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How to wire wifi
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How to wire wemo
How to wire wion
Basic wifi wiring installation
install water heater timer Project overview: Requires Neutral
Use any programmable timer, zwave or wifi device that is rated for resistive load.
Use Hot and Neutral from nearby 120 volt outlet to power device.
Rule of thumb: Outlet box will always have Hot and Neutral, Switch box will always have Hot but not always Neutral, Ceiling box with light will always have Neutral but only has Hot when light is on.

Programmable timer
Countdown timer
Zwave switch
Wifi switch

Step by step with materials list
Compare programmable timers
Compare countdown timers
wifi contactor
Larger image

Wifi contactor

Zwave contactor 

Control 240 volt with Wifi or Zwave

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Wifi switch by Woods Wion
Z-wave switch

Bud industries 6x6x4 best value
Hinged box
120Volt coil 2-pole contactor At Amazon

Supply list + assembly instruction
Contactor specs
Compare types of enclosures (boxes)
Wire size
z-wave-water-heater Another method for indoor
Zwave or wifi installation 
6x6x4 enclosure or pull box attached to wall
Contactor installed inside enclosure
120 volt connected to z-wave switch, z-wave controls contactor coil, contactor turns 240 volt water heater on-off.
Wired with 240 volt indicator light
Supply list and assembly instruction
Remote controls motor
Larger image

Use WeMo or ordinary household remote control to control 120 or 240 volt motor
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Woods 32555 at Amazon
GE at Amazon
Wireless remote controls at Amazon
WeMo at Amazon
Belkin WeMo at Amazon
Contactor with 120 volt coil
Unlocked cell phone at Amazon
Unlocked smartphone

How to wire the contactor
WeMo switch wiring
Larger image
How to wire WeMo wifi switch/ hardwire
Do not use stranded wire under screw plates
WeMo switch
Contactor with 120 volt coil
6x6x4 Box to install contactor

Illustrations of contactor wiring
Select correct wire and breaker size
WeMo switch wiring

Control gas water heater with WeMo
Larger image
Control gas water heater with zwave or wifi module
Control gas water heater with Phone
WeMo programming resources are online
No subscription
WeMo plugs into ordinary 120volt outlet
Control WeMo using phone or tablet
WeMo at Amazon
Belkin WeMo at Amazon
Gas water heater timer coupon

Gas water heater timer
How to set up wemo on your wifi network
Gas and electric water heaters Buy
Industrial electric

Industrial supplies

Tools and home improvement

Lab and scientific
Intermatic control centers Resource:
Intermatic control centers:
+ manuals and parts

Including Z-wave
box timers Resource:
Compare box timers

Compare ways to control Gas and Electric heaters
programmable timer Resource:
Compare programmable timers
Compare countdown timers

Control water heater with programmable wall timer

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