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Is natural gas clean burning ?   NO
Clean burning natural gas Combustion by-product includes CO NO SO CO2 and acidic water
Carbon monoxide
Nitric oxide
Sulfur oxide
Carbon dioxide
These respiratory poisons are puffing out of every vent stack across the globe, and directly into your breathing air.

Stop believing promotional hype.
Purpose of saying 'clean burning natural gas' is from the natural gas producers. They know natural gas produces less by-product than burning coal, but gas is not clean-burning.
They want to maintain political privilege to frack the rock to produce gas, and we need to heat homes and cook food, and natural gas is better than freezing in winter or burning down all the forests. For that reason, I do not see protests and political furvor over 4" gas pipelines that are run into neighborhoods, nor a pack of news trucks and protest signs when someone carries a new gas appliances into a home.
There are more gas water heaters than electric water heaters.

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Carbon monoxide detector Symptoms of improper gas appliance venting
Symptoms of improper gas appliance venting include soot on top of water heater, loose vent pipes, holes and white condensate on pipes, frequent pilot outage, headaches that go away after leaving house and lethargic people....

Remove affected people from house and lay on side... do not lay on back. Call for emergency help. Have plumber fix vent pipe.

Carbon monoxide detector

Troubleshoot gas water heater vent
coal-fired power plant Coal-fired power plant
Coal does NOT burn cleaner than natural gas
This is the basis on which 'clean-burning natural gas' is promoted

Other factors must be considered
- With power plant electric, toxic emissions are located at each power plant and not spread across millions of individual homes and businesses where poisons are pumping out every vent stack.
- Remediation of toxic gases at power plant will be less intrusive to individual voters who will probably reject remediation at their home
-Coal mining might use less fuel to mine and transport - while natural gas must be refined

How the electric grid works
Connect AC electric water heater directly to solar panels/ high voltage DC
Connect AC electric water heater to solar panels/ low voltage DC

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Troubleshoot electric water heater
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