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Will recirculation pump work on Tankless heater? Yes 4 GPM

If recirculation pump is rated maximum 4 gallon per minute, then assume it will work with tankless when everything is new and running smoothly ... and distance is not too great, and not too many elbows, not too many restrictions in the line, etc

Yes if you select correct recirculation pump.
How to set up Tankless recirculation
Rheem tankless recirculation illustation
Rheem tankless recirculation illustation 2
Rheem tankless point of use illustration
Rheem tankless recirculation illustration

   Read tankless manual thoroughly for minimum flow rate since flow rate appears in every tankless troubleshooting section.
   Flow rate and performance figures apply only when Tankless unit is new.
   Tankless cannot be exposed to hard water or parts will fail.
   As tankless ages, expect problems that are difficult to diagnose and expensive to repair.
   Re-circulation pumps are also susceptible to hard water and affects of age.

Read Bradford White side-by-side tankless vs tankless test results: "Tankless falls short of payback and cannot be exposed to hard water.'
Read ConsumerReports.org side-by-side test results
Pro-n-con tankless heater
Read research pdf on Tankless/Tank efficiencies and softened water: Tankless cannot be exposed to hard water or parts fail 2 years.

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