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Z-wave countdown timer

Horsepower rating on electrical device
Timers,  contactors, switches, etc all have a amperage rating.
Timers intended for use on motor loads also have a horsepower rating
The horsepower rating makes it easy to select correct timer.
But many electrical devices do not have a HP rating, and give only amp rating.
Other devices specify they cannot be used for inductive (motor) loads.
Always read product manual for specifications
Calculate amp rating of motor
Motors use more amperage when starting. This is called inrush and occurs for a fraction of a second. The extra amperage is needed to 'set up a magnetic field surrounding the motor and overcome lack of angular momentum of motor and load.'
Inrush can be calculated within a range using information from the motor nameplate.
The nameplate should show Voltage, Locked Rotor code per horsepower, and HP.
Using NEMA Locked Rotor Code Table, locate letter code that matches motor nameplate. Codes generally follow the alphabet with A having the lowest starting current (current = amps). The range will be two numbers such as 4.5 to 5.6 for letter D.
Multiply each number times 1000, then divide each number by Voltage to find range of inrush per HP.
Off delay timer
Delay timer wiring
How to wire AH3 delay timer

How to wire pin timers
Levitonwireless momentary switch Dayton off delay timer Leviton WSS10-GDW Wireless Momentary Switch
Works with occupancy sensor
Momentary switch can activate delay timer like Dayton shown below
Leviton momentary switch at Amazon
How to wire AH3 delay timer
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Control water heater w/ Z-wave
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