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Water heater will not drain

Use garden hose to drain tank

Turn off water to tank
Turn off power to tank
Find circuit breaker for water heater, and push breaker fully OFF
  Gas: Rotate gas line shut off so it is perpendicular across gas line
Read more about shutting off power to water heater
Attach hose.
Open drain valve turning counterclockwise
Open bathtub spout so air can enter tank
Emergency steps for leaking water heater
How to replace element
How to replace gas control valve
How to install gas water heater

If you are draining heater to remove element or gas control valve...

Loosen element or gas control while tank is still full.
Then drain tank to remove completely.

Option: Remove TP valve and siphon water.

Remove TP valve and insert siphon hose
Let water cool for several hours.
Release pressure by opening TP valve.
Rotate TP counter-clockwise using pipe wrench to remove.
Insert garden hose or other hose to act as siphon.
Or use drill pump
Drill pump at Amazon
Drill pumps at Amazon

How to test and replace TP valve
clogged water heater

Option: Flush open using water pressure

Use garden hose and washing machine hose.
1) Water pressure is ON.
2) Washing machine hose connects to drain valve and garden hose
3) Open water heater drain-valve (turn counterclockwise)
4) Turn on outdoor spigot for 10-20 seconds
5) Repeat if needed
6) Works on gas or electric heater.

Use garder hose cap to seal dripping drain valve
How to replace drain valve
How to clean sediment out of tank & remove stuck element

Washing machine hoses at Amazon
Two 8' washing machine hoses at Amazon
Two 4' washing machine hoses

draining water heater

Unclogging water heater at my house

Washing machine hose and garden hose connected to water heater

Other end of garden hose connected to outdoor spigot

Open drain valve on water heater

Turn on outdoor spigot to flush open water heater

Wear protective mask around insulation, so you look better when old

Shop Amazon - Safety Equipment for Professionals
water spigot

Turn on spigot for 10-20 seconds

so water flows into water heater <> this will flush tank open
drain water heater

Check if tank drain is open

1) Turn off outdoor spigot
2) Drop hose on ground and see if water heater will drain
bath spigot

To drain tank

1. Shut off water main to house

2. Turn off 30 Amp circuit breaker to water heater, or turn off gas to water heater

3. Open hot water side of bathtub so air can enter pipe
Flush tool
tank rinser

Buy plastic tank rinser

Works with ball valve shown below

Tank rinser at Amazon
How to replace drain valve with ball valve
water heater ball valve
Water heater drain valve

Replace Water heater drain valve with ball valve

Easier flush and clean out
Full open position lets you insert 1/4" copper pipe flushing tool

How to clean sediment out of water heater
How to replace drain valve
Buy parts to make this drain valve
Di electric nipple
Dielectric nipples at Amazon
3/4" ball valve at Amazon
Lead-free 3/4" ball valve at Amazon
3/4" pipe to 3/4" garden hose
3/4" NPT pipe thread ball valve
Use 6 wraps teflon tape on threads
Buy ball valve and curved dip tube
Shop Amazon - Industrial and scientific

How to drain tankless


Water heater drain cap

Use hose cap if drain valve drips

Buy hose cap
Brass hose cap at Amazon
2-pack brass hose cap Amazon
replace water heater drain valve

Water heater drain valve

How to replace water heater drain valve
Brass drain valve at Amazon
Water heater drain valves at Amazon
Drip pan
Drip pan saves damage

Drip pan saves damage

Use full-size 3/4" drain line
Inspect water heater each 6 months for leaks.
Set water heater in drip pan

Water heater drip pans at Amazon
Water detectors at Amazon
Auto-shut-off valve at Amazon

See drip pan installation
Read about drip pan
Leaking water heater
How to install gas water heater

Set 3-leg water heater on bricks

So drain valve is not lower than edge of drip pan
So air intake on bottom of gas water heater can be cleaned
Which is best gas water heater for homeowner
Flame trap inspection
Use mirror to ispect air intake on AO Smith, American, State, Kenmore, Reliance, Whirlpool water heaters
Lighted inspection mirror
Flame trap inspection mirror at Amazon

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Troubleshoot electric water heater
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