different same-size breaker, and try again. email with details.

If there is 240 at top two screws of upper thermostat, then push reset button.
If elements are still not working, then replace thermostats.
There is no valid test for thermostats.
After new thermostats are in, then push reset button.
Test for 240 volt across top two screws on upper thermostat, push the reset button again for redundancy.
If still no hot water after replacing thermostats, then replace elements.

Be sure to wait until tank is full of water before turning on power or else upper element with burn out instantly if not covered with water.
If upper element is burned out, the tank will not heat any water.
Replace upper element again, lower element is ok.

If still no hot water after replacing thermostats and elements,
The problem is probably something minor. Run through the list again, and email with photos of wiring.

Troubleshoot electric water heater

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